2 Contents  Definition  Developing history  Augmented reality  What is augmented reality  Requirements  TV  Gaming industry 

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  • *ContentsDefinitionDeveloping historyAugmented realityWhat is augmented realityRequirementsTVGaming industry MobileToolsLimitationsThe futureSummary

  • *DefinitionAugmented reality, extended reality, added reality, effected reality.

    Definition:Real-time interaction between the real world, graphics, audio and sense-enhancing effects. The definition changes constantly to keep up with developing technologies.

  • *Developing history1990: Augmented reality term.1992: First functional application for US Air Force.2000: ARQuake, outdoor game.2009: First mobile app for Androind phones.2009: AR Toolkit for Adobe Flash. Brings apps to web browsers.2011: Nintendo 3DS hand-held gaming console.

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  • *Extended worldExtended reality blurs the fine line between the real and the virtual enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell.Aimed to enhance user experience. NavigationEntertainmentHobbiesShoppingEtc.

  • *What is augmented reality?A virtual enhancement placed on a real object.

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  • *RequirementsDiplay(HMD) displayscamerasprojectionsMotion detection/sensor Acceleration meter GPS-positionintcompassProcessorFor data analysisAll of the above can be found in new smart phones

  • *TVFrom 1998American football, track & field, ice hockey. Enhancements that make following the sport easierLit/highlighted ball/puck The leading athletes scoreIntermediate information

  • *Gaming industryNintendo WiiWii-mote

    Playstation 3 Eye Toy -kameramove


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  • *MobileAugmented reality apps found their way into mobile phones in 2008Navigation apps/software Layar:App utilises the phones camera and GPS-location to collect information about the surroundings. Restaurant recommendationsJob vacanciesSightseeingGamesARhrrrr!

  • *ToolsARToolKitFLARToolKit and FLARManagerAdobe FlashSLARToolkitSilverlightAR-mediaGoogle SketchUpNyARToolkitJava/C#/Android

  • *LimitationsGPS-positioning precision. Does not work indoors. Small display size of mobile devices.Limited processing capability.Character recognition

  • *FutureNot yet mainstream Requires an app that really breaks through Users blindess to reality Virtual overthrows the realTechnology develops Character recognition getting betterPrivacyNew display solutionsContact lenses, glassesMobile devices

  • *SummaryThe gaming industry has taken hold of the possibilities of AR greater visibility of AR. Mobile apps for targeted audience. Not a big market. Future technology, depends a lot on device development and future trends. Possible to develop fast with the help of free development tools.

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  • Augmented reality by Layar Systemhttp://prezi.com/ybuxrrrvi5sc/augmented-reality-and-layar/