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By James Scott Kimball 05/14/66 5:53 AM, Lewiston Maine

ForewordOn the 6th of October 1998, at 5:56 P.M., in Denver Colorado, I discovered the Field-Relative Kabbalah that has most probably been violently purged out of public awareness throughout much of recorded world-history by a covert patriarchal brotherhood-elite class influence operating through many frontorganizations over the centuries, including the various orders of knighthood and Freemasonry, various major religious movements, the Round Table, the Skull and Bones Order at Yale, and the various inbred elite-families and related financial empires that "time-lock" with the Rothschilds of Germany in eugenically manipulating world-society. The various societies, bureaucracies, networks, and institutions, emplaced by this elite class, work to build and maintain a single totalitarian world government and associated centralized world bank, police-army, and eugenic population control system. This centralization of power ensures the exclusive control of "key" information at the elite level of society, while the "controlled mob" social constituent becomes an ignorant weapon in the collective "black hand" of the brotherhood-elite for use in their fight against isolated social elements attempting to keep information from disappearing from the public sphere. The word in-form-ation reveals its own true meaning, describing an inner formative process. To gain exclusive control of any information, you must gain a controlling influence upon the holotropic-informative process of each individual within a target population, gaining a mind-controlling influence upon the masses. The creation of an emotionally plagued (Wilhelm Reich) substitute society, that spreads like social cancer, through emotional plague induced espionage, infiltration, disinformation dissemination, factional social splintering and associated factional conflict, and overt and covert eugenic social-control, over time, repressively reduces the collective mentality of the world's population to a "dark age" level of human awareness, while the "elite" continue to "evolve" in "knowledge without wisdom."

I don't advocate the direction of violence and/or punishment towards those who work to build this sad state of affairs; the mob-population shares in the blame. A power-elite class builds its power with the help of a mass-character-neurotic mobsociety that projects its own collective power upon central authority figures. As respect for individual freewill gains support among the masses, brotherhood-elite police power diminishes. Our only true hope remains in the promotion of real freedom and the circulation of formerly hidden knowledge and technology among a free population comprising truly free individuals (which means people need the opportunity to be characterologically free). Individuals within a living soc-iety must freely exercise their innate ingenuity in solving problems associated with our collective ills. The centralization of power into the hands of the ruthless and cunning few, who can climb the plagued social ladder, only acts as a stumbling block in the process of collective emergence from the Free Masonic socialcesspool we presently refer to as "society." The infinite potential to "remember" remains always within human nature, and I present here what I feel to be something "remembered" by myself. I cannot, as of yet, reveal a working algebra that ties all of the concepts presented in this document together; I haven't the necessary background to do so. I question, however, the assumed meaning that we as a civilization attach to some mathematical concepts in hope that an expanded and multidimensional algebra can be "remembered" by others. The truth of the following matter will reveal itself in the scientific study, experience, and practical use of the information that follows.

13. Basic Summary of Tree OrganizationThe formerly covert Field-Relative Kabbalah maps 13 field-harmonics or elementary processes that "bloom" or explicate sequentially between folded space and infinite space, field-geometrically time/space-locking successively through nine standing-wave vibrational field-harmonic intervals that define a specific level of dimensional reality explication and a field-harmonically relative higher dimensional field-harmonic reality explication. Without an understanding of standing-wave field-geometry and the recognition of frequency-spectral field-harmonic intervals (cosmic notes) with which this natural process operates at each level in the tree, as it applies to a given dimensional (cosmic key) explication, we have no common "thread" that can link every process together and we become conceptually lost in our dimensional navigation. Since I have no measuring equipment that can measure these frequencies, I must speak in generalities in regards the field-harmonic relative aspects of the tree. The technology that has potential use in measuring higher than electromagnetic frequencies remains, for the most part, under centrally secure lock and key. The F. C. C. rules that prohibit interference with electromagnetic frequency reception allow police-state methods to be utilized by the government in suppressing private

investigation into ultra high frequency phenomena, electrogravitics, time-space explication, and practical dimensional field-harmonic experience via technological apparatus (time-space travel). The human brain remains virtually the only "technological" apparatus left to the public for use in the exploration of timespace, and this apparatus continually falls into further disuse do to disinformative elite-intelligence influence and dogmatic mob-society mind control. Before I describe each process within the tree, I will describe some of its basic organizational characteristics. The essential natures of the elemental processes within the tree fall into three general categories that constitute the three "pillars" of the tree. The middle pillar represents a series of operational reality states that dimensionally link two separate time-space realities, and that sequentially "fold" out of and "unfold" into time-space reality as we experience it, either in waking experience or in dreams. The astrological signs associated with this pillar fall into the "mutable" category. The right pillar represents a field-harmonic series of standing-wave energy-grid fields in decreasing field-harmonic frequency and of a continually localizing operational significance in relation to our dimensional explication. These elementary processes act as energy reservoir field-harmonics that provide energy for the creation of a specific kind of emerging field-harmonic operational order. The astrological signs associated with this pillar fall into the "cardinal" category. The left pillar represents a series of initiative or energybinding processes (the binding of energy creates power) that lend the finite qualities needed to create increasingly complex operationally ordered middle-pillar field-harmonic realities. All experiential realities explicate via the willed fieldgeometric focusing of surplus field-harmonic grid-energy. The astrological signs associated with this pillar fall into the "fixed" category. Essentially, an operational field-harmonic comprising a specific field-harmonic spectrum creates the next requisite operational field-harmonic for time-space explication out of lower frequency field-harmonics that "emerge" or field-harmonically "crystalize" relative to its own field-geometry. This dimensional process, represented by the whole tree, repeats in field-harmonic keys, creating infinite multitudes of time-space explications of differing field-harmonic frequency spectrums. Please remember that the tree represents reality in mapped form, and a map that represents a complete reality, in complete detail, loses its utility as a map. After studying the basic layout of the complete Kabbalah, I realized that the complete reality explication analogous musical scale may comprise nine notes instead of seven; the tree symbolizes the relation of nine field-harmonic frequency spectral intervals instead of the seven "revealed" in the 10 Sephirah tree of "traditional" occultism. The Lie In order for there to be a complete conceptualization of basic field-harmonic relative field-geometry and elementary process, there needs to be a discussion of

the nature of a distorted field-harmonic as it applies to field-harmonic related standing-wave geometric spectral signature. I will use, as a point of initial conceptual reference, the scientific work of Wilhelm Reich regarding the functional relationship between orgone energy, oranur, and deadly orgone energy. I will present a basic field-harmonic relative conceptual expansion of the theory associated with these orgonomic natural processes. I might add that, though my conceptualizations qualify as a logic-based philosophy and have potential to become scientific theories, Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Biophysics qualifies as proven science (read his literature and repeat his experiments). Philosophical speculation always benefits from conceptual grounding in experimentally proven science. The "fresh" quality of each field-harmonic, I will conceptually anchor in the research that Wilhelm Reich conducted relating to orgone energy. A fresh fieldharmonic analogues, in its finite nature, field-geometric spectral balance and purity operationally rooted in the "always balanced" spectral signature of a fieldharmonically relative infinite-grid field-geometry or Aries field-geometry. I will explain this in more detail as I discuss infinite elementary process and Aries fieldgeometry. The "stagnant" or imbalanced spectral signature of each field-harmonic, I will conceptually anchor in qualities Reich associated with deadly orgone or DOR. A stagnant field-harmonic analogues, in its finite nature, spectral qual