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Newton-Conover Middle School Chorus

Teacher: Marylynn Miles


(828) 464-4221, ext 268

*email is the best way to reach me

Course Description

In chorus, you will learn how to read music using the Kodaly Solfege System while you prepare songs for a performance at the end of each nine weeks. Performances are a required part of this class and dates are included later in this syllabus.


You will need the following items everyday for this class:

A Folder with Pockets


Blank paper with lines to keep inside the folder.

A Chorus T-Shirt for Performances (8th grade students only, more information follows)

Concert Uniform

NCMS Chorus T-Shirt for 8th grade (6th and 7th graders may choose to buy one and wear it for performances instead the polo shirt)

Red Polo Shirt for 6th and 7th

Black Pants or Skirt

Black Shoes

Some students already have the t-shirt from last year. You will need to buy another if your shirt doesnt fit anymore or is in bad shape.

Chorus t-shirts may be worn to school on Fridays instead of the regular uniform top.

Parents: please put the students name, shirt size, and cash or check in an envelope. I can not make change. Shirt sizes are adult XS - XXL.

We are getting a great price on the shirts this year. Chorus t-shirts may be purchased for $8.

Collection dates for t-shirt money are listed later in this handbook.

If an 8th grader cant afford the shirt, you must still meet the deadline by turning in a request for sponsorship along with the your shirt size in an envelope. Everyone ordering a shirt must meet this deadline.

Concerts Are Required

All students are expected to participate in the concerts scheduled for the quarter(s) that they are in chorus class. It is the students responsibility to turn in the make-up assignment if the concert is missed for any reason. The completed assignment and a written note from the parent explaining the absence is required within 7 days after the missed concert. Missed concerts may result in loss of performance opportunities, field trip privileges, and consideration for awards.

Grading Policy

40%-Daily Work (reading, writing, participation)

10% - Homework, turning items in on time


20%-Quizzes and Tests

Here are the ways to ensure that you get an A for your daily work in chorus:

20 points: Bring your folder, pencil, and paper every day

30 points: Begin the warm-up quietly and immediately. Write the date on your warmup.

30 points: Participate and listen ACTIVELY

10 points: Pick up your singing folder as you enter the classroom and take it to your chair

10 points: Return your materials to the proper location at the end of class

Consequences of Misbehaviors

I will give you a verbal warning.

You and I will have a one-on-one discussion about your behavior.

You will receive lunch detention.

I will contact your parent.

You will complete an alternate assignment in class and be removed from the rehearsal.

Bump to another classroom, you will complete a writing assignment.

Consequences for repeated violations may result in loss of privileges or referral to the administration.

Expectations: Creating a Positive Atmosphere for Learning!

You need the following items every day at your chair: pencil, folder, paper inside the folder

Pick up your music folder before you sit down.

You may sharpen your pencil before class begins. If you need to sharpen during class, please ask permission first.

8th grade ONLY: Place your book bag on or under the back tables, not under your chair.

Once you enter my room, you must stay in my room and begin your warmup. You may not linger in the doorway or hallway and you may not put your books down and then go the bathroom or walk out of the class.

When you walk in the door, complete your written warmup silently. The warm-up will usually be on the screen in the front of the room.

Gum, Candy, Food, and Drinks: Not allowed. Spit your gum or candy out on the way into class and save us all a step. The exception is a water bottle filled with WATER that is not being used as a toy.

Cell Phones: They must be silent and invisible. Confiscated cell phones will be turned in to the office and returned to the student or parent according to NCMS Handbook policy. The offenses are counted throughout the building, not in just one class.

1st Offense Student may pick up at the end of school day

2nd Offense Parent may pick up at the end of the school day

3rd Offense Held for one week before picked-up by student

4th Offense ISS one day

We are polite and kind to one another. Use your manners, always.

Bathroom and water: Go to the restroom and get water between classes. *Water bottles are allowed, but fill them up before class.

Emergencies: If you are ill or have some sort of emergency, please let me know.

Announcements: When announcements are on, we are all quiet and we listen.

Folders: If you forget your folder, you will not be allowed to go back to your locker to get it.

Fidget Spinners: We are very active in chorus and you will need your hands for work. Do not bring these or other toys into this classroom. They will be confiscated.

Tardies: If you do not have a hall pass, the tardy is unexcused.

Too Sick to Sing?: You are expected to pick up a writing assignment on the way into the classroom and complete it by the end of class. Turn it in before you leave.

Please raise your hand before speaking if you have a question or comment.

Please take care of music room property. Do not draw on furniture or equipment.

Participate actively and do not distract from the lesson.

Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Do not play the piano without permission.

Make-up work policy: Check the folders at the front of the room for any assignments you may have missed during an absence. It is your responsibility to complete and turn in the work within 7 days of your absence. This includes singing tests.

Emergency Procedures: This will be discussed and practiced in class. Student safety is top priority.

Important Chorus Dates 1st Semester

Please mark your calendars and put reminders on the fridge, on your phone, wherever will help you most.

1st Quarter

Friday, September 1st

Handbook Signature Page due for new students

During Chorus Class

Monday, September 11th

Tuesday, September 12th

Wednesday, September 13th

Chorus T-Shirt money collected

During Chorus Class

Friday, September 29th

NC Honors Chorus Auditions for 8th graders. I will talk to you about the requirements in class.

Corinth Church in Hickory

Thursday, October 26th

Required Mini-Concert during the school day. Parents are invited, the concert will be 15-20 min long.

Time TBA

2nd Quarter

Friday, November 3rd

Handbook Signature Page due for new students

During Chorus Class

Saturday, November 11th

Sunday, November 12th

North Carolina Honors Chorus clinic for those students who auditioned successfully


Tuesday, December 5th

Required Performance at Conover Christmas in the Park

Downtown Conover, Time TBA

Thursday, January 18th

Required Winter Concert

7:00 PM,

NCMS Auditorium

There may be other opportunities for performance and special learning that arise throughout the school year. Those dates will be announced as soon as possible.

Important Chorus Dates 2nd Semester

Please mark your calendars and put reminders on the fridge, on your phone, wherever will help you most.

3rd Quarter

Friday, January 26th

Handbook Signature Page due for new students

During Chorus Class

Monday, January 29th

Tuesday, January 30th

Wednesday, January 31st

Chorus T-Shirt money collected

During Chorus Class

Thursday, March 22nd

Required Talent Show Performance. The chorus will sing together but individuals may try-out, too.

NCMS Auditorium, Time TBA

Tuesday, February 20th

All-State Chorus Auditions for interested 8th graders

NCMS Chorus Room


Fundraiser to help students with Carowinds Festival expenses, purchase music and equipment for the Chorus, etc.

4th Quarter

Friday, April 13th

Handbook Signature Page due for new students

During Chorus Class

Friday, April 20th

Saturday, April 21st

All-State Chorus Clinic for those 8th students who successfully auditioned


Thursday, May 18th

Required Spring Concert

7:00 PM, NCMS Auditorium

Friday, April 27th

8th grade chorus to Carowinds Festival of Music

This date is tentative until Carowinds confirms

There may be other opportunities for performance and special learning that arise throughout the school year. Those dates will be announced as soon as possible.

Parents, please make sure that your email in PowerSchool is valid. I will send emails about performances, tests, and other important communication.

Parent Volunteering

How can you support the choral program? Here are some ways:

Collecting money: during chorus class on t-shirt ordering days, before the Carowinds Festival, and during the fund raiser. This would be such a big help! The first opportunity is Sept 11, 12, and 13 during class time in the mornings.

Accompanist: If you are a pianist, PLEASE let me know! This would save our chorus lots of money instead of hiring someone for our concerts and festivals.

Financial Support: We will be doing a fundraiser in the Winter, but I am happy to accept your check any time youd like to help out! It would go toward buying music and equipment, helping out a student who is struggling to pay for a chorus t-shirt or festival, paying for accompanists, and many other things.

Chaperoning: We need chaperones for our Carowinds Trip and perhaps for some other opportunities.

If any parents can help out with these things, please email me as soon as possible, I am not good with the phone, but I am great at email. marylynn.miles@n-ccs.org

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Students, please do the following with this packet:

Sign It

Get your parents to sign it

Cut off the bottom part from the packet AFTER your folks have signed it and written down all the dates. You need to keep the packet in your folder the whole time youre in chorus.

Turn in the signed slip ONLY to Mrs. Miles for a homework grade.

Printed Name of Student:___________________________________

Student Signature: ___________________________________

Parent Signature:___________________________________

On __________________________, I must bring my folder to class.

On __________________________, this document is due to Mrs. Miles