The Emergency Content Strategy Survival Kit – Heather O'Neill

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Content strategy as a discipline is on the rise, as more and more organizations recognize the need for it – but what if you don't have a content strategist in easy reach? If you don't have a content strategist in-house or on retainer, and your organization is full of folks who wouldn't know an adverb if it bit them, there are nevertheless some simple techniques you can use to reveal the right message hiding in any piece of web content. Should you hire a content strategist? Yes, under ideal circumstances, you should. But there will always be those home-grown, cash-strapped, gotta-launch-in-3-days efforts where the content needs to be done, and needs to be done right – and it needs to be done by you. This talk will be your Content Strategy Survival Kit, tucked in your desk under emergency glass. Don't be afraid to break it. Attendees will learn simple, practical content strategy tips and techniques so that they can put on their Content Strategist hats whenever the need arises. From storytelling and messaging to organization and flow, we'll cover all the bases needed in order to bring out the best in your content, even on a tight schedule. We'll walk through these tips in the context of a real-life case study: the story of how my team and I created our own Survival Kit in our organization when we had a website to launch in a hurry. I'll take lessons from that story and explore how attendees can apply them in their own organizations.

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Just get the ideas outthere on paper. Onceyou know the story,you can refine it.CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 59. Survival Skill Mastered:CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTEFocusClarityEmpathyStorytelling 60. Iterate, Iterate, IterateCONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 61. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 62. Since 2004 weve been the first choice for companies suchas TomTom and Carbonite. Our focus on relationshipsmakes us more than just a vendor we become anextension of your existing team.CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 63. Our company stands for excellence in design, making usthe first choice for companies like TomTom and Carbonite.Not only do we have high standards for the people we hire,but for taking care of you and your customers.CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 64. Since 2004, we have focused on monetizing the userexperience, and helping your business do the same.Our company stands for excellence in design, making usthe first choice for companies like TomTom and Carbonite.CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 65. Once you know yourstory, tell it over and overuntil it sounds right.CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 66. Survival Skill Mastered:CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTEFocusClarityEmpathyStorytellingPrecision 67. Say More with LessCONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 68. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 69. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 70. While it is a myth thatusers dont read on theinternet, theyll appreciateyour brevity and speak upif they want more.CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 71. Survival Skill Mastered:CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTEFocusClarityEmpathyStorytellingPrecisionBrevitySite Content 72. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 73. Do They Get It?(At-A-Glance)CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 74. Conduct a 5 second test for initialimpressions.CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 75. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 76. User experiencedesign, but it washard to read.CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 77. Clean layoutQuirkyFunCONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 78. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 79. Wasnt sure if it wassales or marketing.Seemed to be aboutrelationship managementCONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 80. ClearConciseA little boringCONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 81. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 82. Having stronger,more relationshipswith customers.Liked the visual.CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 83. InformalCuteFunCONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 84. A 5-second test cantell you if yourcontent is effective,at a glance.CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 85. Survival Skill Mastered:CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTEFocusClarityEmpathyStorytellingPrecisionBrevityImpact 86. Which is Better?CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 87. 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Questions?CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 104. http://isurvivedmycontentstrategy.comCONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 105. Excellent Content Strategists Brain Traffic Margot Bloomstein Aha Media Group Sarah Wachter-Boettcher - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 106. Articles & Slideshares A Content Strategy RoadMap Why You Need a Content Strategist MailChimps Voice & Tone Guide 7 Copywriting Tips - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 107. Thanks for attending!Have more questions? Reach - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE