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Choosing Fonts for Your Website, eBook, Mobile App. Presented at the 2010 MIMA Summit in Minneapolis, MN

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2. Choosing Fonts& for Your Website, eBook,Mobile App 3. Garricks not a typographer, nor a font salesman. Hes a facilitator, a proponent of an open web - Tom Michlig 4. a pianowith only five keys 5. sIFR(etc - Flash) Cufon(etc - Javascript) Text-as-Image 6. O R sIFR T FO D N O Y Cufon PYB C O Text-as-Image 7. @font- face {} 8. brand-consistent, maintainable, future-proof, SEO-able, compatible. 9. whoisrossbrown.com - Paul Lloyds Hominis & John Strackes Essays 10. fontconf.com - Titillium, League Gothic, Acknowledgement 11. minnpost.com Sertig 12. garrickvanburen.com - Steinem, Ikarius, Paneuropa 13. shortformblog.com - Chunk 14. @font-face { font-family:League Gothic; src: url(http://kernest.com/embed/league-gothic.otf); }p { font-family:League Gothic; } 15. Font Formats 16. .OTF / .TTF opentype / truetype 17. .SVG scalable vector graphics 18. .EOT embedded open-type 19. .WOFF web open font format 20. @font-face {font-family: 'League Gothic';src: url('http://kernest.com/embed/league- gothic.eot');src: local('://'), url('http://kernest.com/embed/ league-gothic.svg#league_gothic') format('svg'), url ('http://kernest.com/embed/league-gothic.woff') format ('woff'), url('http://kernest.com/embed/league- gothic.otf') format('opentype');}p { font-family:League Gothic; } 21. @font-face {font-family: 'League Gothic';src: url('http://kernest.com/embed/league-gothic'), url('http://kernest.com/embed/league- gothic.svg#league_gothic') format('svg') ; }p { font-family:League Gothic; } 22. Do You Have a License? 23. Do You O Have a. N License 24. Web- Friendly Font Licenses. 25. Open Font License sil.org kernest.com/ofl - commercial use - redistribution - derivative works 26. Acknowledgement Awas a quick fproject, whiwanted tocomplete in t rto give a copthe result tofriend tocommemorat 27. League Gothic / League Ghotic Extended gLeague Gothic is a revival of an oldand one of our favorite typefaces, AGothic No.1. It was originally design 0Morris Fuller Benton for the AmericFounders Company (ATF) in 1903. Thcompany went bankrupt in 1993. Anthe original typeface was created b 28. PT Sans K PT Sans family was developed as a the project Public Types of R Federation. The fonts of this projec open user license and can be l distributed. The main aim of the pr to give possibility to the peop Russia to read and write on native languages. The proj dedicated to 300-year anniversary civil type invented by Peter the G 29. TitilliumgThe aim of the project is the creation of acollective fonts released under OFL to bepromoted and shared through a web platf Each academic year, a dozen ofystudents are working on the projedeveloping and solving problems. The type designers interestthe amendment or revisioTitillium are invited to coopor develop their own varian 30. GNU General Public License gnu.org/licenses kernest.com/gpl - commercial use - redistribution - derivative works 31. Electrum EJ'tais bien loin d'imaginer que la race caractre prendrait autant de temples premiers dessins mis en ligne naDe mme, j'ai prot de ceralisation pour xer les scopentypes lis aux indicesdrivs parfois utiliss enpublication. L'objectif tait 32. MekanusKLa famille de police Mekanus est ne d'ude style ayant pour objet de combiner utypewriting et courbes qui rappellent l'Durant le developpement, elle a t empat fmanire embellir le rendu initial. Avec leelle a t tendues avec de nombreuses ligaservirent crire le script opentype, ainsiplacement PUA de manire pouvoirincorpores dans les polices postscrip 33. Ikarius Les polices Ikarius utilisent des hauts caractres paiis et droits par rappo et se caractrisent galement par un s pour les bas de cae. Elles sont dein k manire orir un rendu visuel quili utilisables la fois pour le texte et le t Ikarius pode un espacement reerr un aspect lgrement condens. Dans version les caractres v, y, w ont d la partie suprieure comme les autres de la police. La barre infrieure de l' 34. a Cantarell The Cantarell is a contemporary Human designed for on-screen reading; in parti web pages on an HTC Dream mobile ph device runs Google Android and therefo f browser supporting the exciting new we known as @font-face. As my very first typeface design, th has many faults, yet it achieves the improving readability on this device - David Crossland 35. X11 / MIT License en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mit_license kernest.com/licenses/x11-license - commercial use - redistribution - derivative works 36. CMU Serif Upright Roman & Computer Modern Unicode fonts were c metafont sources using mftrace with aut backend and fontforge (former pfaedit). purpose is to create free good quality fon X applications supporting many languag k the fonts contain glyphs from Latin1 (M vnr), Cyrillic (lh) and Greek (cbgreek w code sets and IPA extensions (from tipa alphabets are also welcome. Now this se fonts. It is better to use these fonts with enabled. 37. CMU Concrete A Computer Modern Unicode fonts were co metafont sources using mftrace with auto and fontforge (former pfaedit). Their mai create free good quality fonts for us k applications supporting many languages. fonts contain glyphs from Latin1 (Metafo Cyrillic (lh) and Greek (cbgreek when av and IPA extensions (from tipa). Other alp welcome. Now this set contains 33 fonts. use these fonts with antialiasing enabled. 38. CMU Sans Serif GComputer Modern Unicode fonts were convertmetafont sources using mftrace with autotracefontforge (former pfaedit). Their main purposefree good quality fonts for use in X applicat asupporting many languages. Currently the fontglyphs from Latin1 (Metafont ec, tc, vnr), CyrGreek (cbgreek when available) code sets and(from tipa). Other alphabets are also welcomecontains 33 fonts. It is better to use these foantialiasing enabled. 39. Web Nativehi low openlystroke licensed contrast large x-height open counter kernest.com/web-native 40. freeas in Freedom 41. league gothic 202 glyphs 42. We all love League Gothic fontfrom theleagueofmoveabletype.com So I extended this famous andawesome font...http://typethefont.com/post/798257771/league-ghotic-extended 43. league gothic league ghotic extended 202 glyphs321 glyphs 44. Where to find open fonts 45. OpenFontLibrary.org 87 fonts all 100% open 46. FontSquirrel.com/FontFace lots of fonts ready for use - check the licenses. 47. Kernest.com 700 openly licensed fonts categorized by license & freedom. 48. Lets Keep Talkinggarrick@kernest.com Brought to you with: CMU Serif Upright Italic & Providence