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MY COLLECTIONS of top android apps that i use based on ~ 4 years of use of android as a platform

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  • TOP ANDROID APPS. Those that I tend to use and rely on.. And their alternatives.
  • FLIPBOARD Read News Top Activity! ] Search News ] Create Own Mags Reading news is made really easy through apps like flipboard.. Provides search, topics, rss, news feeds, favorites, and sharing into social networks.. Flipboard stands out for its UI /UX, ability to create own magazines based on articles read, predict based on usage have detailed 3 among many alternatives. Alternatives Taptu Provides feeds based on custom search keywords, has its own syndication engine.. Very good browsing features and ability to store offline and sharing are very good. Google Newstand Currents , now replaced by newstand, is googles own news reader.. This app is more like a news RSS aggregator, where user can collect news locations based on topics like business etc.. The downside is it burns significant amout of local storage, while UX is very nice.. Pulse This was one of the first apps to aggregate news, lost steam to flipboard and other such apps. Users can give it a try.. No stand out features in comparison to the apps shown here.
  • FASTNEWS Read News ] RSS Feeds ] Search News A simple option for news are RSS aggregators like fast News, provide pre-built set of news sites and provides fast and light stream of developing news on those sites based on RSS. A user can pick and re-arrange news sources. It feels like a twitter feed, , low on data and fast updates.. My Compulsory morning news read.. Oth alternatives Circa, News republic. Alternatives newsHunt News hunt is a india focused app that has worked with newspapers to present their digital versions using RSS.. Continuously adds news papers and ensures good formatting.. News Hog News Hog and other Google news readers are another twist to news reading, context, local, preference all driven by google news, provide keyword and custom search based news.. Very powerful Zite Zite, news-republic, Circa are the new kids on the block on providing news to users using features seen in flipboard, pulse and other early leaders..
  • MAPS Travel Direction ] Navigation ] Local Search Custom maps ] Google maps is one of the primary reasons to own an Android smartphone. Helps in many ways, local search, directions, GPS and navigation, etc.. add to that offline maps, smart search including hotel prices and continuous improvement etc.. Make this a key app for travelers. !! type okay maps in search to download offline map Maps with me - lite Maps with me is a offline maps alternative, very useful on travel when you need complete country maps.. This app allows ~ 10 downloads for the free version , have Ind and a couple of US States. Alternatives Osmand OSMAnd is based openstreetmap and is a FOSS project allowing multiple downloads again downloads complete coutnries, I have India, UK and a couple of Us States on this. TripAdvisor Another great alternative is tripadvisor and their city guides, very useful for the traveler where all key things are provided as a offline base while visiting a city. ~75 cities supported wolrdwide..
  • UC BROWSER Internet Browsing ] Office Mobile Apps ] Extensions Ensure you have a good browser, browsers are a big part of internet and content access.. Browser apps overcome the default app limitations with features like gestures, prebuilt home pages based on location, favorites and 1-click browing, add-ons like password management and many more features. Create your own gestures.. In dolphin. Chrome The big thing about chrome is syncing the state and the bookmarks of browsing between devices.. It lacks other browsers on speed, lag, memory management.. Most other features like gestures are provided by other browsers. Alternatives Opera mini Opera mini which I prefer has a very small footprint on storage and memory , shrinks data on transit.. A low light is that on select text while browsing it does not allow share, only copy / cut! Next This browser from go- launcher is very light and fast. Provides 1click pages
  • MYTRACKS Fitness ] Outdoor Trails ] Performance ] Sharing . Mytracks is a google app, uses GPS to log trips.. Needs a good a-GPS.. Helps while I go cycling, driving abroad to track certain trips, and trailing.. Provides upload to google custom maps for future reference .. I integrate trips into custom maps that I create during travels.. Provides speed, slope, distance etc. there are 100s of alternatives have listed a few I have used. You can play out mytrack trips if you download google earth, awesome experience. .. Cardio Trainer CardioTrainer helps running, cycling, hiking, activities. Its highlights include racing mode, voice output, real-time GPS tracking and many analysis features. Alternatives Every Trail / Endomondo These apps help track trails in walking, running, cycling and provide interesting sumary stats of your activities along with map-traces Moves Newly discovered thanks to a friend, uses GPS to run in the background and auto detect, walking, cycling and running giving summary stats on these activities.. Great fitness tool
  • IMOBILE ATM on Hand ] Transfer ] Equity ] Forex The smarphone helps bring the ATM onto ones hands.. Including financial information like Forex, Equity etc.. Most Banks have their apps, I use ICICIBanks iMobile.. Where I can transfer funds, view balance, and other trasactions typical of an ATM. I also use forex and equity apps .. As listed below. Create your own gestures.. Alternatives Forex Very useful app while traveling for quick reference of currency rates of favorite currency + a calculator to convert amounts and display Equity Track stocks markets through apps like yahoo and google finance.. There are a lot of them out there. .
  • VONAGE Data Calling ] ILD ] Video Chats ] Using data for voice is a great strategy on smart phones, vonage helps me access numbers back home in india and for free US / CAN and very cheaply other countries, a great app to have.. It registers based on your cell numbers and auto detects users based on your contacts !! Vonage provides pree calling to phone numbers in US / CAN / UK.. This is a key feature in this space. Skype With MSFT buying out skype, times could be exciting .. This is a default app with a great fan following.. Key issue with skype is that it was slow, but a recent referesh has made the app very user friendly. Alternatives viber Have not used this service much but this app comes on top on many lists and has a good following, combines vonage with whats app features. hangouts Googles own hangouts a replacement to talk is the new kid on the block with a lot of drawbacks in the app.. Belief is that eventually it would grow stronger given google parenting!
  • WHATSAPP Beyond SMS ] Phone contacts ] Shopping Groups ] New Social Great messaging alternative, sniffs contacts and builds a ntwork around that.. On messaging supports, groups, attaching media like pictures , audio and video.. Extremely useful.. !! Use this for remote shopping with wife.. Send her snaps @ the store and she responds yes or no wechat Chinese tencent based app.. Very useful, the base in india population is less penetrated, there not all your contacts would be on the wechat.. They have done extensive adverts in india. Alternatives viber Israeil innovation and alternative that pretty much provides the same features, dont know what is the differentiating factor? Some people are moving to this for security issues with whatsapp and wechat. LINE Finally one more messaging alternative.. That is big on google play.
  • EMOZE Corporate Emails ] Calendar ] Contacts Accessing office email is a big thing.. Emoze ensures that when outlook access is not directly available, can help the user through ews webmail access. It syns email, calendar, and contacts.. Still does not support GAL.. Is FREE!.. Big negative is that emoze channels all connects through their server in israel! Spooky! Emoze syncs calendar to the native app! Big WIN! maildroid Another Free alternative that supports ews to sync outlook webail does not support Gal and Calendar and interface very basic.. But useful as it does direct conect. Alternatives touchdown OSMAnd is based openstreetmap and is a FOSS project allowing multiple downloads again downloads complete coutnries, I have India, UK and a couple of Us States on this. K9-email Waze is a interesting social based maps, israel based, provides information based on user data aggregation.. Recently acquired by google, making this a very interesting combination
  • JIFT Social feeds ] Status Sharing Sharing social status, reads and notes, and quickly viewing the status of multiple social networks is a very useful utility in ones had.. JIFT does a great job of both.. It integrates, T, FB, G+ but does not do linkedin currently.. While posting it gives a clear stat on word count and a nice interface All good apps, but after the hack on buffer, it has issues posting into FB. + To share into evernote [email protected] on the share. buffer Buffer is a decent sharing app provides connects to all dominant networks t,fb,g+ and

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