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Wallpaper Makes a Comeback

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Bold prints and trendy textures are gracing walls from the powder room to the dining room in today’s homes. The options are endless with the amount of styles, designs, and patterns to spice up any room in your house. You can choose from geometric, animal print, paisley, chevron, or designs inspired by nature. Wallpaper speaks to those who like frequent change and want to do it in a big way. They make a statement that can add a look to a room that you couldn't accomplish with painting or room décor.

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wallpaper makes a comeback Melton Design Build

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geometric designunique geometric designs are a greatway to make the room pop with amodern design style

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Add a little bit of body text

spaces like the laundry room or powder room are

perfect places to experiment with fun fantastical


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if you are looking for something more specific and designed for youpersonally, there are companies that will hand paint wallpaper togive you your own custom design

hand painted

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Modern floral Floral wallpaper doesn't have to meana dated, antique design. Brightlycolored flowers in a geometric layoutcan provide you with a beautifulmodern floral design.

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for the kids

for the kids

Nature scenes and bright colors are agreat way to bring your kids' rooms tolife.

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Vintage wallpaper is abeautiful choice for areasyou may be showcasingantiques or decoratingwith repurposedmaterials.


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sophisticated this wallpaper compliments the sophisticatedstyle of the room while also adding a little retrodesign to make the room unique

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unique with today's technology, you can printalmost any design or photograph you wantas wallpaper. Get creative with your walldesigns!

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