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Kendriya Vidyalaya Palwal

Summer Vacations Holiday homework(2019-20)



1. Read the chapters and write word meaning-

a) How the Dog found himself a New Master

b) The Friendly Mongoose

2. Write at least 5 sentences each of the following tenses

a) Simple Present Tense b) Present Perfect Tense

c) Simple Past Tense d) Simple Future Tense.

3. Write your experience of vacation( Min 2 pages).

4. Write down

a) 40 verb forms.

b) 40 degrees of adjectives.

c) 40 opposite words.

5. Read a story book.

6. Project Work

Paste the date wise newspaper cutting of important news.


Subject: Science

(a).What are the different component of food? Paste the sources of each component of food in scrap book?

(b). Paste the different types of natural and synthetic fibres in scrap book and write the differences?

(c). Find out the names of plant that grow in water and parts which are eaten as food?

(d). What are the harmful effect of excess intake of fats and proteins?


Subject: Sanskrit

1. 1 5

2. 1 5

3. ,


5. 10 10


Subject: Hindi

1. 1 5

2. 1 17


4. 10 , 10 10 - 10

5. -

6. -


Subject: Maths

Q1. Fill in the blanks :

a) 1 lakh =________ ten thousand

b) 1 million =________ hundred thousand

c) 1 crore=________ten lakh

d) 1 crore=________million

e) 1 million=________lakh

Q2. Insert commas suitably and write the names according to Indian System of Numeration:

a) 87595762b)8546283c) 99900046d)98432701

Q3. Insert commas suitably and write the names according to International System of Numeration:

a) 78921092b) 7452283c)999851102d) 48049831

Q4. A book exhibition was held for four days in a school. The number of tickets sold at the counter on the first, second, third and final day was respectively 1094, 1812, 2050 and 2751. Find the total number of tickets sold on all the four days.

Q5. Shekhar is a famous cricket player. He has so far scored 6980 runs in test matches. He wishes to complete 10,000 runs. How many more runs does he need?


Subject: Maths

Q.1 Learn the tables by heart up to 20.

Q.2 Write and learn the squares and cubes of numbers from 2 to 20.

Q.3 Define the followings-(Write on A-4 Size Sheet) a) Natural Numbers b) whole Numbers c) Integers d) Even and Odd Numbers e) Prime and Composite Numbers

Q.4 Learn and Write the formulae: i) Area and Perimeter of Rectangle ii) Area and Perimeter of Square iii) Circumference and Area of Cirle

Q.5 Find the Area and Perimeter of your Bed Room, Drawing Room and Dining Room according to their shapes. Do this work practically.

Q.6 Write the additive and multiplicative inverse of numbers:- (a) -7 (b) -2/8 (c) -3/-5Q.7 Write 5 pairs of integers whose sum is -7Q.8 Do the followings by using appropriate properties:- (a) 102X41 (b) 399X15 (c) 653X(-27)+653X(35) Verify the followings (d) 20X[7+(-4)]=[20X7(-4)] (e) 75X(19-7)=75X(19)-75X(7

Q.9 Understand the pattern and complete it by next 3 steps 1X8+1=9 12X8+2=98 123X8+3=987

1234X8+4=9876 5/2 cm 18/5 cm

Q.10 Find the perimeter of

i) triangle 11/4 cm

ii) Rectangle

iii) perimeter of whole figure 7/6 cm

Q.12 Solve these fractions :

i) 2/3 + 7/12 + 3/9 ii) 5/24 +7/12 + 8/36

iii) 7 17/5iv) 4 19/3

Q.13 A car runs 18 kilometers using 1 ltr of petrol. How much distance will it cover using 13/4 litre of petrol?

Q. 14 Add the decimals :

i) 3 km 200 m and 5 km 75 m

ii) 15 kg 700 g and 12 kg 30 g

iii) Express 30 mm into cms,metres, kilometers.

Q.15 Revise the Chapters 1 and 2 completed in the month april,may -2019.


Subject: Hindi

1. 1 5

2. 1 5

3. ( ) () () ()

4. , , , , , , , ,

5. 10 , 10

6. 100



1. Read the chapters and write word meaning

a) Tsunami

b) Geography Lesson

2. Write your experience of vacation ( Min 2 pages).

3. Write one of your favourite stories which you can narrate in the class room (when the school reopens)

4. Write down

a) 40 verb forms.

b) 40 degrees of adjectives.

c) 40 opposite words.

5. Project Work

Paste the date wise newspaper cutting of important news.


Subject: Sanskrit

1. 1 5

2. 1 5

3. , , , ,

4. , , 10- 10


6. 1 100

7. 10 ,


Subject: Hindi

1 10

2 , , , , , ,

3. , , , ,




Subject: Science

1. Can we grow wheat crop in kharif season. Give reason.

2. Write two examples of crop grown in October and harvested in February .what type of crop is it?

3. Distinguish between fertilizer and manure.

4. Why is soil loosened before seeds are sown?

5. PET are polymers used for making water bottles. Identify the type of polymer and give its full form.

6. What are microbes? Write their types.

7. Diagrammatically explain modern methods used for irrigation ,where conservation of water can be maintained.

8. Explain harvesting of mature crop and its safe storage.

9. Write 10 lines for microorganism as friend.

10. Name the carriers for malaria and dengue disease.


Subject: Maths

1. Learn tables from 2 to 20 by heart.

2. Learn and write squares and cubes of numbers 1 to 20.

3. Learn all the algebraic identities.

4. Learn formulae of Areas and Perimeter of plane figures like square, rectangle and circle. Also learn formulae of 3-D shaped figures like cone, cylinder, sphere, cube and cuboid.

5. Revise syllabus done in the month of April and May, 2019.

6. Explain the following terms:

a) Natural numbers

b) Whole Numbers

c) Integers

d) Rational Numbers

e) Even & odd numbers

f) Prime & Composite Numbers

7. Which numbers are known as additive multiplicative identities of the numbers.

8. Write reciprocal of:

7/5 -9/2 -17/-19

9. Represent on number line (a) 5/6 (b) 9/10

10. Draw the following angles using protractor

a) 600 b) 900 c) 1800 d) 450 e) 1200 f)750



Subject: SST

Q-1=Why Banglore calledsilicon plateau ?

Q-2=Who lived in the write area in cities such ?

Q-3=What is bandana ?

Q-4=What is F.I.R ?

Q-6=Who are the agarias ?

Q-7=Why did Willian jones feel the need tostudy Indian philosophy and law ?

Q-8=What is agriculture ?

Q-9=Name any 3 common minerals used by you everyday life?

Q-10=Why are people considered a resources ?

Q-11=Who is a prosectour ?

Q-12=What is the role of the judge in the criminal justice system ?

Q-13=What is the role of the judge in the criminal justice system ?

Q-14=Do you think water in a criminal is available and affordable by all discuss?

Q-15=List 2 reason why advises are becoming increasingly marginalized ?

Q-16=How is the work of the judcary categorise ?

Q-17=Name 3 problems that the newly independent nation of india faced ?

Q-18=Distinguish between the following ?

(i)Agro based and mineral based industries station ?


Subject: SST


1. Who were the Jacobins? What role did they play in making France a republic?


Name the popular political club in France. Who was its leader?

2. Name any two prominent persons killed by using guillotine.

3.Explain the role of Napoleon as an emperor of France. What are his contributions?


4. Which Indian state has the highest density of population?

5. Which is least densely populated state of India

6. What is NPP?

7. What are the factors responsible for the uneven population distribution of India

8. Explain the main causes responsible for the rapid population growth in India


1. Who said these words, Democracy is the rule of people, for the people and by the people?

2. Ans. Abraham Lincoln.

3. Which party is ruling over Zimbabwe since independence?

4. When did Parvez Musharraf come to power in Pakistan?

5. Name a country which has multi-party system.

6 Pakistan under General Pervez Musharaff was a democratic country or non democratic. Give reasons.

7. Some countries are not ready to give voting rights to its citizens. Explain.

8. Is India a democratic country? Write any three arguments in favour of your answer. .

9 Name the book that has proposed a division of pow