0 Bekaert in a nutshell www.bekaert.com Bekaert in a nutshell.

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>0 Bekaert in a nutshell www.bekaert.com Bekaert in a nutshell Slide 2 1 Bekaert at a glance - Founded in 1880 - Customers in 120 countries and in the most diverse sectors - Worldwide production platform - 18 500 employees worldwide - Combined sales of 3.2 billion euro - Consolidated sales of 2 billion euro 7.3% EBIT margin on sales - Euronext Brussels Slide 3 2 Sustainable Profitable Growth Market and technological leadership in advanced metal transformation and in advanced materials and coatings Worldwide Strategy Slide 4 3 Bekaert is market leader Fibers (n 1) Film Coatings (n 2) Premix gas burners for condensing boilers (n 1) Champagne cork (n 1) Dramix (n 1) Coated wire (n 1) Tire cord (n 1) Examples Slide 5 4 Active in the most diverse sectors Automotive 35% Diverse 65% construction, telecom, glass, offshore, textiles, chemistry, agriculture, energy Slide 6 5 Bekaert is technological leader Core competences Advanced metal transformation Advanced materials and coatings From wire rod to advanced wire products From ultra fine fibers to advanced materials From traditional coatings to advanced coatings Slide 7 6 Advanced wire products Advanced wire products 91% Bekaert is the number one in wire drawing One tire in four is reinforced with Bekaert steel cord products Bekaert steel wire fibers reinforce concrete all over the world - Steel wires, steel cords and other wire products for a broad range of applications in the most diverse sectors Slide 8 7 Advanced materials 5% Bekaert is the number one in ultra-thin metal fibers Your car window has been shaped using Bekaert metal fiber cloth Your environment-friendly boiler has a Bekaert gas burner - Metal fiber products for textiles, filtration and conductive plastics - Environment-friendly gas burners based on metal fibers Slide 9 8 Advanced coatings 4% Bekaert is the number one in sputter targets for low E-glass and in diamond-like coatings for racing cars Bekaert is the number two in solar and safety window film - Rotatable sputter targets and sputter hardware, a.o. for the glass industry - Diamond-like and thermal sprayed coatings, mainly for anti-wear applications - Solar and safety window film for architectural and automotive applications - Sputtered industrial film, e.g. for flexible circuitry Slide 10 9 Bekaert is a global player, active worldwide Latin America 5 490 employees 1 113 million combined sales: 35% North America 2 270 employees 637 million combined sales: 20% Europe 6 320 employees 1 006 million combined sales: 31% Asia 4 350 employees 386 million combined sales: 12% Other regions 90 employees 53 million combined sales: 2% Combined sales 2006: 3.2 billion euro Offices Production plants Slide 11 10 </p>


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