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  • 8/12/2019 118825 Personality Development Nashik 14 15 Oct Personality Development


    Personality development Program And

    Workplace Skills


    & 15th

    October 2011 Friday Venue

    Nashik Engineering Cluster,Sahatrarashmi c-10, MIDC Ambad, Nashik-10

    Personality development Program and Workplace Skills

    The art of being yourself at your best is the art of unfolding your personality, and to do so, choose our

    Personality development program. A Powerful tool for personal change, to win and influence people.

    Every person has three personalities, the one that we show to the world, Second is what we actually

    have, and third one is what we think we are and we have. It is fact that most of the people do not

    understand themselves. Nilesh Gore Trainer, psychological counselor, graphologist.

  • 8/12/2019 118825 Personality Development Nashik 14 15 Oct Personality Development


    Course Contents:

    Most Influential Contents are.

    Ultimate objective, power of choices for life and career, communication skills, proactive and reactive

    attitudes, handling problems, relationship and workplace skills, how to win and influence people, 5

    winning shots for real success, understanding self, secrets to success in job / career / life,

    overcoming failures, 7 gifts that can make your life and work happy and prosperous.

    Training in Marathi, Hindi, English.

    WHO can join this course?

    Very Simple

    Individuals from age of 18 to 180

    From corporate sector, colleges, organizations, etc. The course is designed by considering all the

    psychological factors of an individual. It has powerful lessons for personal change n excellence.

    Faculty Profile: Nilesh Gore

    ONLY Trainer with 4+ years of training & counseling experience.

    Only trainer with extensive psychological counseling practice.

    Only Trainer having public trust foundation for WELLNESS.

    Only trainer with the world class AUDIO BOOKS.

    Only trainer who have launched PODCAST 1sttime in INDIA.

    Only trainer in the WORLD to provide psychological SWOT test.

    Only Trainer in INDIA who developed most motivational videos.

    And so on

    Nilesh B Gore is an inspiring motivational speaker, corporate trainer, Campus recruitment

    trainer, psychological counselor and coach with distinctive qualities & Skills. He has conducted

    several training programs for the Corporate Sector and Student Community.

    Previously he has given training with IILD in some companies like fiat, paria, tetropack, ark

    automation and etc. also provided training in colleges like MGM- nanded, biwade college - latur ,

    satara polytechnic, D Y patil Pune, SIM Jalgaon, pune, Neha infotech, computer world and etc.

  • 8/12/2019 118825 Personality Development Nashik 14 15 Oct Personality Development


    Nilesh Gore is worlds #1 in Career SWOT, Personal SWOT, Employment profiling and

    psychological tests and counseling.

    SWOTanalysis is great indigenous tool of his every program which changes person from

    inside out.

    His programs are insightful and inspire action, building personal excellence and unleashing

    innate energies. Nilesh Gore has 4+ years of experience as a professional graphologist &

    handwriting analyst and has now been a motivational speaker cum trainer.

    He is the Founder Director of "SNW institute i.e. The Success and Wellness Institute, First

    distinctive kind of Wellness Institute in India. After brainstorming & phase of 'Vision Quest' in his

    life, in 2005 Nilesh Gore emerged as a corporate trainer, an inspiring speaker believing that

    people understand and learn more through doing. Consequently his Courses, Training programs

    and workshops are highly participative, change oriented & Magnetic.

    Nilesh Gore is a spiritual & bit rational individual believing that path in life is directed by a

    'Higher Wisdom', if we choose to follow that guidance. That our lives are a constantly unfolding

    process, and our full participation in this journey is our primary spiritual objective.

    He has dedicated his life for individual's SUCCESS in Career / business & to gain WELLNESS for

    Sound body & Mind through the Success & Wellness Institute.

    Visit www.youtube.com/nbgbsl www.successnwellness.com search Nilesh Goreon the web.

    Registrations & Fees: - 2,000/- + tax 10.3%(Charges are including breakfast, tea/Coffee, Lunch, afternoon Hi-tea)

    For Group of 4 Registrations 1 Registration is freeCheque / Bank Draft should be drawn in favour of

    NASHIK Engineering ClusterFor Detail Information contact:-

    Mr. Kailas Sarode, kailas.sarode@nec.org.in /9764079333/6699210Mr. Parvez khan, parvez.khan@nec.org.in / 8983622654 /6699218

    Nashik Engineering Cluster (NEC) info@nec.org.in / 0253 6699200,


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