The men who carve god

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  • 1. Business Communication Live Project

2. The Men who Carve God 3. Group Strengths Soonika Varkey Shruti Ravi Nikhil Taskar Tarun Munjal Tushar Dhanuka 4. INTRODUCTION Art of Sculpting Beginning of the festival Month of Bhaadrapada starting on shukla Chaturthi Ends on Anant Chaturdashi 5. BACKGROUND Start at a young age Years of practice with an idol maker Concentrated in Pen and Konkan Region they have minimum of 8 years of experience 6. MATERIALS USED The materials are basic and common Clay, black mud, plaster of Paris 7. SIZE AND DECORATIONS size differs very detailed and done by hand only 8. OFF SEASON Mass produce Ganesh idols to meet the demand Make Other Idols Get new Projects 9. EMPLOYEES 10. RITUALS 11. PROFIT Pen turnover 6 crore rupees Minimum sale is 350 idols per idol maker Average income is Rs. 200 Turnover is from Rs. 50,000 to 5 lacs 12. Procedure