1. Go to www.experiencePG.com and click on ‘Search Jobs’. 2. When the page refreshes, enter one of the specific job numbers provided on the next page to

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Text of 1. Go to www.experiencePG.com and click on ‘Search Jobs’. 2. When the page refreshes, enter one...

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1. Go to www.experiencePG.com and click on Search Jobs.

2. When the page refreshes, enter one of the specific job numbers provided on the next page to begin the process and click Go.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Job Title.

4. Review the Job Description and Qualifications and click the Apply Online button.

5. Click on New User to create a Username and Password or enter the information if youve registered previously. Once registered, submit your application by completing all of the requested information.

6. Read carefully as you may be asked to complete on-line assessments as part of the application process. Your application will not be considered until all assessments are completed.How to Apply:FunctionFull-timeInternCo-opEngineering (ENG)ENG00001187ENG00001188ENG00001189Manufacturing (MFG)MFG00002548MFG00002549Purchases (PUR)PUR00000688PUR00000689Research & Development, Engineer (R&D)RND00001846RND00001847RND00001848Research & Development, Researcher (R&D)RND00001885RND00001886RND00001887Supply Network Operations (SNO)SNO00000244SNO00000245SNO00000246Technical Functions2Engineers at P&G:

"Driven by innovation and the development of superior processes and products"

The roles vary depending upon whether you like connecting with the consumer, designing processes and equipment or making leading consumer product brands.

Research & DevelopmentYou will connect with consumers to understand their wants, and then develop concepts, products, process/packages and delivery systems that add performance advantages to P&G.

Engineering (Product Supply/PS)You will take product concepts and turn them into reality by designing new processes through analysis, design, start up, trouble shooting, and improving process technologies and systems.

Manufacturing (Product Supply/PS)You will solve production issues, utilize human and technical resources, create our products, and continually improve our equipment and process systems.

BS/MS degrees in Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineering are required. R&D Research and Development"Drive the innovation that creates the future"

Research is our business and is at the heart of who we are. In R&D, you work could involve basic or applied research, product development, or the design and execution of studies to identify consumer needs. You might be hands-on in developing chemical and mechanical processes required for the formulation and manufacture of products, or conducting chemical, biological, and physical tests on new or improved product technologies. Your knowledge will help P&G develop new products, packages, processes and innovative technologies that answer the needs of consumers. Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral, as well as, Medical or Veterinary degrees are preferred.

IT Information & Decision Solutions:"Creating connections that drive decisions"

Professions in IDS work directly with P&G's business units to provide value-added solutions that improve our business. IDS leads the development of practical applications for the collection and analysis and use of information to enable success. BS/MS degrees in Management/Business Information Systems, Computer Science/Engineering, Operations Research or an MBA is necessary.