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  • 1. Video Conferencing
    • What is Video Conferencing
  • Ford Motor Company Example
  • Technology Evaluation Template
  • Accompanying Analysis
  • Our Recommendations

2. Video Conferencing

  • Creates visual interaction between 2 or more parties
  • Internet conferencing solution which improves business processes
    • Organization saves time and money
    • Increases productivity of their users
    • Creates personal relationships between users

3. Video Conferencing A Glimpse 4. Video Conferencing

  • Theres nothing quite like face-to-face interaction
  • Obtain a personal relationship with customers and employees
  • Decrease traveling expenses by implementing this low cost technology
  • Extremely easy to operate

5. Microsoft NetMeeting

  • Multiple users can join conference
  • Easily installed for fast and easy use
  • Requires only a Internet Browser, Broadband Internet Connection and aweb or digital camera
  • Employees can work from home joining a conference from any offsite computer

6. Mega Meetings Web Conferencing

  • Can be used by anyone using Windows, MAC or Linex
  • No proprietary software to download, install or configure
  • Allows up to 11 individuals to be seen at once in a conference room
  • These 11 people can be seen byunlimited web conference attendees

7. Ford Motor Company

  • Looking to grow by implementing cost-effective solutions that promote corporate growth
  • Their conclusion
    • Microsoft NetMeeting was a comprehensive solution for its real-time, PC data conferencing needs
    • Microsoft NetMeeting sets a precedent for communication and collaboration over the internet

8. Ford Motor Company

  • Questioned effectiveness of their ATAP summit for communicating important technology information
  • Travel restriction threatened to limit attendance, eliminating team members
  • Ford incurred the expenses of hotel, flight, food allowances and travel time

9. TET Analysis

  • How the technology fit the TET
    • Both technologies are comparable in options and uses
    • Large difference in price
    • Security for both is exceptional
    • Both are used successfully by other companies on a regular basis
    • Decision made on which software best fits petPROs system

10. Recommendation

  • Sales Operations recommends that petPRO implements the technology of Video Conferencing
    • Mega Meetings Web Conferences is the software of choice due to its advanced features, professional characteristics and the overall program in general.
    • The product at hand is worth the investment as it incorporates every aspect desired by petPRO and Sales Operations.

11. Recommendation

  • Microsoft NetMeeting is FREE
  • Mega Meetings will cost the company a initial fee of $995 plus $349 a month on a month by month basis
  • The monthly cost is a fraction of the amount spent on travel expenses and loss of time while in travel

12. References