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the maker movement

Trends in View: The Maker Movement

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An overview of the maker movement and craft trend, from the origins and William Morris, all the way to Etsy, education philosophies, and food trends. Also includes thoughts on how to incorporate the hand-crafting and the maker mentality into design projects. -Ashley Stephenson for Orange Sparkle Ball

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2. the maker movement but first, a (BRIEF) history lesson... 3. This is William Morris. He founded the Arts and Crafts Movement (1860-1910) which began in England but whose influences spread worldwide. In the age of industrialism, Morris stood for traditional craftmanship. He wanted to bridge the gap between beautiful (but useless) art objects and useful (but ugly) factory products. 4. I do not want art for a few... any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few! 5. By the end of the nineteenth century, Arts and Crafts ideals had influenced architecture, painting, sculpture, graphics, illustration, book making and photography, domestic design and the decorative arts, including furniture and woodwork, stained glass, leatherwork, lacemaking, embroidery, rug making and weaving, jewelry and metalwork, enameling and ceramics. 6. However, in time the English Arts and Crafts Movement came to stress craftsmanship at the expense of mass market pricing. The result was exquisitely made and decorated pieces that could only be afforded by the very wealthy. Thus the idea of art for the people was lost. 7. fast foward to the 21st century (today) 8. The influence of the Arts & Crafts movement can be seen in the popularity of DIY and the crafting revolution today. 9. Pinterest Since its launch in March 2010, Pinterest has over 70 million users (as of July 2013). Not necessarily maker-only but how many times have you heard... I found the idea on Pinterest. 10. speaking of Pinterest... Follow us at pinterest.com/ orangesparkle Pinterest Since its launch in March 2010, Pinterest has over 70 million users (as of July 2013). Not necessarily maker-only but how many times have you heard... I found the idea on Pinterest. 11. Etsy Founded in 2005, sales in 2013 were over $1 billion. The site hits two major needs: it provides an easy route to market for makers and enables everyone to buy products that are interesting, individual and handmade. You can know the maker... ...whether it is Ana in Croatia (she has beautiful typography prints!) ...or you choose to shop in your own neighborhood. 12. Companies have even been founded based on the maker behind the product. Nisolo Nisolos goal is to empower talented artisans in the developing world, allowing them to shape their future by way of their extraordinary work. Thrive Farmers THRIVE Farmers is changing the coffee industry by supplying farmer-direct specialty grade coffee to retailers, wholesalers and consumers through an innovative revenue-sharing model. 13. But it even goes beyond products like art, jewelry and clothing. Now lets talk about Food. 14. Monday Night Brewing Atlantas most weeknight- friendly craft beer company. From humble beginnings in a garage brewing on Monday nights, they have made it their mission to prove that weekends are overrated. King of Pops A homemade popsicle stand that started on the corner of N. Highland and North Ave in Atlanta. While they have grown tremendously, their goal remains the same: to provide an ecologically responsible, fresh, all-natural frozen treat in a fun neighborhood environment. Artisan Food and Drink 15. Did you hear Jarrett is doing a Pop-up at The General Muir? At Gunshow, dishes are presented by the chefs on rolling carts where diners can then choose what to order. Restaurants are beginning to encourage a relationship between the food-maker and the customer. Artisan Food and Drink 16. It may be a recent trend, but established big name brands are making their own way in the Maker Movement. 17. Levis promotes 29-year old designer Alice Saunders and her custom totes made with salvaged military fabrics under their Levis Makers tag. For Levis, the Makers program celebrates those who are still making things by hand while providing an outlet to tell their stories to inspire others General Electrics initiative, GE Garages, works with maker groups to provide aspiring inventors with free workspaces equipped with 3-D printers, laser cutters, welders, cold saws and other tools. The Garages invite everyone to be part of the resurgence in manufacturing and to be hands-on with the spirit of invention that runs throughout GE - SEBASTIEN DUCHAMP, GEs Digital Communications Director - JARED EVERETT, Levis master tailor 18. The Maker Movement has inspired a new way of thinking... ...which leads to new trends in teaching and education. 19. Makers in Education In October 2013, Abilene Christian University opened a 8,000 square foot design studio and prototyping shop named the Maker Lab. Based on their philosophy of Meet, Mix, Make, the Lab provides students the opportunity to develop skills in invention, creativity and collaboration. Georgia Tech hosts an annual Make 10 where Industrial Design students design, make and sell ten of their products. 20. Makers in Education But its not just universities. Marymount School Digital fabrication labs, maker spaces and other innovative classrooms are popping up in K-12 schools all over the world. And Marymount School in Manhattan is just one of them. Their Fab Lab was born from administrator Jaymes Decs vision that schools should have spaces where students can tinker, experiment, design, create and iterate. Maker Education The Maker Education Initiatives mission is to create more opportunities for all young people to develop confidence, creativity, and interest in science, technology, engineering, math, art, and learning as a whole through making. SparkTruck SparkTruck is an educational build-mobile started by Stanford students with a Kickstarter campaign. In the summers of 2012 and 2013, the team drove across the country, spreading the fun of hands-on learning and encouraging kids to find their inner maker. Their 2014 goal is to determine how SparkTruck could create a lasting impact in schools. 21. The Maker Movement is also playing a part in professional design, especially here at Orange Sparkle Ball. Live illustration celebrating a new business partnership. Birch + Charcoal + Pastel [Makers: Yisha & Lori] Hand-bound etched wooden scrapbook in honor of a retirement. Wood + Fabric + Etching [Maker: Lori] Wireframe illustration formed by hand as part of a tour experience. Wire [Makers: Josh & Yisha] 22. But we are not the only ones in Atlanta who are part of the Maker Movement. Indie Craft Experience Founded in January 2005 with a vision to provide indie crafters an opportunity to sell and promote their creations in Atlanta Root City Market A quarterly pop-up market in Atlanta that turns the spotlight on the makers who are proudly crafting in the South. Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market The first permanent food truck site in Atlanta offering food trucks for lunch and dinner. The Beehive Atlantas first handmade boutique collective with a focus on the local designer. 23. So what makes the Maker Movement different than the Arts & Crafts Movement? [Im glad you asked.] 24. Morris and his followers were uncomfortable with modern technology, spending decades debating whether machines should play any part in production. Today, technology is more accessible & beneficial to makers (3d printers, affordable laser tables, web-based market shops & social media to name a few), providing a natural synergy without losing the personal connection which is the backbone of the movement. Having embraced new technology and business models, the Maker Movement may stand a better chance of supporting artisans in the years to come. 25. C H E C K U S O U T www.orangesparkleball.com facebook.com/orangesparkleball | instagram.com/orangesparkle | slideshare.net/orangesparkleball psst... did you notice our hand-drawn typography? [Maker: Michael] 26. 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