Digital Makeover 50+

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Presentation covers importance of a digital makeover for Boomers and features key components and timeline for doing a digital makeover for job search success and career sustainability.

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  • 1. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Digital Makeover Age 50+ Use Social Networking to Demolish Age Stereotypes

2. Digital Makeover Age 50+ The bad news 23 consecutive months of job losses 20+% true unemployment in Oregon, 15+% nationally Unemployment for Boomers longer than for other age groups 3. Digital Makeover Age 50+ The good news Manpower survey on hiring: 6% uptick in Q1 of 2010 Lots of free or low cost tools Growing job opportunities in mobile and contract work Demographics: Your age as an advantage 4. Digital Makeover Age 50+ What it is: A Working Definition Using social networking to create and promote your personal brand 5. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Perception vs. RealityTechnophile?Technophobe? 6. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Dumb Posts Create Digital Dirt 7. Age 50+ Digital Makeover Job Search Performance Dashboard40 Job Boards = 1% to 4% 3050 Hidden Job Market = 20% to 60%20601070 080 8. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Why it Matters: Job Search, Career Management, Encore CareersScreen ProfileKey Touch Points Digital Makeover =Interview & + ProfessionalReference Check Reputation Hire 9. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Its Important Cause 45% of employers currently search social mediasites to research job candidates (up from 22%last year)Mobile technology and social networking have shifted the whole job search paradigm The LinkedIn Profile is the resume of the future 10. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Brand Message Architecture Communciate your brand to colleagues, prospective Your Profile = employers, partners and others in your personal/professionalnetwork Energized Cultivate smarts, dynamic interchange, growth and contributionRelationships Connect with an expert, YOU! Value to Network Viral distribution Change how you connect with your network and the world As an expert, you are driven to: Perform, Partner, Lead Your Focus You digitally engage your contacts and professional community 11. Age 50+ Digital Makeover Aim for results Get Your Create Your BrandToolkitImplementYour DigitalMakeover 12. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Personal Website Get high Google Page Rank for your personal brand Aggregate all your social networking sites Use real photographer for your photo (no cell phone photos!) 13. Digital Makeover Age 50+ LinkedIn Leading professional social network You have to be here! Use real photographer for your photo Build contacts but dont invite people you dont really know 14. Digital Makeover Age 50+ LinkedIn Jobs and Twitter Find jobs in LinkedIn Twitter Micro-blog, rapid growth Both accessible via PC, laptop or SmartPhone 15. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Blog Enhance your visibility with recruiters, hiring managers Build credibilty in your profession Regularly update with content Can auto-tweet your blog posts 16. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Cross-Feeding Your Network LinkedInPersonal Website Face-to-Face YouTwitter Blog 17. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Achieving Critical Mass in Your Social Network50 to 75 success friends, former colleagues 18. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Checking ResultsTop ofthe fold! 19. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Checking Results 20. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Heres your checklistExamine your digital reputation in Google and bingGet a digital photo headshot from professional photographerSet up accounts on social networking sitesSet up Google Alerts 21. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Heres Your Checklist Get a blog or comment on someone elses blog Buildout and update your profiles on social networking sites Get your domain name and personal website Measure your results on Google Analytics 22. Digital Makeover Age 50+ Your Bridge to Success: 6 Month Digital MakeoverMonths 1-3 Months 3-6 Search for and clean-up digital dirtBuild up your profile Secure your personal domain nameAutomate content publishing process Get a personal websiteTweak SEO for visibility in Google, etc. Go with LinkedIn, consider blogging, Twitter and otherMonitor your progress in Google, Google Alertssocial networksFirst 3 MonthsSecond 3 Months Present MakingFuture StateGreater Brand AwarenessIncreased BrandState ProgressIntegration 23. Questions/ Comments?Digital Makeover Age 50+ 24. Digital Makeover Age 50+ BoomerCompass, LLCNew Directions in Career and Talent Management WEB: www.boomercompass.comBLOG: