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1 VIII. Revising the Research Paper More than proofreading More than correcting grammar

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Text of 1 VIII. Revising the Research Paper More than proofreading More than correcting grammar

  • *VIII. Revising the Research PaperMore than proofreading More than correcting grammar

  • *Table of ContentsOn Revision 3-5Steps of Revision 6 A. Thesis Statement 7-9 B. Coherence, Order of Ideas, Support Material 10-12 C. Introduction and Conclusion 13-15 D. Editing - Vocabulary, Clarity, 16 Spelling, Grammar, Mechanics E. MLA Review 17 3. Pats Revised Paper and Grade 18-19

  • *Put the paper away for a dayClick for short video on revision from English Composition.

    ZZZZ. ZZZZ.ZZZZ.Im tired. I cant look at this paper any more.

  • *Pat really liked putting the paper away too much!!


    Revision wont happen without her.

    Click for brief video on ideas for revision from English Composition.

  • * Pat comes back to the paper ready to actively revise.

    Does the paper make sense? How will another reader respond? What doesnt sound quite right ?

  • *Steps of the Revision Process

    Look at the whole paper.

    Revise in parts Focus on the thesis statement, coherence, order of ideas, and support material. Review the introduction and conclusion. Edit the paper in detail. Check current MLA format.

    For information on how to prioritize revision:

  • * The thesis statement answers the research question.

    It is concise and specific.

    It controls the evidence/support used in the paper.

    Click for a brief video giving advice on the thesis statement from English Composition.

    Focus on the thesis statement.

  • *Pats Original ThesisThe symbolic yellow wallpaper in Gilmans story offers multiple interpretations.All of them relate to the relations between men and women.Ill include the specific interpretations Im discussing.

  • *Pats Revised ThesisCritics have interpreted the yellow wallpaper in many ways. Three popular interpretations of its symbolism show the tension of sexual politics between men and women in nineteenth-century America: (1) the wallpaper as an expression of the narrators deteriorating mental state (2) the wallpaper as a pattern of social and economic dependence which reduces women to domestic slavery, and (3) the wallpaper as a symbol of the confining values of the ideal of True Womanhood.

  • * Reread the essay for coherence.There should be a logical flow of ideas within the paragraphs and from one paragraph to the next.

    There should be clear transitions between paragraphs.

    For more information on coherence, check this site:

  • * Review the order of ideas.

    The ideas dont flow smoothly. I need to move this paragraph.And, this information is not relevant to my thesis. It should be deleted.

  • *

    Review support material.

    Click for video clip on reviewing source material from English Composition.Yes, my support is effective. I back up every point I make with relevant material.

  • * Sharpen the introduction.Click for video clip from English Composition. The introduction is too long--maybe some of these details belong in a body paragraph.

  • *

    Ive almost finished But

  • *Polish the conclusion.

    An effective conclusion gives the reader a sense of closure.

    It leaves the reader feeling the paper has come to a logical end.

  • *Final EditingProofread for the types of errors frequently made such as run-on sentences, fragments, subject-verb agreement and typographical errors.

    Remember spell-check checks only the spelling. It does not check to see that the correct word is used.

    Check vocabulary to see if the most appropriate word or phrase is selected.

    Review for clarity and conciseness.

  • *Review MLA format.Check the rules for documentation and for the Works Cited page.

    For more information on MLA guidelines, visit this site: writing/mlaguide.html or the BCC Librarys Citation Guides

  • *Click for video to review ideas for revision from English Composition. I did my best!I hope I get a good grade.

  • *Pats GradeWell done, Pat! A thoroughly researched, well organized and well-written paper!

    Here is Pats grade. A