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Earthware UX Assignment

UX AssignmentChris SpaltonBriefDesign, using whatever tools and processes you feel comfortable with, a new user interface for a lift/elevator. Here are some things to consider:

it's for an office building with 300 floorsthere are a mix of users both those who work in the building and those visitingthere are 3 lifts in the buildingInitial Thoughts / Assumptions

Building this size would host multiple companies so split it into 30 companies of approx 10 floors each.

Reception for each company is on the lowest floor of each block.

There are some communal areas such as Caf, Gym etc.

3 lifts : A B C

Lift software is smart enough to know quickest/ most efficient lifts / routes to ensure quickest rides to each selected destination.Initial Thoughts / Assumptions

Workers will already know the floor they work on.

Access to certain areas will need to be restricted to security / maintenance staff.

Visitors will know the company / person they are visiting.

Deliveries would just need to visit the reception of each company.First Ideas

Traditional Physical Buttons COULD work, but only for people who knew exactly what floor to go to .

Due to complexity / size of building, touch screen interface with search capability would allow visitors to search for person/company they were visiting.

Therefore (with the assumption that software is smart enough) decided a touchscreen interface OUTSIDE of lifts is the preferred option.Initial Main Menu ideaButtons to select either floor, find person, or find facilities.

Traditionally laid out key pad, using same principles as mobile phones to enter digits / letters.

People are familiar with the layout so would be natural to most.

However, lots of keys, and to find someone, it would take a lot of buttons presses.

Chosen Main MenuMain Menu screen is very simple, just 4 options to go direct to floor, search for a person to visit, search for a company to visit, select/Facility to visit.

Very quick and simple to select initial option.

Added in signpost so users know where they currently are.

Due to size of building, lift might be far away, so as soon as user interacts with the main menu, the nearest lift starts to head to user current floor, doesnt wait for destination to be confirmed first.

Option 1 Select Floor.Simple initial layout of buttons. Enter lift A message is displayed once user confirms entry.

Added a Ground floor button as that will be a commonly used destination.Made confirm buton more prominent. Please use Lift A message has time until lift arrival. Made a note that restricted areas may need code to progress.Option 2 Find Person.Type in search using keys in similar ways to a mobile phone. Search for company, then individual.Too many clicks/button presses.

Companies displayed alphabetically, scrolls by holding down arrow. Once company is selected, populates person list and person is chosen in the same way. Floor is displayed for info, scrolls at the same time as person field.Option 3 Find CompanySame concept / Principle as Find Person option.

Companies are listed alphabetically along with the floor number for reception.

Scroll with arrows, select and confirm.

Option 4 Find FacilitiesSame concept / Principle as Main Menu.

Big simple buttons that take you direct to the facility you need.

WireFrames Main Menu

Added in physical button in Braille for any blind visitors. This would activate voice recognition IVR, similar to a call/centre phone menu.Option 1 Select Floor

Initial State

Post SelectionAdded in Breadcrumbs at the top so user knows where they are.Total Clicks to choose destination = 5.Option 1 Select Restricted Floor

Initial State

Post SelectionOnce restricted area is selected, user is prompted to enter clearance code.If Clearance Code is accepted then lift continues, otherwise warning message is displayed.Option 2 Find Person

Initial State

Post SelectionUser Scrolls with arrows to select company.Once company is selected, person list populates and works in the same way.Option 3 Find Company

Initial State

Post SelectionUser Scrolls with arrows to select company.Once company is selected, lift sets destination as tat companies reception.Option 4 Visit Facilities

Initial State

Post SelectionFacilities are just big simple buttonsChoose facility, hit confirm and destination is set.Inside Lift Control Panel

Display screen showing Destination Queue and approximate timings.If lift is called whilst in motion, software will slot it into the queue in the most efficient Slot.3 physical buttons for hold doors open, close doors, and call for help. Set these as physical buttons in case software fails and touchscreen is unusable as a result.Inside Lift Control Panel Wireframe

Initial State

Post SelectionCurrent floor is shown as lift moves up and down. Each destination is highlighted as lift arrives.Here, a user has called the lift from floor 64, so that has been slotted in efficiently and timings to each destination amended as a result.End.