 Borderless City  European Capital of Culture 2010 Pécs and the European dimension Ágnes Simon Project Manager Pécs2010 Management Centre Baia Mare (Maramures)

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  • Borderless City

    European Capital of Culture 2010

    Pcs and the European dimension

    gnes SimonProject Manager

    Pcs2010 Management CentreBaia Mare (Maramures) 29 August 2006

  • The 5 PillarsA gateway to the Balkans.A diversity of cultural experience along the eastern border of Europe.A Hungarian city of partly German identity. A city that strongly advocates decentralisation. A city of cultural heritage as well as artistic innovation.

  • Messages for EuropePcs 2010 intends to present the cultural experience of a borderline region, the Southern Cultural Zone, that is very different from that of Western Europe.Pcs 2010 wants to be the first European Capital of Culture that includes in its programmes the multicoloured culture of the Balkans by functioning as a Cultural Gateway to the Balkans.Pcs 2010 wishes to place a particular emphasis on the cultural legacy of East-Central European socialism.

  • Southern Cultural ZoneTrieste (I)Tuzla (BiH)Maribor (SLO)Osijek (HR)Novi Sad (SCG)Timisoara (RO)

  • Programme Concept to support events which can serve as a starting-point for long-term cultural co-operation and promote the endeavours of Pcs to become a regional cultural centre

    to promote endeavours that are in accord with contemporary European artistic trends

    to give priority to initiatives linking different fields of culture

    to ensure access to a wide range of new opportunities for disadvantaged social groups

    to encourage the involvement of children and young people in the production and consumption of art

    to present Pcs itself and Hungarian culture in general

  • Preparatory years 2006-2009Goals:to establish new forms of co-operation between the cultural capital and its regional and international partners, so that by 2010 these can work together smoothly and properlyto develop international relations with a focus on the cultural capitals of the years 20052009, so as to continue the cultural programmes launched during the period, or to transfer them to Hungaryto gradually accustom the citizens to the everyday activities of the forthcoming celebrations, so attuning them to dealing with our common challenges and instilling pride as hosts

  • Preparatory years 4 comprehensive programmes2006: the year of cultural heritage2007: the year of education and training2008: the year of environmental culture and health care including sports2009: the year of religious culture

  • A Few Examples for Events100th anniversary of the National Congress of Free Education exhibition and fair displaying the newest technology for culture and educationInternational conference for the Healthy Cities of Europe (WHOs Healthy Cities Programme) on the theme of Planning and Running a Healthy CityInternational organ competition in church musicManifesta, an outstanding international artistic event together with MediaFactory International Contemporary Artistic Festival6th Choral Olympics15th International Adult Puppet Festival of PcsNational Theatre Festival of Pcs with a strong international tasteInternational dance festival organised by the Szeged Contemporary BalletThe history of information technology in Europe exhibitionThe congress of CEISAL (European Council of Latin American Studies) and the Ibero-American Week of PcsPcs International Film Festival (First Filmmakers Festival)Balkan World Music Festival and Balkan Music Fair

  • Organisational Structure of Management (1)Pcs2010 CouncilLevel of strategic decisionsPcs2010 Management CentreOperative level(generalcentral)Pcs Development Co.Operative level (capital developments)Cultural institutionsOperative level 2(programme organisation)International Advisory BoardConsultative levelProgramme CouncilCultural programmingCouncil on Architecture & City ImageConsultative levelCity CouncilDepartment of Education, Culture and SportsDepartment of City Development

  • Capital Developments, Key ProjectsWithout a well-developed infrastructure, network of institutions, financing, etc. such a huge project cannot be realised.

    Pcs plans the following 5 developments:

    1.) Music and Conference Centre

    2.) Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

    3.) Grand Exhibition Space

    4.) Regional Library and Information Centre

    5.) Revival of public squares and parks