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RETAIL BRAND MANAGEMENT Mass, Premium and Luxury Brand outlets Category: COSMETICS By: Bhavya Jha Deepanjali Rawat Dibyajyoti Kalita

VM Comparison of Cosmetic Brands in Bangalore

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A Comparative Presentation for Three Cosmetic Brands for Three Strata of Consumers (In Visual Merchandising)

Text of VM Comparison of Cosmetic Brands in Bangalore

  • By: Bhavya Jha Deepanjali Rawat Dibyajyoti Kalita
  • Visual Communication o Grid layout oTightly packed shelves o Local as well as well known brands oAdditional hanging layers of displays oGlass shelves oExtensive use of baskets and holders oNo POPs or props used oExtended kiosks for occasion (Rakhi) oAdditional section for gifts and stationery
  • Lighting Colour o No overall colour theme o Multi coloured because of the large variety of products o Walls and floor were white
  • Sound and Scent
  • Visual Communication o Mixed layout o Open Back window display o POPs and signage o Top lit glass shelves o Congested o No seating o Sectional arrangement of merchandise
  • Lighting Colour o White accented with tints of earthy colours o Overall subtle feel
  • Sound & Scent
  • Visual Communication o Closed back window o Flower shaped prop for pleasant bloom collection oFrontal & sectional arrangement with a convenient tilt oSmall sized outlet but mirrors created illusion of depth oSeating arrangement oBacklit posters of brand ambassadors oPamphlets with different categories of products
  • Lighting Colour oWhite accented with gold oBeige coloured floor oBlack furnitures
  • Sound & Scent o No sound o Perfume smell towards the right o Fresh fruity smell towards the left