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{ Joan of Arc Revolutionary Leader or Heretic? Sane or Insane?

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Text of { Joan of Arc Revolutionary Leader or Heretic? Sane or Insane?

Joan of Arc

Joan of ArcRevolutionary Leader or Heretic? Sane or Insane?{ Hundred Years War had been going for over 70 years when Joan of Arc was born in 1412France was losing to the English in the War

The Hundred Years War became the leader of the French military against the BritishJoan sent out a letter to the English, in her letter she stated, retire in Gods name to your own country. If you do not, expect to hear tidings from The Maid who will shortly come upon you to your very great hurt.Joan of Arc- The Maid of Orleans was different than previous French military leaders, and acted very aggressively with her decisionsShe gave the French soldiers a reason and desire to fight for FranceJoan at WarEntrance of Joan of Arc into Reims in 1429, painting by Jan Matejko Historians agree, that Joan achieved remarkable success during her short military careerDuring the Siege of Orleans in 1429, Joan successfully conquered various fortresses of the EnglishAdvancement of the French Army to Reims and Paris taking back French territory as they wentCaptured in May 1430, and was not ransomed by her kingSold instead to the British who held her prisoner and put her on trial

Joan at War and Capture,_Jeanne_d'Arc_au_sige_d'Orlans.jpg/300px-Lenepveu,_Jeanne_d'Arc_au_sige_d'Orlans.jpg5

Joan was tried for heresy, in February 1431Joan claimed innocence and remained true to her valuesHer persecutors tried her for dressing and acting like man and witchcraft because of the visions and voices she had witnessedThe court found her guilty of heresy and she was sentenced to death on May 24th, 1431Many celebrated this verdict and many were upset with the decision

Trial of Joan of Arc Joan was execute on May 30th, 1431 Execution

Joan of Arc of Arcs Travels

Representations of The Maid of Orleans

9Students will work in teams to support their side in a debateYou will either be French or English and will have to debate whether you believe Joan was innocent or guilty (French will prove Joans Innocence, English prove her guilt)Once you meet with your groups come up with at least three main arguments to help your side win the debate and three arguments that will weaken the other sides argumentOnce we are ready, we will have rounds where one side will state their argument and the other side can respondRemember that during this debate we must remain respectful to all people and those we are debating againstRaise your hand to speak, if you call out you will automatically lose the round.At the end we will have an open round where anyone can talk at any time

Class Debate10ConclusionWhat did we learn about Joan of Arc:

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