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1. Magaz-Page-1.qxd 2/19/2011 12:40 PMPage 1 FLATS AT BEST PRICES INVEST IN COUNTRYSBEST PROJECTS:BOOK 3 BHK FLATS ATSUPERTECH, CAPETOWNSEC-74, NOIDAENTRUST ENTRUST REALTORS & CONSULTANTS (ERC)REALTORS & CONSULTANTS (ERC) Excelsior Lane, Janipura, Jammu. Cont: 9419101229.Excelsior Lane, Janipura, Jammu. Cont: 9419101229.www.jammuproperty.com SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2011 INTERNET EDITION : www.dailyexcelsior.com/magazinewww.jammuproperty.com Jeet Dogralights of the Museum are: the display of different categories of artifacts in a con- Of museums and art-gallaries in Jammu city Museums and art-galleries may betinuous sequence covering the entire his-viewed as part of a group of institu-tory and culture from pre-historic timestions which constitute the heritageto contemporary; the pre-historic sectionsector, a sector that also includes his- displays tools from the sites of Malpurtoric houses and libraries. Moreover,(Jammu) and Burzahom (Kashmir); thewithin the museum sub sector itselfhistoric period is represented by the arti-there are many different types offacts belonging to the Kushana and themuseum covering a wide variety ofGupta periods excavated from the twosubjects such as history, art, science,sites - Manda and Ambaran (Akhnoor).crafts etc. The museums and art-gal- The Auditorium has a seating capacityleries are like the establishments of more than 1500. The Auditorium canwhere the objects are the main means be divided into two parts, the main Audi-of communication. Also, these aretorium with a capacity of more than 1000like permanent establishment admin-and a mini Auditorium - with its ownistered in the public interest with ahydraulic stage, acoustic, sliding-foldingview to conserve, study, exploit bypartition - with a seating capacity of aboutvarious means and basically, to500. Two hi-tech elevators are an addedexhibit, for the pleasure and educa- convenience. The T.V. Studio in the sec-tion of the public, objects of the cul-ond basement includes a Control Room,tural values.Rehearsal Room, Editing Room and a Jammu region is set against the modern studio. The ground floor includesbackdrop of the snow-capped Pir Pan- the Museum, a Souvenir shop, a Photojal range and is traversed by the Shiva- Gallery, the Curators Room and thelik hills and quenched by the rivers Ravi, Cafeteria. On the ground floor, there isTawi and Chenab. Jammu is the winter also a Special Complex with facilities likecapital of Jammu and Kashmir State a Lounge Room, Dining Hall and Pantrycommonly known as city of temples is and with direct access to the stage. Innamed after Jambu Lochan, the broth- addition, the ground floor also hosts aer of Bahu, a powerful local chieftain who Conference Room, a Communicationruled during the ninth century. During Room, Administration Office and the1730 AD, the Dogra rulers built the city Administrators Room. The first Floorof Jammu as their capital and adornedhouses a Seminar Room, the FM Radioit with numerous temples and shrines.Station, Media Centre, Office and twoIt is spotted with some hundred years Exhibition halls. The second Floor hous-old historical temples like the Raghu- es Offices, several brainstorming roomsnath Temple, Ranbireshwar Temple,and an Art Studio for children. The thirdPeer Kho Temple, Panjbakhtar Temple. Floor has Conference Rooms; a Read- Jammu city, itself, surrounded by ing room-cum-library while the Masterrenowned museums and art-galleries Control Room is located on the fourthlike Kala Kendra museum & art gallery; floor.JK cultural academy of art and lan- Excelsior Rakesh The Geology Museum is located inguages; Amar Mahal museum; Dogra the Department of Geology, UniversityArt gallery; General Zorawar Singh Audi- The Amar Mahal Museum and Library is located on the Jammu - Srinagar National Highway near Amphalla, Jammu. The Hari Tara Charitableof Jammu and University also fundingtorium & Museum and Museum of Geol-ogy in the University of Jammu.Trust is the funding agency for it. The museum building forms the major part of the Amar Mahal. Built in a majestic style, its architecture has a for it. It was established in the year 1958. It houses various Rock specimens, Fos- The Kala Kendra museum is locat-French touch. The Amar Mahal Museum is a veritable storehouse of historical documents.sils, Minerals etc. The total area covereded at Bikram Chowk and Jammu Devel-is approximately 2000 sq. ft. and is wellopment Authority (JDA) is its overallacademy of art and languages is situat-la, Jammu. The Hari Tara Charitable paintings from the Pahari School of art.biotic relationship of Jammu, Kashmirmaintained by the respective depart-coordinator while both state and central ed at Jewel chowk opposite to ScienceTrust is the funding agency for it. The The Dogra Art Museum is a real treatand Ladakh and showcases the rich cul- ment. Many events, conferences andgovernment give funds for it. Main College. The state government givesmuseum building forms the major partfor the erudite scholars, researchers astural heritage and diversity of our State. exhibitions have been held here so farexhibits here are paintings, sculpturesfunds for it and here the main exhibitsof the Amar Mahal. Built in a majesticwell as patrons of the fine arts. The trea- The magnificent high-tech facility pro-and even the samples of rocks and fos-and sketches. Kala kendra is a Society are paintings, sculptures, sketches etc. style, its architecture has a French touch. sures displayed behind the museums vides the perfect blend of creative, artis-sils are sometimes taken on demand byRegistered under the Societies Regis-It was set up by the Government of Jam-The Amar Mahal Museum is a veritableglass cases and those safely preservedtic and academic ambience to showcasesome colleges and universities outsidetration Act VI of 1998 (1941 AD). It has mu & Kashmir in 1958. It was declaredstorehouse of historical documents. Itin the musty archives are real eye-open-the University of Jammu as a true cen- Jammu for displays. There are variousits own separate constitution and is a an autonomous corporate body as therehas rich collection of exhibits, includingers on Indias age-old legacy and cul-ter of holistic education. The building is specimens of Sedimentary rocks, Meta-multicultural complex spread on 32 is no Directorate of Culture in the Statesculptures, paintings, inscriptions,tural diversity. Dogra Art Museum isone of the first of its own kind in Northmorphous rocks, Igneous rocks, variouscanals (phase 1) of land. It has its own as such; therefore, at times Academy isbooks, etc. The Durbar Hall exhibits theenclosed within the premises of the PinkIndia. Its uniqueness lies in the fact thattypes of coal, Minerals, Various gem-artists, studios, four galleries and vari- called upon by the government to per-paintings and artworks of the Dogra Hall of Mubarak Mandi complex. Thethis four storied state-of-the-art Audito- stones Like gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emer-ous exhibitions are held but there is notform the functions, which are usuallyrulers. The Golden Throne, the majormuseum boasts of a fantastic collection rium Complex includes An Art Gallery;ald, Turquoise etc. There is a huge Ele-any fixture as such for these exhibitions. assigned to the Directorate of Culture.attraction of the museum is a symbol of of priceless treasures and invaluable Photo Gallery; Exhibition Halls; Heritagephant Tusk kept inside the museum mea-The Galleries are named on Different The Academy has its jurisdiction overgreat historic significance. The Nepalmanuscripts. The museum also houses Museum; Conference Halls; TV Studio; suring, 13 feet. It is kept in pieces. Apartfamous Artists of Jammu: Master Sansar the entire State. It is the nodal agency room is dedicated to Maharani Yasho a mind-blowing collection of valued FM Radio Station; Media Centre; Art Stu- from this there is also a sample of camelChand Gallery, G R Santosh Contem- in the matters of interaction and co-oper- Rajya Lakshmi who is the granddaugh-recherch paintings. The paintings from dio for children and a Cafeteria with ateeth. It also houses Asias largest Ele-porary Art Gallery, Malika Pukhraj ation between the J&K State and theter of the last Rana Prime Minister ofrenowned schools like Kangra, BasoliParisian ambience. The Art Gallery isphant skull.Gallery and Bansi Parimoo Art Gallery. central and other state academies. ItNepal, Maharaja Mohum Shumsher J.B. and Jammu adorn the walls of the muse-named after Lotsava Rinchen BzangpoWith in Jammu city, these marvelousAll over India there are five such Kalacombines in itself the functions of lan- Rana and there is a room on the groundum. The other highlights of the museum(958-1055 AD), a great Scholar and heritage and cultural sites attract the his-kendra art museums (including Jammu).guages & literature, music, dance & dra- floor where photographs and objects include the antique gold plated bow ofTranslator, who was responsible for thetorians to know about the diversities andIn Bhopal there is Bharat Bhawan, in ma. The State of Jammu & Kashmir has dart from Nepal are displayed, includ- the legendary Mughal sovereign Shah foundation of 108 monasteries (Gom-explore further so that some new dimen-Jaipur there is Jawahar, in Delhi, the a rich tradition of folk and performinging a rare portrait of Maharaja JungJehan and a number of ancient and pas) throughout Ladakh, Western Tibetsions of this city be highlighted. The needfamous Lalit Kala academy and in Goa arts. There are various folk forms, whichBahadur, the founder of the Ranaunusual carpentry tools. The Shahna-and Lahul Spiti (Himachal Pradesh). Theof the hour is to promote this hidden butthere is Kala kendra. The only differenceare unique in the real sense of the term dynasty. This room is used from time to ma and Sikendernama are also couplesRinchen Bzangpo Art Gallery is divided potential segment of the city. By visitingbetween the Kala kendra of Jammu and and are doing us proud. Academy hastime for conferences and formal meet- of ancient Persian manuscripts that findinto six different sections according to and spending time here is really worthothers is that all other kala kendras areintroduced many schemes with a viewings of the museum. pride of place in the museum along with their theme and artists viz. Contempo- and have some practical exposure relat-complete and fully functional in 3 phas- to preserve, encourage and highlight theThe next one is the Dogra Art Gallerya stone plate with Takri inscriptions thatrary Paintings; Panorama and Sketch- ed to the glorified history of Jammu. Anyes namely first phase - Art Galleries, sec-folk and performing arts of the State. It& Museum which is the house of trea-date back to antiquity. es of Serbjeet Singh; Wall Paintings ofdestination or city of the world heaven-ond phase - Seminar Hall and Auditori- also has the Abhinav Theatre having 800sure trove of cultural & historic delight.The General Zorawar Singh Audito- Jammu Region; Scroll Paintings ly reside on its historical background like-um and in third phase - Science center capacities for dance, drama, culturalIt is located in Mubarak Mandi complex, rium Complex situated with in the premis- (Thangkas); Pahari Miniature Paintings wise the role of heritage and culturaland Planetarium. The Jammu Kalaprogrammes, conferences, seminarsJammu (now closed for renovationes of Jammu University and is named and Satti Sahini Gallery of Photographs. sites always cherish and there shouldkendra is functional only for first phase. (national and international) etc.work). The central and state govern-after one of the most illustrious sons of The Heritage Museum is named in hon- be proper planning for their look-after soIn fact, the other two phases have not The Amar Mahal Museum andments provide funds for their look-after. Jammu, General Zorawar Singh. The our of the great Sufi saint Sheikh Nur-that present and future generationsbeen developed.Library is located on the Jammu - Sri- The museum houses a prized collection Complex, with its unique Museums andUd-Din Noorani (1378-1439 AD), popu- come to know about the hidden diversi- The Jammu and Kashmir culturalnagar National Highway near Amphal-of rare artifacts as well as miniatureArt Gallery, is a celebration of the sym- larly known as Nund Rishi. The high- ties of their state.Time Management to beat Examsit). Know who to ask for help when Dr. Pragya Khannaneeded. Do not forget the big picture that is As a student, I often used to feel why are you doing the task, is it impor-I had too much to do and had too lit- tant to your long-term personal goals?tle time! I know I wasnt alone; many Have and follow a personal missionof my classmates were sailing in thestatement (personal and career). Aresame boat. Many a time students your activities ultimately helping youare seen as feeling overwhelmedKeep a supply of tape, scissors, be easier to schedule (such as study- homework to bring to school/college,forgotten what you need when the time achieve your goals?with their syllabi and have simply markers, pens, pencils, push pins, clips ing for exams and visiting the libraryeach night. Check other areas like your has passed.Time management in school/col-have no idea where to start with their and a good supply of extra notebookas part of an assignment to write anassignment pad and calendar to Organize your television watchinglege helps you succeed in balancingassignments and day. One of thepaper. It is important to also keep this assignment).ensure you have everything you will for the week by considering all the your academic life, work, and otherbasic reasons for such a situation supply of items neatly categorized andLayout your next days clothes,need for the next day. It is best to know shows you want to watch for that week extra-curricular activities so that youto arise in the first place is the habit stored in a spare drawer, bookshelf or book bag, school money, keys andwhat you need to have, before you haveand stay away from watching shows get the most out of being a college stu-of procrastination that is putting off in a box so that you are not frantically not circled. When you know thedent.the things that you should be doingsearching all over the house.show you want to watch is going to Typical symptoms of poor time man-at a proper time. This happens with be that night, look to finishing allagement for students may include: feel-most of us time after time. We keep your homework so you are able toing stressed and overwhelmed by a If you are a student, it is awaiting for the right mood or the sit back and enjoy the movie or lack of time, studying at hours whenright time. show. It is even possible to multiyou are not fresh and productive, pro- If you are a student, it is a good ideato learn and develop your time man-good idea to learn and devel-task, meaning you can do twothings at one time. If you are watch-crastinating, cramming the night beforeand not getting assignments in on t...