03-06 2015 Universal Healthcare

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<p>Anima AnwarDavid Levy WR150 06 March 2015</p> <p>Governments implementation of healthcare has sparked criticism and support among the years. Prices for medical treatments have skyrocketed, leaving low income families with much worry. Some medical insurance companies could reject applicants with pre-existing conditions. Before the implementation of the Affordable Care act, a large percentage of Americans were uninsured for this reason (among others). With the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid is now expanded to cover millions of low income families. In the eyes of Ayn Rand, those who do not achieve their financial accomplishments are lazy and insubordinate. While everyone has a right to life, sustaining this life is ones own responsibility. Some would agree that those who do not meet the financial standings for specific goods and services should be written off as lazy instead of given aid, even healthcare. Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand uses objectivist ideals in order to explain a right-wing view that discourages government aids like Medicaid. Proponents of the Affordable care act would be economists like Karl Marx. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx would support the idea of the expansion of Medicaid to low income families. This would be one step closer to closing the class gap that exists. </p> <p>In Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand uses a fictional character, John Galt, to explain her view on the idea of classes and the rich and poor. Galt is an activist trying to rally up men of that mind. These are individuals who think rationally and therefore, succeed in the free-market economy. These people stand by their own rational judgment are independent. The other type of individual Galt introduces in a parasite. This is someone unable to financially fend for themselves. These individuals hold back the rational thinkers and slow down society as a whole. In the circumstance of healthcare, Rand would argue that those poor pathetic masses that need Medicaid are the parasitic individuals that take charity and do not deserve it. Medicaid expanded to the poor would be at the expense of the rational thinkers in society that are financially fit (who pay their taxes and are the reason that a thing like Medicaid exists). Galt would argue that the governments spending into Medicaid is not warranted, as those poor individuals are at the bottom of the pyramid of class system and therefore, useless to any benefit to production and expansion of the economy. </p> <p>While Ayn Rand is against aiding to the poor, Karl Marx would want to close the rich and poor class system all together. In Marxs explanation of the economy, the classes consist of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The bourgeoisie in the case of healthcare would be the insurance companies that hinder low income families ability to pay for their medical bills. These families are being exploited by the upper class who can make things like healthcare available to the working class </p>