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<ol><li> 1. - 1st &amp; 2nd stage Product Development: - Conceptualization - Product/Industrial Design ready for manufacturing (CAD) - Drawings -Prototyping (Idea materialization/Proof of concept) -Mechanical and Electronical Development - Material analysis - PCB Manufacturing - New Product viability analysis (profitable) -A/B Testing for functional prototyping -1 fully Functional Prototype for marketing purposes (Video making, crowdfunding coaching, etc.) We can help a customer with the parametric drawing, not only cosmetic ones. Parametric drawing programs (industrial design and able to manufacture it): * Solidworks (We build the products with this software) * Pro Engineer *CATIA *Autocad Cosmetic Programs (Only useful to get the idea, as a mockup, not for industrial design or manufacturing) * Maya * Autodesk 123D * Corel * Photoshop * Sketch up - Files we need in case that the customer already has the design: * .XS * .STEP * .sld (.prt and .asm) * IGES Third phase: - Low volume manufacturing (small batch) - Manufacturing documentation - Industrial design for low volume manufacturing - Establish manufacturing processes - Packaging Last phase - Mass manufacturing - Manufacturing transferring - Manufacturing documentation for large volumes - Suppliers lookup </li></ol>


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