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  • 1. Reading Images. Starter: What messages are conveyed through this CD cover?Can I identify the main features ofprint advertising?
  • 2. Describing Visual Imagery Although our interpretation of visual imagery is subjective, there exists a way of analysing visual texts. In order to think about what a picture is showing us we can think about what is illustrates superficially, but also what it implies beneath the surface.THIS IS CALLED DENOTATION AND CONNOTATION Reading Images.
  • 3. CONNOTATION what can be inferred from the image Its a symbol of... It represents.... It suggests.... It reminds us of... It makes us think about... This is analysis.
  • 4. What does the imagedenote?So quite literally tell mewhat is in this image.The image denotes anexploding head. Thehead appears to be thatof an old man and madeof stone. The man isfrowning and staringblankly out of the frame.
  • 5. What connotations do theimages have?What have you inferred fromthe picture?Do you think it is effective?Why?
  • 6. Layout of images. Who/what is in the foreground? Why?What does the body language any people in the picture tell us? What is happening in the picture? What are the colours used? What are the connotations of these factors?
  • 7. Use of image: Use of colour:The idea of a persons mind This is a monochromaticbreaking apart is indicative poster it is all inof the themes of madness shades of grey, so theand death, but also links to focus of the poster isthe idea of the film being unclear. The readersmind-blowing eye is drawn to the eye, as it is darker and stands out. The only use of colour is the red of the title, whichUse of font: connects to the ideas ofThe tagline of the film danger and blood.and the title are ofsimilar size, so anemphasis is placed on the Use of layout:idea of 3D. The use of The image has beenwriting that is a bit placed in the centre,blood-like and edgy with the fragments ofemphasises the theme of the person breaking outthe film to the reader, of the poster, creatingand the readers eye is a 3D effect to tie indrawn to the pitchfork with the emphasis onstyle of the W, 3D. The tagline isconnecting with the idea placed at the top soof hell. that it is given prominence.
  • 8. Look at layout.Look at theirposture.Look at colour.What are theconnotations?
  • 9. Look at layout.Look at posture.Look at colour.What is he wearing?What is in thebackground?What are theconnotations of these?
  • 10. Look at layout.Look at posture.Look at colour.What is he wearing?What is in thebackground?What are theconnotations of these?