#14 - Luxury Villa in Rome
#14 - Luxury Villa in Rome
#14 - Luxury Villa in Rome
#14 - Luxury Villa in Rome
#14 - Luxury Villa in Rome

#14 - Luxury Villa in Rome

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  • just a perfect day...

    Luxury villa n14


  • Our rating & descriptionThe Luxury Villa is surrounded by a vast park dominated by the Basilica

    of San Pietro. From the ancient porch around the garden allitaliana,

    surrounded by pines and the greenery of the vegetable gardens, the

    Michelangelesque dome stands out. Villa lies in the heart of Rome, next

    to the Colle del Gianicolo. Its a renaissance building, founded in 1458

    by the pope Pio II. The villa has in internal car park for up to 130 vehi-

    cles. The Foundation opens this prestigious structure for institutional

    demonstrations, cultural meetings, for filming, television and advertis-

    ing events.

    WeddingsThis is an incredible wedding venue it has just what it takes to make it

    happen! Wide spaces an amazing garden and exquisite food. Lately it

    has been the most requested for special events such as your wedding


    This is a new reality on the Roman market, yet to be discovered, recent-

    ly used as a unique location for large events, but which has gained, at

    once, a huge success undisputed.

    FacilitiesThe Villa offers facilities for cultural events such as theatre, arts, exhi-

    bitions, galleries, workshops, meetings and conventions. The villa can

    also be used as a setting for films, television and advertising








    and 5 multifunctional halls.

    Luxury villa n14 Rome

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  • Luxury villa n14 Rome


  • Luxury villa n14 Rome

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