001 DPRE Sept08 - the dentist complete control ... Lasers like Fotona’s AT Fidelis offer new possibilities for improved service for pediatric dentistry ... 001 DPRE Sept08

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    STEP-BY-STEPSOsteocentralanaesthesia and VTfor implantology

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  • Wavelength Characteristics

    Er:YAG (2940) A golden standard in laser dentistry. Its ideal water absorption coefficient for hard tissue drilling enables theEr:YAG laser to ablate comfortably, efficiently and safely in enamel, dentin and composites. VSPTechnology support provides pulsewidths under 100s and square pulse shapes which increases ablationspeed, treatment precision and safety. The AT Fidelis Er:YAG features low pulse energy and high repetitionrate capabilities to further broaden soft tissue surgery options.

    Nd:YAG (1064) The most suitable and versatile soft tissue laser in dentistry. Provides excellent cutting precision withsimultaneous hemostasis and disinfection. Procedures are overall shorter, require less anesthesia, requireless healing time and have less post-operative swelling, discomfort and infection risk. Disinfection up to1000 m inside tubuli provides higher success rates and shorter treatment times in endodontics.

    Long pulse Er:YAG (2940) Its minimal penetration in skin provides micron layer-by-layer action which ideally suits a wide range offacial wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation and acne scar reduction treatments.

    Long pulse Nd:YAG (1064) The Nd:YAG laser possesses the ideal absorption characteristics for effective and safe hair removal, acnetreatments and vascular treatments in all skin types.

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    8 SEPTEMBER 2008 dpreurope

    Revolutionizing DentistryFotonas AT Fidelis is set to revolutionize theworld of laser dentistry with its combinationof highest performance lasers, power andspeed generating capacity, treatmentversatility, safety and ease-of use.

    Highest Performance in DentalCareThe AT Fidelis, All Tissue laser, is the newestgeneration in dental laser systems, originatingfrom Fotonas popular Fidelis range. Itcombines dentistrys two best laserwavelengths in one convenient, versatilesolution for the modern practice. Its Er:YAGlaser is proven to outperform any dental laserin ablation speed and allows more selectiveand precise work, thus preserving morehealthy structural tissue. The worlds fastesthard tissue drilling laser has broadened itsoperating range with the finest low pulse,high repetition rate capability for delicate softtissue surgery. In addition, the top-of-the-lineNd:YAG laser provides trouble-freeendodontic, surgical and aesthetic procedures

    Convenience and Safety FirstThe AT Fidelis includes the latest in touchscreen navigation systems. Standard dailyprocedures are quickly and safely performedwith the help of Comfort Mode pre-settreatment programs and simple user-interface. Through its Advanced Modeprocedures are easily fine-tuned to maximize

    treatment efficacy and efficiency. The ATFidelis does not require external air or watersources, making it uniquely mobile; a mustfor large, multi-disciplinary practices.

    More Than Just a Dental LaserApart from providing the widest range ofhard and soft tissue dental treatments, the ATFidelis uniquely enables practices to offerfacial aesthetic laser treatments, providingeven more opportunities for practices toexpand their patient base.

    High technology for precision,safety and controlVariable Square Pulse (VSP) Technologyminimizes the transfer of heat to the tootheliminating patient sensitivity during theprocedure. In the majority of cases iteliminates the need for anesthetics, while itprovides the dentist complete control over thetissue effect of the laser.

    Energy Feedback Control (EFC)Technology controls energy output thusensuring safe and efficient treatments withoutthe need for repeated, external calibration.

    Electronic Spray Control (ESC) Technologyadjusts, saves and calls up the perfect waterand air spray mixes specific to each treatment.

    Laser dentistrys only Tissue effectGraphical Interface (TeGI) provides aninstantaneous and precise graphicalrepresentation of the laser tissue effect as thevarious treatment parameters are selected.

    Laser And Health AcademyVisit www.laserandhealth.com todownload the latest papers andclinical bulletins on dental laser

    applications, provided by members ofthe Laser and Health Academy.

    Workshops in laser dentistry areorganized on a regular basis by theAcademy and are open to anyoneinterest in discovering more about

    Fotona laser dentistry.

    Highest Performancein Dental Care

    4-in-1: four laser treatment modalities in a single system

  • Features 2 laser sources 4 laser treatment modalities 5 selectable pulse duration

    modes Highest performance

    specifications Variable Square Pulse

    Technology Tissue effect Graphical

    Interface Touchscreen navigation and

    treatment management system Comfort and Advanced Modes Electronic Spray Control Energy Feedback Control Aesthetic upgrade packages Treatment-specific titanium

    handpieces and sapphire fibertips

    Integrated air & water supply

    Key Treatments Caries Removal Cavity Preparation Soft Tissue Surgery Root Canal Disinfection Gingival Treatments Dentin Hypersensitivity Closed Curettage Tooth Surface Preparation Oral Diseases Calculus Removal Tooth Whitening Facial Aesthetics

    Advantages Superior power, speed and

    precision Advanced performance and

    superior clinical results The world's fastest drilling, hard

    tissue laser Complete control of energy

    delivery through VSPTechnology

    No need for external calibration Industry's only Tissue effect

    Graphical interface (TeGI)

    AT Fidelis in Practice

    What are the advantages of a laser system that supports both Nd:YAG and Er:YAG? Nd:YAG is the chosen soft tissue laser and provides deepest disinfection with simultaneouscoagulation for trouble-free surgical and aesthetic procedures. AT Fidelis Er:YAG, as the fastesthard tissue drilling laser, is perfect for selective and precise procedures on hard tissue preservingmore healthy tissue. Having both laser sources available in one system, and at a touch of a button,means that a greater number of treatments and procedures can be performed in just one session.Only one investment is required to have access to the most complete range of lasers used in laserdentistry today.Is the AT Fidelis laser suitable for any dental practitioner?AT Fidelis comprehensive features ensure the systems versatility and ease-of-use. Its touch-screenuser interface and navigation system are designed for both expert and novice laser users. It includesComfort Mode where a desired treatment can simply be selected from the menu of standard dailyprocedures; the system provides the ideal treatment parameters. Treatment parameters can befurther fine-tuned in Advanced Mode. Procedures can therefore be performed more quickly andsafely.Is laser suitable for treating pediatric patients?Lasers like Fotonas AT Fidelis offer new possibilities for improved service for pediatric dentistrypatients and their parents. Much of the pain associated with the drill is caused by heat and vibration,which can easily be avoided when using a laser. Two main procedures dentists perform on pediatricpatients with laser are cavity preparation and frenectomies. To achieve best results, the idealcombination is a laser system with Er:YAG and Nd:YAG wavelengths. Laser dentistry with AT Fidelisis gentler and conserves the tooth structure. Chair time is shorter and healing time faster. What sort of treatments can you offer your patients with the aesthetic upgrade?Fotonas Er:YAG can provide treatments such as scar reductions, superficial lesions removal and arange of skin resurfacing treatments.Most common Nd:YAG treatments are hair removal, treatment of facial veins and lesions, activeacne reduction and non-ablative rejuvenation. Nd:YAG treatments generally involve minimaldowntime and post-procedure care.

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    dpreurope SEPTEMBER 2008 9

    The only laser faster than aconventional drillLaser energy is efficiently delivered throughan articulated arm and supported with VSPTechnology which enables the AT Fidelis tocut faster than any other laser in dentistry.When laser ablation is faster than heatdiffusion no unnecessary heat is depositedinto the tissue. A recently published studyconfirms that Fotonas Er:YAG laser ablates3.7 times faster in dentine and 5 times fasterin enamel compared to Er,Cr:YSGG lasers.Find more information onwww.laserandhealth.com

    FeatherLight articulated armprovides higher energy efficiencyand better range-of-motionFotonas FeatherLight articulated arm, with 7high precision mirrors, transmits Er:YAGlaser energy up to 40% more efficiently thanalternative methods such as fibers and hollowwaveguides. Articulated arms are durable androbust, and generally more suited todelivering the high laser energies required foreffective laser dentistry.The articulated armoffers a full range-of-motion and can beoptimally balanced so that the weight of thearticulated arm and handpiece assembly arecarried by a counterweight. This givescomplete freedom when working with thelaser, which is of particular importance whenperforming delicate procedures.

    Intuitive touchscreen interface andtreatment management systemDesigned for both expert users andpractitioners without any previous experiencewith laser systems. A simple press of a buttonis enough to quickly change wavelengths andcombine the hard tissue efficiency of Er:YAGwith the soft tissue precision of Nd:YAG, togive every patient the very best possible care.Comfort Mode provides pre-set treatmentprograms and data storage options, andAdvanced Mode allows fine-tuning theparameters to specific treatments.

    Quartz and sapphire fiber tips forprecise tissue ablationA wide variety of contact tips are easilychanged at chair side. Fiber tips are made ofdurable mineral materials and have beendesigned and shaped meticulously to suitespecific treatments.

    Self-sufficient and mobileWater and air spray assemblies, integrateddirectly into the system mean that no externalcompressed air or water sources are required,making the system uniquely mobile andversatile in the dental practice.

    Wireless footswitchAvailable for even more mobility andflexibility while working. Avoids theunnecessary and messy tangle of cables onthe practice floor.

    ContactThe Fotona AT Fidelis is available

    worldwide from the Fotona Global

    Sales Network.

    Visit www.fotona.com to find your

    local Fotona representative.

    Fotona.com provides more information

    on Fotonas dental laser systems

    range, including treatment videos,

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