Damned if you do, Damned if you don't: commerce and the internet of things

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Talk given at the Dots conference on September 3rd aand Nordic Digital Business Summit 2014 in Helsinki on September 4th 2014.

Text of Damned if you do, Damned if you don't: commerce and the internet of things

  • 1. Damned if you do,Damned if you dont.(on commerce and theinternet of things)

2. FormerlyTinker London / tinkerlondon.comRIG London / riglondon.comNowDesignswarm / designswarm.comGood Night Lamp / goodnightlamp.comIOT Angels / iotangels.comIOT London Meetup / @iotlondon 3. I will talk about making at thecost of privacyHow we think software & data iswhere the value lies but hardwareis the killer app.And why Finland should get moreinvolved. 4. Whymaking?Because the Arduino. 5. Since 2007, cheap, often opensource hardware and softwareelectronics prototyping platformshave flooded the market.The RaspberryPi sold 1M units inits first week in the UK. 6. Who is it for? Product designers Engineers Software developers tired of theweb Artists R&D departments Products companies 7. What impact did it have?It accelerated the production ofnew product dreams, ideas andprototypes.Crowdfunding then helped marketthem and fund production of some. 8. 10 years ago Kevin Ashton coinedthe term Internet of ThingsHe originally meant it in thecontext of RFID.Now it implies all the technologiesthat allow products to beconnected online. (wifi, GSM, BT,radio,etc) 9. That connectivity changeseverything but doesnt solveeverything.Back to the makers, what are theybuilding?Smart locks, pet trackers, wifi-connectedbaby monitors, smart,smart toothbrushes and manymore. 10. And at the heart of most of theseinteraction? 11. Before 2007 most of the earlyinternet of things ideas weregenuinely screen-less. 12. Now the mobile phone is a middleman for everyday products. 13. And objects become gateways to amobile experience.SmartStones / Nivea armband 14. The rise of wearables 15. And traceable behaviourI meandata capture.Jawbone 16. In lots of different ways.Ringly / Kovertdesigns 17. Sproutling 18. So we went from creepyAnkle tracker for law enforcement. 19. To fun in just a few yearsKidzon by LG 20. Getting us used to sharing so muchdata other industries can benefitfrom 21. Until 22. Ideas are getting to market tooquickly.We are living a new age of science-fictionfuelled not by literature, butby crowd-funding, startup cultureand makerfaires. 23. But ideas are also dying too quickly.We arent encouraging products toreally find their market fit.3 months on a product project isntenough (the average acceleratorperiod).Partnerships take a long time tobuild. 24. We cant be unwillingly designing forobsolescence. We have to build indesire.Most activity trackers will be usedfor only 6 months.Smart phones flood eBay withlimited interest. 25. Meaning cant mean wasting.Design for dis-assembly hasnt beenshown to these new entrepreneurs.Or Cradle to Cradle thinking.This is a whole new opportunity tobring design to the fore. 26. And sometimes really the answerisnt hardware.LG smart fridge / Pntry app by designswarm 27. Price-sensitivity is difficult early onbut it builds stronger businesses.Good Night Lamp by designswarm 28. Standards should be created aroundconnectivity to inform consumers oftheir rights and interactions. 29. Knowledge is at hand locally too.Know/Cards by Tina Aspiala (eat.fi founder) 30. Why the title of this talk?Its a bandwagon. There is hype. Butplease get involved.Just remember innovation doesntneed to happen at the cost ofdesign, user needs and solving realproblems. 31. Otherwise were back to this. 32. Thanks!(Anyone want to set up an Internetof things meetup? )alex@designswarm.com@iotwatch@designswarm@iotlondon