00 A D - Atlantic County · PDF file+8 ~ ¯ +/.+.:b "’= 4 J~,I t,.u.~ ¸ . i L~I&,. ~£¢" bondmdtlll ¯ Walter RAeld. Rave T. I;’t~etd ) " ~ald uianer: - - an@ J~rell Douskty,

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    bondmdtlll Walter RAeld. Rave T. I;t~etd ) " ~ald uianer: - - an@ ~rell Douskty, fred-J . -

    -~ ~,~, &~ U J. C. Iqbld & LTo Attachment I J~outhTufty-nil

    o fluke tO begln01n~ Jnir l- "*~!~ous(~lpanyi i-{ OaConlraot. Ll~/M, beJnwlbeltme | wbh-;~, vs.~, :. ~amnel A. 8mitb. .. ] " - Winner b~ deed berlug- the.-.,_~t virtue.of in order made ]a abe :alcove dlw of March, 188~andreeo~ed in suet . : ~J~Ycau4qbylheseldUeurl. on rbethl :tJetb o~,eof AlJantle County it.roy(maid. !1d~y of Omober. A. D., nineteen hare d_ano 8(I of deeds, pl~e 591, &o., Irented ridtbr,~ tee InScriber. udit0r ~)tut,~t D~ yey~nntollrlnl ~mith_. ~ .

    . e~id court In the said cetme~ will I and make . 1n--Trent situate in weYmoutl)

    an@ C~z~el,~lag, &~- l+++! ~ooa Oomimuy+

    ~- aitiPandL~ It ptlblic vl~nrtlue, t the betel of Coouly and 8tal0 folelaid:;- L+m i Kuebxle, ibe Nprthwest corner- of Be~lanindr nt small stllt~ standlnifjtollth (~rl~lls and Atlantic &venues, Jn the smali,s~lt pond It belna n 1" Iteli) of A.I|IUJI~ClIY, Olt " - belonflnl to tb

    .+ helrsof lilleruns |bent [It ~outh twenty-two

    at_ ~ I~ATURDAY, THE NI~rH DAY OF APB]~ East ~ix ehalua to altake hy the ~ldo~.-..~: ~ " NEXP,. . -. Hver and a corner ~o TbomU ]i. ]r --~r.h~IN~Ynlll)w|mr t rsetso.f land and premises, I11~ stand:n< on the Ells side of tb sof Golnlrrhroulh t"~*e~k ; [4] SOuth |n Th,.~t~uate and d~e~ ibe~ ~t follows: B, ] Pelands line ~venteen knd flit y,

    :- : :--~Io. 1-81t+,m,oanlheTowr.ahl_Pof +B+j~_ H.ar- dredths Ohlll~; (+!] 8outb ~erent-_-Ji~,r. coUnty of .lJ.lllnllO u~ Blase or l~ew ereeeWemflveoba:nsio-theforksofa- i ,~raey, boa,dad and deeerlbed as folio~-: . [4] uptbc1~orchw~st fprk aid blndin~ . - ~e~t.nlOir It l Idaaeslandtngon the~uth- on.aDOut twenty cbalr~; [.5] North flrt:,

    aide If tbe ~ub~Io road leedln~.pam de~ree~ l~tst nlneleen sn,t:~lly-une"~:W~sbl~on mtelRnmn~it0 tbePubllo Wharf dred0hschalnStpplaceofbewl.nnln~,e~n".Jt;~d at 411d ~tl~lmaus corn_er ann runs Ins thirty ae;-ea tmhng the ~t~e pret: lwt~eepI)8outb fortydeg.re~we~tlllonl, tne ,~hleh Rlih~rd L~ 80mere by,deed Is~

    ~taid 4~0~l. nlne~ehal~s; () t-ooth fife.veil}X date the twerty-Stth day of AplPll, 18~,dellreelPmm,|gl~teenandtentJnehundredns recorded in the CJeris Omee Dr A0i~

    :.,~11tldns .Io C1"anl~rry Creek;(~) North thirty- County In book 189f dennis, plur~ 41~,.:~kwrd~reel It-at two l~d mvent~ onebun- ~rsnreds~doooveyeduntolsnlel 8mlth,"-.]k.edth.elmlnsby th+eslldc!eekto~teelman~ Tredl~ No. ll--81tuh;e In the Townsbi"4lee: (4) NoPIh tblrty and otlll Jz) bis]tuel~4~re~ JP.adU e!even az)O tel) l~ne b+J;.uJL~ .). +ell and ~-iJlt3 lille hundrPI]~l}b cba)nelchains to Lsrsei Fmi;ha u;,d u,,-*t,h "~ ~) ,Ad rosd~.nd ~ome~ ~ul}s line: [Stb]l~ld and Illl Ibu~r Ilne~hre~ an.let+v,.,, , vat. ihnc~uut~.ll31rt)-;hfee ~nd one.qu.rtrt~se bundredlhs ,-ha~ns Io NurLbeast ~.~rhe, ,.I t+re~8 WIlL IWe]VR and tim bl)-flvl nap~*.tld IOI Of lanO; r~ Nurth Thlr,.~-~ix aud ui+e dre~th~ ulaalns.to ee,)tre of ro~d sndq..sr erd~ Wear :o the Northeast cornez =,cull scorher; [6t.] Oown s~:dt4J[sald l.,t~eqs la~,d; [~] St,u~h forty-nine and c~nt)-!hree det~ree..~ fgrL~-flveune-balfdellrees+Pcea; Ih~Peandle~enl.y:five torsi-four I!nks "tO bcginnlnir. COols1tumehubdr~hh~cbVlnato ~he platens t~.~th- eeveuandntnety-two onebundrolths+~dDIL containing rotgut-ruur acres. , nHJleur tract .NO, l#--llelng the equal uI~.S, be;no Ibe ~Mme Jot or la~d wb}rb Sa~,.n; ) On-balf Inlcr~sf in tke roliowlnlr,,ll~eJl~,.n I., ed dated ~uvember J~,. I~,T, uste In F..gg. Hatbur 1~owoebt

    the Cterks tllbc~ t],l.r~t"Y"Tu" Jr+","" ~ ninety one bun

    : esl a.*lonelnlh0 first Ilne-" the [~t,0]e~uth~event)-flveof-laud twquea!bed by Jam~s U fluid, eat,l ~reok 1weirs a,,d fllty onelemem G~nu~l and EIn]rr U+dor3 ;tad chains tea-stake s!mndlng by theedgeo

    I IIwItly d~rtb@d 19 deed lrum~lt* er U~:- crt slY-and Is Curner tn tt!ehard P, eull8In David,+fiord, dmLvd Job ~b,]9 ~4. ~t+ [Srd] ~orth T~Pne degrPe8 W~ fourleen

    ~l~d In !~" Clerks (]fl|te uf I ,, ~c dtty one buuOredlbs ct~alos ~blndingnty aloresalo,-in b~.~)lt V o! ureop, t~,-~, L4% ~utls line to Fle~It Ureeg; [4th] SOu~n s~otle Ik+lns ni],e ~-bah). flUS b. gllH+.)l~l ol~e deilreel We~k -fo~r wid arty one

    asO~,rl~d inere}n and ruus ~be.tr- dredths cbedn0; [51b] Nortt)-Slxt)-ett~n!lhlrlyaev~n detrret~ East thlr, r,.n

    ,O a. ph,e ~ree; [~] )~i ]~rel SmithsNotlu aixt)-leven ni,d e,xe-hair d~tev~

    |i eJlbtul t,, aud ninet~:-two u~,e bundred~+~~rner uf DavlJ ~culll lln(I; [:]tcl~ihl Iltte~Oulk lwent)-t wo a,,d ov]t~-n.))

    ~I~ l~tven inn l-}~hl -olin u, P h x+ll+ehltlil I 0 It sl Ohe; [4] SUUl b ".-++ J~ |.~--~,+*]~lSt fi*e Ntld ~[ty on~ bundr~lbt+

    IIJdlIO ~al-e OI be~ft/Jll}nj~, belr~" Ibeasn+Pwhlt*h Dtt~, ld "~CUll t,y tit v ] tt+~r))e

    lle -- de). OI ---- till,l ]~U r.+~. J ,I%/~II~I U~, i I+[ .lt.+lmnllC CuUI)I) 11] ].t~O~

    :~l, u,~l)~)l:~ unto ~amuel

    IIIuIIle ill F4~ Harbor Townslt~I,St S ~.lttk ~11t)10]/;]~ a" t).ehPIil i)t rt~L~ t ~) e+ r) Ll ~..) i~ iJ zl ]i~. t*)..

    |hi ll~de I) + ) t))))A ~l+l]~J ~J~,J)Aty~-w~luh.~,l t;.+ i a }|he I,e~c,rn *~;.~1and ~tealrr. UD=nJp] ;l~ a,.O rl}]1~ ~lJ

    alon~" Imlu P, pr}.g, r. b~k seven annone I~lndrPdl hi U||~II)S it) a Sltlal| cret:k

    IlowJrl I.ild t-n+adl e~eeR ~u~lh Iurt)-e~ubtit]Z /rid Iwcn[y-~.H~e une ~lOn

    chains; [1} ~outb I,~ur 0egre,-s WrH)Mad fill~ OUt huudr~d!s challJ~ el]|l L;ll)(~t-mUd imel| crd~K .lU Cranberr) Creel: [4j

    II~ Creek SOu!h Srxty-luU~ tJe-two and Iblrty one huntlre~]ib~

    [5:] ~ortb . ~wo ai~d one b~ItWest by sa)d creek tlKbt .annone. hundredths chela). ; [?]

    Oeglld~ ]~IJlt fuur CIi&ll~b; :rePly--sishi de~rees P.;asl ~ne 8nu

    u ue hundredlbs cbalnd still Utt)dh.,sIn Iouth of d)tLk fire! named: [~J

    I~vl~rlly-[ou! and ol)a-h~tl~ d ~Pre~,and fill.~ one bu))drl~JthsL-haJ.~

    (1tl4~ lU Ibe biad tbereol and tu tb~hi~llln!nB, colllaiJ)a l~ve aere~, eu|l

    omlth ~y dyed from Johhwile, rtcm.~rd Jt~ Clerk0 t)lfit~

    lit book I, psgeIPIll~ el -tel}d, situate t~ ]~ir~

    ~r,++es We~t nine and sevepl~-I~ve onedredths ehslns still blnd;ng FlattUrg~n,~lng. conlalu)ng fourteen and tquarter surer mute or ]e~&

    "lremt /ale. iS---Equal ttnd]vided oneinterest }n the tollowing land."hi Ihe ~ownship of. Eggai oresatd an3 begins at stakePowellj Cre~k bel,g uornei" to lot ~.wn~15,n~-.b LbampJou and Jn ~n()cbInd rt~ns[l~tJbtnd|n,g (~b~n]DiOn and ~.Or|11)eNorLh Ull)-Iblk~P 131-~l~t~4 ]~41at MiX +o ~uO h E~mpiu,,+,+tber-line; [~no].L]llgaa|d il),e~brltt i]l])-~Ve degrees l~atI".DO4.fi t+:Dau]~)On8 t.~orl)e! : [;~fd] blodlngl|ne ol sa|d planlaliot) i~aluely JoeephU[plOng bead IJhe HI line Of dJvJslun beL.~)m and F.noch Champlun IO eoruer betaRanch ~mntbs and Jt>,.epb Ubsmtdons[4tb] bind)nRJ~n,)eu ~,nJ~as Ilue "suulb ~t~rt:~ +~t+Krees Wear. IO ,cwull0 Lreek;b|DdJog Bajil creek to tbe p]aee Of ~inleonl&illl|,g |wenly acre& more or]~tIour de~r)beJ liters or llnd beluur lhe same preU.lls~! conveyed~mtlb lu lirael ~mltb and Joseph .-~cu.a~ dat~ May, }J J~4. rt.cord~d In the LhU~dOe of Aliens|0 Uounty Uctoberbona 5~, paxe ~09, ~c. -

    lhe at~v~ deems.tined lands were ~el~Jattached by ~amuei Kirby~ t~enff ofLUUOly el A|lantl0, by virlue or a writ ellacba, e~ Issued In the an

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    the anuuli Summer field sports.Blbos Jumbo Cllllre ate better


    Adv. - -The condition of WUJes

    ported much ~ - The lutereS tm Of Mliym Laud lnorgaulimtlon of a Board

    Mri William Feeoey Is ill with

    a threatmlld etulett of ~ .

    Up to-and ineludtn .t~Ii we nt admit

    that the Ground Hog prppbesyNolq~n~

    -T~e Republicans tbrougholit he" Countyproper were genbrMly e~sco~, ul i i ~eiidy~e~lection,-Our fried oysters ~unot

    Bertha, tbh Caterer.--Adv.Mr. an~ Mrs. Johp c.~rroub ~u~

    for a two weeks ~rislt at theh~ home atHoneybrook, Pl~

    Sh~erlll Xlrhy will dr&w the of fifty-

    four Juors to serve at the April theCouot~" ~urte new Tuesday.

    I~Judg~ Hiiibee Will pre~ldisession of the Orphns Oourt iS held in

    the Court House.herb .next.--Tryour flied oysterssod you~

    sinned tht they ale equal, to4 famousBooihby fry. Barthll8 rcstauran. Thur~lay. 115tls inst, Is moving

    day" in this - .S~lte. Avaunt pro-~seters of County. qbe Great ]~,rg Harbormen are overhauling their nets msfor the annual run of the boney

    This 18 the period of the year themerry mald. nelboughts turn net to

    thouiihu! of love, bonnet.

    Farmeresay.that the iro~t will be out

    of the i-round until the lut of and

    that the round .will not lie reldylng until two week~ later, Bpetogbe late.

    That ~he Cotinty Capitolis becomin tiresome in thedenned by the liltle tntersatthe scheme here and In illCounty.

    Great vilu~l for theladlti inand ready-made irarmentJ at

    is right tn hia Staw~ Mr. Mark Smith and Dr. Jam,

    the~LIw prescribe8 that the" ofMJlivili~ N. J.. we

    Cormty Legi~ature shall

    the seat of Count/ govermemSo dee.ree, the prodiiIahl

    hearty welcome uponlm tO ~iYd Landing.

    "Wil~ tt~ili~le death disturb the.

    pat Tariff P0Liey.l_" is f requew

    It fz fo0!lib ~queetion. Tier

    Of letting the Tariff. alope did nordoes noi depend.upon any one ma.

    wzl~ deeply, sad sineerei)

    hii delth Is mourned, the "lc~.u~~ policy did ant die with him, ~en.

    e~ir ll, klllIA" wu i eomspicuo~e figure iu

    i ~t group Of earnest thougutlul.l~tflotie gud brainy men w13o b~lieve~.

    al hi.did, that the countrys continuedslid prclp~rity oould be be~t as

    ,laud by keeplog h~nda off the tariff

    Theresa aloud shoulder to shoulder oo

    this question. Th