The Top 100 Social media Brands By Industry

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  • Foreword 1 page 3 Contents Key insights Best practice2 page 4 6 page 15 Social brand Methodology 3 indicators 7 page 21 page 5 Acknowledgements4 Learnings page 10 8 page 22 Get in touch 5 The ranking page 11 9 page 23 Appendix 10 page 24 2
  • Media 1 Foreword Relationships Can a brand not be social? If youre on this list, well done. First or hundredth, your efforts The first is a willingness to actively listen and respond to what people care about. The second is a So, can a brand choose not to be social? The answer is yes, but we have been noticed and we thank demonstration of appropriate Social is a disruption wouldnt recommend it. Ignoring you for them. social behaviours that are to the fabric of a change is rarely a good strategy. compelling, true, authentic and brand that is ignored This is the first Social Brands 100 transparent. Finally, is an ability If the web was a disruption at that brands risk and we hope the start of many to create a win-win relationship that many brands were slow to Spaces conversations about what makes with individuals, where the reason embrace, social is a disruption a brand social. for doing something is driven by to the fabric of a brand that is what the community needs, not ignored at that brands risk. Our sincere thanks go to those simply by what the brand wants. Herein lies the evolved challenge who helped us put together of the brand owner. Not to this collection. To those who We all know social media has communicate a better brand, expressed their passion and disrupted branding, but its more but to be a better brand. Principles beliefs to nominate a brand, for than a changed communications * Special thanks the Panel who took the time environment and some new In this regard, this list is the must go to our to provide expert opinion, and technology; its a profound great and the good of those committed and courageous social to Brandwatch for adding the change in collective behaviour. that are reinventing brands, one brand researcher, insight to support what proved conversation at a time. Jen Welch, who to be commonly shared views*. recorded and Chris Buckley analysed the Let us know whatnversations 30,000 plus tweets, A social brand is measured by its Head of Consulting you think. Join the posts, comments, ability to engage with a connected Headstream likes and other conversation #sb100 people by demonstrating three social interactions that informed this important social principles, Follow @buckers ranking. Frankly, consistently and intrinsically, were surprised Jen in all it does. is still talking to us. 3
  • Media 2 Key insights Our objective was to create a ranking of 100 different brands based on their social activity. Relationships Our approach carefully balanced the fact that a popular brand is not necessarily a social brand, The study shows that being a truly social brand can represent a major challenge, from how Our methodology meant that A social brand is and vice versa. Big brands are engagement is undertaken within any brand could be put forward, measured by its likely to invest more in social, different communities, to the with nominations being received ability to engage with so we sought a means for expectation that is formed by through Twitter. accessing a brands sociability people towards that brand. a connected people Spaces that truly rewarded the best For us, a social brand is social brand behaviours. More So what are the three indicators measured by its ability to engage detail on this is available in the that best capture this effort? with a connected people and Methodology section. our methodology allowed us to effectively compare brands of Our findings show that, whilst any type, sector and size. Twenty there is no common route to a different sectors are represented brand becoming social, for those Principles in the ranking, ranging from in our 100 ranking, there is an multinationals, to small UK based apparent understanding of the enterprises. need to engage people in a different way.nversations 4
  • Media 3 Social brand indicators 1. Active Listening