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Web Design Trends History Web design company uae

History Of TrendsLarger FontsLarge Search BarNew ColorsBrandingSocial IntegrationLarge PhotosResponsive DesignTypographyHuge Buttons

Large Fonts12-14px standard across web text Now 16-18px is standard18px is displayed on phoneMuch easier to read than 12pxLess pixel dense screen

Large Search BarSignificant factor in every aspect of designingGoogle search hit the plateauProprietary forms of searchThis doesnt refers to a large search fieldCustom made search service

New Colors60% apps are one colorIcons to represent appsTumbler to Pandora are lathered generouslyNot every color going to workExperiment and step out of the normIt is not a trend but a plea

BrandingWeb design doesnt harmonize your missionRevamp your imageLay of the quirky imagePlay with what you haveDont imitate

Social IntegrationIntegrate social sharingPeople like something, they talk about itPromote customer engagementSocial integration as free marketingGet your brand in front of potential visitors

Large PhotosMultiple images and loads of intricate graphicsLarge images grabs visitor attentionLarge graphics are not newSites are optimized for tablets and mobile devicesLarge visuals help companys visual branding

Responsive DesignMonster splash in 2012Tablet & mobile use is increasingResponsive web design has made great stridesMobile idea firstDesktop first is quickly becoming obsoleteDesigning with mobile can lead to cleaner content

TypographyRapid rise of web fontVerge of a typographical renaissanceDesigners use these services in their repertoireLook for less Arial and Georgia

Huge ButtonsResponsive web designs have a lot of tapping and swipingInterface design to be as mobile-friendly as possibleLately, big-buttons were used for beautificationDesigners are opting for larger type16px body font size and 48px wide buttons are the new Black