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The Push Pop Craze

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The Push Pop Craze Sweet & Savory

Text of The Push Pop Craze

  • 1. Jeff Ware March 23rd, 2014 The Push Pop Craze: Sweet & Savory
  • 2. Session Agenda Why is this so popular? Tips & Techniques Types Sweet Savory Beverages Display Buffet Passed Plated
  • 3. Started with CBM at 14 Electrical Engineering/ Computer Science Background Worked at CNN & theatres Learned other aspects of live events Fell in love with food thanks to this job My Story
  • 4. Founded in 1980 as a hot dog stand Catering spun off into separate company in 1991 Peak revenue of $17 Million 90 FT & 130 PT Employees 45% Full Service / 35% On Premise / 20% Delivery CBM 101
  • 5. Largest event $1.3 million Focused on food quality above all else Poor facility design challenges efficiency Non Chicago address is a marketing struggle CBM 101
  • 6. Why Is This So Popular? No rules! Nostalgic Look Frozen push pops from childhood Portability Allows great control over colors vs. monochromatic
  • 7. Tips & Techniques Cooling rack to prep in Layering tool Use empty tube as cutter Assemble tubes in advance
  • 8. Types Sweet Mousse Muffins Macaroons Trifles Brownie Shots Savory Sushi 7 Layer Dip Napoleons Salad Condiments Beverages Jello Shots Margaritas Pina Colada Layered Drinks
  • 9. Display Buffet Croquembouche Hanging Ornaments Trays Flower Pots/Vases Floral Foam Candy/Sprinkles Passed/Plated Hawker Boxes Trays Mini Paint Jars Lucite Block Wood Block
  • 10. Evolution & Sizes
  • 11. Evolution & Sizes
  • 12. Assembly
  • 13. Assembly
  • 14. Cupcake Push Pops Rainbow Cupcake Push Pop Strawberry Shortcake Push Pop
  • 15. French Macaron Push Pop
  • 16. Pudding Push Pops Limoncello Push Pops Tiramisu Push Pops
  • 17. Frozen Push Pops Kids Slushie Push Pop Watermelon Surprise Push Pop
  • 18. Frozen Cocktail Push Pops Margarita Push Pops Raspberry Mojito Peach Apple Martini
  • 19. Savory Push Pops Ceviche Push Pops Beet Napoleon Push Pops Mexican Seven Layer Push Pops
  • 20. Savory Push Pops Soup MixIns Push Pops Shrimp Cocktail Push Pops
  • 21. Sushi Push Pops Fruishi Push Pops Korean Salmon Push Pops Spicy Tuna Push Pops
  • 22. Picnic Push Pops Cobb Salad, French Fries, Cheeseburger, and Elote Corn Salad Push Pops
  • 23. To download a copy of this presentation, go to: Jeff Ware [email protected] | (847) 966-6555 Questions?