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Catalogo completo 2008 con ropa, maletas, cometas y todo

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Table of Contents2 4 10 20 30Brand Team KiTes Boards sofTGoods


riderserviceLine(tollfreeinUs):877-775-4832 internationalTel:509-427-4950 slingshotsports.com|buyslingshotsports.com 40sWCascadeave,suite45 stevenson,Wa98648Usa

Slingshot SportsCompanydefiniTion:Brand BrandSlingshot Sports LLC Established 1999. We are a boardsports and lifestyle company focused on innovation, technology, quality and unsurpassed customer service. We are rider focused, technology driven and deliver products that help the rider push his/her limits. We are rider progression.

TypoGraphyUsed:Global body and text: Univers 10 or 11 pt. Alternate text: Calvert 10 or 11 pt. Alternate Heading text: Carnasie Slab JL

fUTUreGoaLs:Further evolution from a primarily hardgoods kiteboard and wakeboard based company to one focused on developing a lifestyle brand inviting more people into our unique boardsports culture with an emphasis on softgoods and the web.

paCKaGinG: Clean and uncluttered Heavy emphasis on general branding non specific to kite or wake

sLinGshoTspiKyBaLLLoGoandUsaGe:The spiky ball has been the brand identifier for Slingshot since 1999. Goal is to reinforce the spiky ball image on everything we create! All print ads as texture All web banners All product hardgoods or softgoods All product packaging All promotional and support material Website

promoTionaLmaTeriaL: Banners Stickers: B-Fly, Camo, 3 Demented QSG poster: Ben Wilson, Ruben Lenten, Jeff Tobias

sUpporTmaTeriaL: QSG: easy simple, easily translated doubles as a poster. Board stickers: Complete board line up for kite and wake respectively with specs. Website: 2005/2006/2007/2008 product info for kite and wake respectively available on buyslingshotsports.com later to be slingshotsports.com Rider Hotline: USA 1-877-775-4832 INTL 1-509-427-4950 or email at riderhotline@slingshotsports.com News section on buyslingshotsports.com later to be slingshotsports.com

WordmarKandspiKyBaLLLoGoUsaGe:Other usage of the spiky ball in conjunction with wordmark in various styles.

TeamGLoBaLTeam: meGaherTzfonT Ben Wilson: Australia Ruben Lenten: The Netherlands Jeff Tobias: USA Mark Doyle: USA Youri Zoon: The Netherlands Gisela Pulido: Spain Remi Meum: Norway

TaGLine:The Art of Power used on print and web material only. Base02fonT CarnivaLeefreaKshoWfonT mTmaTTosCripTfonT

amTeam Lewis Crathern: UK Campbell Barker: Australia Lorenzo Giovannelli: Italy Nick Jacobsen: Denmark Marcelo Cunha: Brazil



Dear Slingshot Partners, As we move into the 2008 product cycle, we have noticed several strong trends that we hope to spend time reviewing at our Partner Meeting. This will include product trends, the value of the specialty retailer and use of the internet on a global scale. We will also drill down on our business model that each of us operates on and share with you the focus we have on the fundamentals that are key to everyones success. We are looking forward to listening to you and working together to develop future successful strategies. Sincerely, Jeff D.Logosz and the entire Slingshot teammainTelephone: 1-509-427-4950 INTL 1-877-775-4832 USA mainfax: mainshipping: 1-509-427-4566 Slingshot Sports 40 SW Cascade Street Suite 45 Stevenson, WA, 98648 USA mainmailing: Slingshot Sports PO BOX 759 Stevenson, WA, 98648 USA JeffLogosz,president, j.logosz@slingshotsports.com, Ext 30 TonyLogosz,Chiefdesigner, t.logosz@slingshotsports.com, 1-541-490-773 GregKish,vpofsales, g.kish@slingshotsports.com, Ext. 21 Johnratchye,Cfo/Controller, j.ratchye@slingshotsports, Ext. 29 Johndoyle,seniorproductdeveloper, j.doyle@slingshotsports.com, 1-541-490-0679 miraKwon,marketingdirector, m.kwon@slingshotsports.com, Ext 59 Brianhively,directorofoperations, b.hively@slingshotsports.com, Ext. 24 mattGustafsen,supplyChainmanager, m.gustafsen@slingshotsports.com, Ext 32 mollyKrussow,accounting, m.krussow@slingshotsports.com, Ext. 22 Jeffroberts,internationalsalesmanager, j.roberts@slingshotsports.com, Ext. 25 Christopherscheyshy,riderhotlineTechadvisor, c.schey@slingshotsports.com, Ext. 28 Cindydoyle,UsaCustomerservice, c.doyle@slingshotsports.com, Ext. 27 ameryBernard,nWsalesrep/Jr.productdeveloper a.bernard@slingshotsports.com, Ext 61 / 1-503-869-4774 Jimshepherd,Warrantymanager, j.shepherd@slingshotsports.com, Ext. 23 BravedaveGutierrez,Warehousemanager, d.gutierrez@slingshotsports.com, Ext. 26 Jamessitzer,Graphicart&design, j.sitzer@slingshotsports.com, Ext. 34 danosee,Kiteproductmanager, d.see@slingshotsports.com, 1-541-490-9774 Justinmeyer,WakeboardTechrep, j.meyer@slingshotsports.com, Ext 61 scottKaiser,shipping, s.kaiser@slingshotsports.com forestrogers,shippingmanager, f.rogers@slingshotsports.com, Ext. 26

Brand Brand3

GLoBaL TeamBenWiLson


team Team Whatsyourridingstyle?Surf Whatsyourlocalspot?Short andyourfavoritefood?Sushi


howaboutyourfavoritespot?Short Tellusaboutyourquiver.REV,

point and Main beach

NSW, Australia


Wheredoyoucallhome?Hawaii Whatsyourlocalspot?Mokuleia andyourfavoritefood?Mexi howaboutyourfavoritespot?Nungas Tellusaboutyourquiver. Always been a huge fan of the Fuels but since I have been working on our new TURBO 3. Its my fav. We are tuning this kite to be super sick. Cant wait for the publics reaction....its so much fun! anycontestresultsweshouldknowabout?Im Whataboutsponsors?Slingshot,

point and Main beach


Fuel, SST

poker champion


Whataboutsponsors?Slingshot, Whatsonyouripod:Tool

Dakine, Reef, DHD, Electric, Worldsurfaris, Future fins, Boardsguide.com, Mana Pearls, Alliancesurf, Triple-X wetsuits.sowhatdoyoudowhenyourenotkiteboarding?Im

Alliance, Reef

Dakine, Surftech, Kaenon,

#1 in my heart!


surfing and


and about 4000 others towing, spearing.

Short, Notorious BIG, AFI, Minor Threat....



GLoBaL TeammarKdoyLe


team Team

Whatsyourridingstyle?Freestyle Wheredoyoucallhome?SPI,

Whatsyourridingstyle?Freestyle Wheredoyoucallhome?On

Jericoacoara- Brazil Prea- Brazil

Texas / S.F. Cali /


Beach, Texas /Delta, California / Grande - Brazil


the road!!


the Netherlands

howaboutyourfavoritespot?Barra andyourfavoritefood?Sushi Tellusaboutyourquiver.REVs

(WA), Dolphin Beach (SA)

(NL), Woodmans Point


for Freestyle and TURBOS for / Dakine / IK Electric / Rainbow


Fins / Greenish / UN Hook

Tellusaboutyourquiver.The quiver Im riding are the best kites in the world, the new Fuel 2008. During last summer I worked together with Tony Logosz, Slingshots kite-designer.The quiver Im riding are the best kites in the world, the new Fuel 2008. During last summer I worked together with Tony Logosz, Slingshots kite-designer. Also I am riding the Lunacy my pro model board! Its insane! Whataboutsponsors?Slingshot,


like everything really, not a specific food.



Hop and Reggae

X-Box / Beers on the Beach


What has to happen will happen... Kite hard and live life hard...Enjoy!!!!!!!!anypartingwordsofwisdom?

Red Bull, Mystic, Qmagic


GLoBaL TeamGiseLapULido


team Team Whatsyourridingstyle?Freestyle Wheredoyoucallhome?Tarifa, Whatsyourlocalspot?Los

howaboutyourfavoritespot?Rio andyourfavoritefood?Spanish


Spain Jara

Whatsyourridingstyle?Freestyle Wheredoyoucallhome?Holland Whatsyourlocalspot?Brouwersdam andyourfavoritefood?yessssss, Tellusaboutyourquiver.Fuel


& Italian food Fuels



champion KPWT 2006, Spanish champion 2006, World champion KPWT 2005, Wave master champion 2005, World champion KPWT 2004, Europe junior champion 2003Whataboutsponsors?Movistar, Whatsonyouripod:Spanish

anycontestresultsweshouldknowabout?2006: Whataboutsponsors?Slingshot

1st pKRA feurteventuera 1st pKRA Germany 3rd pKRA Canada and tarifa 3rd pKRA overall ranking 2006 2005: 1st dutch championship Mystic koraal.org daarom.com other crap Brunotti boards Brunotti clothing

7-9-11-13-15 pink and black

Mc Donalds

and all my local spots

Red Bull, Slingshot, Rip Curl, Dakine, Shapes, Volkswagen, Adeccosowhatdoyoudowhenyourenotkiteboarding?I

music, hip hop, Latin music


hardstyle hardcore and a hole bunch of at home

watch TV, listen to music, hang with friends

skate, surf,


MSN and spending money on my scooter project tune it.


GLoBaL TeamremimeUm

am TeamLeWisCraThern

team Team

Whatsyourridingstyle?Freestyle Wheredoyoucallhome?

Whatsyourlocalspot?Hardangervidda, andyourfavoritefood?Rakefish Tellusaboutyourquiver.Fuel

Haugast eilo



Norway Chile


Whatsyourlocalspot?Whereever andyourfavoritefood?Bangers Tellusaboutyourquiver.Fuel


high wind fr