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  • TITLEA good title should Define contents of paper in a few words. It should sell your manuscript Make retrieval of your article easy (= more impact) Have more important words first Show accuracy

  • Desirable Features of a Title Expresses only one idea Omits redundant words: verbs and articles (usually) Omits waste words like A Study of.. Uses simple word order with correct syntax

  • Things to Avoid Scientific Abbreviations (e.g. E. coli should be Escherichia coli); IR should be infrared Acronyms (Ca should be Calcium) Chemical Formulas use generic or common names Roman numerals Sensational or strong words

  • Title StylesDescriptive or Label Style - no verbs and (usually) no articles (the, a, etc)This is the more common styleAssertive Sentence Style - contains subject, verb and objectThis style is used more often in general science and biomedical journals

  • Title Styles (2)Series titles are used to connect a number of papers published on the same general subject. E.g. Nucleophilic Catalysis, Part IV. Acid-hydrolysis of organic sulfites. Uncommon nowadays.Hanging titles consist of general statement, then : or . or followed by a more specific statement. Common nowadays.

  • Examples of Title StylesFrom azides to nitro compounds in a few seconds using HOFCH3CN

    S. Rozen and M. Carmeli

    From J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2003, 125, 8118-8119.

  • Examples of Hanging Titles

  • Suppression of a palladium-mediated homocoupling in a Suzuki cross-coupling reaction. Development of an impurity control strategy supporting synthesis of LY451395

    J.T. Quatroche and C.D. Sturgill

    From Org. Process Res. Dev., 2007, 11, 359-364Examples of Hanging Titles (2)

  • Example of Series Title

    Chemistry of the sulfur-nitrogen bond 12. Metal-assisted synthesis of sulfenamide derivatives from aliphatic and aromatic disulfides.

    M.D. Bentley, J.A. Lacadie, and I.B. Douglass

    From J. Org. Chem. 1977, 42, 967-972

  • Examples of Title Improvements

  • Example 1Cycloaddition Reactions of mesoionic oxadiazoles is too general for the manuscript contentA more accurate title might be Diels-Alder Reactions of Mesoionic 1,2,3-Oxadiazol-5-ones (Sydnones)

  • Example 2Preliminary Canine and Clinical Evaluation of a New Antitumor Agent, Streptovitacin is an example with incorrect syntaxA more correct title might bePreliminary Evaluation of a New Antitumor Agent, Streptovitacin, using Canine and Clinical Trials

  • Example 3Determination of Copper in Tequila using Stripping Potentiometry If the focus is on the technique rather than the analyte or medium then a better title may beStripping Potentiometric Determination of Copper in Tequila

  • Example 4Investigation into the Use of Copper and Other Metals as indicators for the Authenticity of Scotch WhiskiesRemoving waste words gives Copper and Other Metals as Indicators for the Authenticity of Scotch Whiskies

  • AUTHORS The list of authors should reflect a system of credit As far as possible, include only significant contributors Acknowledgements can be used for people who helped with a specific aspect, but who otherwise made no contribution

  • Authors: Order of Listing There are no definite rules Decide early in the program of study on sequence of authors Main author can be placed first and corresponding author (if different) can be indicated by *

  • Example 1Scientist A designs program of work and Technician B (non-student) carries out the work successfullyEither Author A (with B acknowledged)OrAuthor A and B in that order

  • Example 2Scientist A and Technician B (non-student) jointly design program of work and B carries out the work successfullyEitherAuthor A and B in that orderOrAuthor B and A* in that order

  • Example 3Supervisor A and student or post-doc B design progam of work jointly, which B completes

    Author B and A* in that order

  • Example 4Supervisor A and student or post-doc B design progam of work jointly, which B completes, with small but specific help from scientist C

    Author B and A* in that order, with C acknowledged

  • Example 5Supervisor A and student or post-doc B design program of work jointly, which B completes, with extended collaboration of scientist CAuthor B, A* and C in that order

  • Research: I slog away for the benefit of humanity, my sponsors get all the money and my supervisor hogs all the glory. Such is life!Writers Lament


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