25 Reasons Why Use LED Light Bulbs

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Original article "100 Reasons To Use LED Light Bulbs At Home": http://www.candelabrabulb.com/100-reasons-to-use-led-light-bulbs-at-home/ It explains why you should never use CFLs again. Buy some sexy-looking LED candelabra bulbs for your chandelier of wall sconces: http://www.candelabrabulb.com/led-candelabra-bulbs/ Use coupon code "buyled" to save additional 5 %.

Text of 25 Reasons Why Use LED Light Bulbs

  • 25 Reasons To Use LED Light Bulbs presented by
  • No EMI(electromagnetic interference)
  • No mercury(a chemical, which can cause severe braindamage and growth defects in adults and children)
  • solid(harder to break)
  • dont flicker(flickering might give you headache)
  • instant on(and reach full brightness)
  • quality of light(more warm white :: no more cool white)
  • make you look more attractive (you may need it)
  • silent(no buzz :: no hummmm)
  • dimmable(you are in control of your light)
  • control(yeah, you are in control again)
  • color range (she is like a rainbow)
  • highly directional (can be configured for multiple purposes)
  • energy-efficient(up to 80% more efficient than incandescents)
  • last longer(forget about changing your light bulbs!)
  • reduce electric bill (wouldnt it be nice?)
  • save on maintenance (dont have to get up that ladder any time soon)
  • good for the planet
  • please recycle
  • cool to touch (dont burn yourself when you turn your lamp off)(while we still dont recommend touching your light bulbs)
  • less heat(bonus: lower AC bill. Yay!)
  • No fire hazard
  • work hard(and always pay for themselves)
  • great in severe conditions (make sure they are properly labeled)
  • shop now(5% off with coupon code: buyled) (www.candelabrabulb.com)
  • grab FREE LED guide (LED Candelabra Light Bulb Guide)
  • Brightest LED Candelabra Light Bulbs