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This social media plan was created for a small town bar and grill


  • Buddies Bar and Grill Located in Hancock, MN, a rural town of 700 people, Buddies is a casual dining experience with a reputation for great food and draws people from a 40 mile radius. Buddies serves a menu of burgers, sandwiches, steaks, seafood and chicken. Saturday nights Prime Rib is especially popular. Buddies dining room seats 50 and can be reserved for parties, outdoor dining on the patio and catering are available. It also features on and off sale liquor and mobile bar. The Competition- The Waters Edge Starbuck, MN 20 miles from Hancock Lakeside location Homemade Salad Bar Similar overall menu More seating Old #1 Bar & Grill Morris, MN 8 miles from Hancock Similar menu Located in college town Large banquet & meeting area Higher menu prices McKinneys Benson, MN 15 miles from Hancock Adjoins Country Inn & Suites Similar menu Banquet facility More entertainment
  • Buddies Culture is Casual Laid back Sports Bar Family FriendlyBluecollar Buddies Situation Analysis - SWOT Internal Strengths Fantastic food Reasonable Prices Loyal base of happy hour and family diners Great location and new building Internal Weaknesses Non-existent Marketing plan Tired menu options Underused social media platforms Untrained staff doesnt upsell higher profit items The typical Buddies customer is between the ages of 21 and 60, blue collar, family-orientated and budget conscious. This demographic is open to limited social media avenues. A Facebook page and website exist but are both under utilized and in need of renovation.
  • Social Media Comparison to Restaurant Competitors Each of Buddies competitors has a small amount of social media exposure, similar to Buddies Facebook Website Twitter FourSquare Other Waters Edge Yes Yes No No Old # 1 Bar Yes Yes No Yes Yelp! 5 reviews McKinneys Yes No No Yes Buddies Yes Yes No No Yelp! 2 reviews External Threats Area restaurants in larger communities see more locals High gas prices may prohibit diners from visiting as often High prices of quality cuts of meat and fresh produce may lower food standard or raise prices External Opportunities Adding lite and healthier entre selections will meet market demands for healthier food, setting Buddies apart from competitors Recovering economy will see more people dining out in 2013 Showcasing local food products, wineries and distilleries adds another draw to social drinkers
  • Social Media Survey Analysis Facebook Survey Yielded 16 responses Participants within 50 mile radius The Survey said 100% of respondents have Facebook, 94% text, 87.5% use e-mail 75% of respondents have smart phones 37.5% access the internet by computer and smart phone equally 50% occasionally check restaurant websites for specials 50% would like to get restaurant promotions by text, 19% by Facebook Synopsis Facebook, email and texting are the social mediums used most and should be the focus of Buddies social media campaign. Having a mobile website would also be beneficial.
  • Social Media Objectives for Buddies Bar and Grill 1.Optimize Website Add lively action photos featuring food and activities Add menu and nightly specials to website to increase awareness and sales of to-go meals Promote upcoming events and entertainment Increase sales of Buddies branded apparel Promote Buddies catering and bar service Optimize social media promotions from Facebook, email and others 2. Optimize Facebook Page Renovate current page to showcase menus, specials, upcoming events, special features Increase Friends list and post to the page regularly in order to engage visitors to keep them coming back to the site and to Buddies 3. Initiate FourSquare and Yelp! To register for and add information to Yelp! and FourSquare sites to encourage travelers to stop and experience Buddies dining 4. Grow E-mail Address Data Base Collect customer e-mail addresses for e-mail promotion data base 5. Increase Awareness of Buddies Social Media Promote Buddies new social media sites in the bar itself and with traditional marketing
  • Hits Buddies for a drink or two on way home from work, usually solo Market Segmentation Instead of trying to market to age groups who would be interested in dining at Buddies, the focus will instead be on the lifestyle of those who would dine there. That lifestyle could loosely be described as -a person(s) who enjoys socializing in a casual bar atmosphere and/or a family dining experience featuring Classic American food, domestic beers and casual cocktails. This market segmentation could be broken down farther into the following groups: Buddies Consumer The Diner The Regular The Traveler The Social Butterfly Stops by chance or referral, business person, visitor or passerby High school age to social drinkers usually in groups of 4 or more Looking for a good meal, with family, friends or spouse. Also orders to-go Its important to remember these groups may switch from one group to another at any given time
  • Social Media Strategy for Buddies Bar and Grill Facebook Update Facebook page with new tabs, post photos and specials to the site regularly to encourage engagement with reviews, comments, photos from Friends. Grow Friends list. FourSquare Open an account with business review site FourSquare. Add info, menu, and photos to the site for reviewers to see. Interact with reviewers good and bad! Yelp! Open an account with business review site Yelp! to inform searchers about Buddies with menus, photos, comments and reviews Where to begin? Earned Social Media Categories
  • Continue With - Owned Social Media Categories While Facebook, FourSquare, Yelp! and e-mail can be considered the roads, the Buddies website is where all the roads meet. The website will be where customers can find: Food Menus Nightly Specials Entertainment and upcoming events information League schedules Photos Social media driven promotions coupons, etc Catering information Buddies apparel available for purchase Brew and wine of the month information Links to other local business sites MOBILE FRIENDLY!
  • Paid Social Media Categories On To-- Social Publishing Paid Internet Ads Ads will be placed for upcoming menu specials and entertainment on local online newspaper sites with a click through to Buddies website or landing page highlighting the menu and specials. E-Mails Videos An e-mail data base will be established in order to e-mail blast customers with specials and upcoming events and directing them to the website for coupons. Uploading videos of activities that happen at Buddies will aid in search results and will be a fun way to share what is happening!
  • Implementing the Social Media Plan Marketing Message: Great Food and Drinks, Great Service, Great Atmosphere a GREAT place to meet old friends and make new ones! 1. Promote Buddies new social media methods by using traditional advertising methods, in house signage, adding icons to menus and inviting people. 2. Post several times daily to Facebook to spark comments and engagement. Posting pictures, trivia, contests, etc to spark conversations. 3. Have employees and owners post to their own personal Facebook pages inviting people to Friend Buddies page. Encourage regulars who are social media inspired to post photos and comments to get the ball rolling! 4. Offer incentives a free drink for the winner of the daily trivia question, or posting pictures of themselves on vacation wearing Buddies apparel will add interest. Entice people to come out by posting photos of the nightly special in the late afternoon or adding the bartenders drink of the night. Facebook
  • Implementing the Social Media Plan FourSquare and Yelp! 1. Slowest to catch on to of all the social media avenues. Will take patience to see results. 2. Sign up for accounts with both business review sites. 3. Add information, photos and menus to both sites. 6. Monitor reviews and comments and respond to those necessary. E-Mail 1. Capture customer e-mail addresses by special card with incentive prize drawing. Offering birthday rewards, special offers, etc. 2. Add addresses to Buddies e-mail data-base on a regular basis. 3. Plan e-mail blasts and monitor results by coupon tie in to website redemption.
  • Plan of Action! Approval Present social media plan to the board of directors for approval. Make revisions and bring the Buddies staff up to speed on the new social media plan. Input needed from all areas kitchen, bar, management, and waitstaff Team The social media director will guide the staff meeting and a social media team will be selected consisting of : the general manager, 2 chefs, 2 bartenders, 2 waitstaff and 1 boardmember. Message The social media plan will now drive the entire marketing plan for Buddies Bar and Grill. All radio and print ads will drive customers to the social media channels. Events will be marketed traditionally but with high SM concentrations
  • Social Media Channel Program Cost Set Up Fee Monthly Fee Facebook None None None Yelp! None None None FourSquare None None None E-mail Free program trial * $50** None Opt . #1 Website Web design fee per /hr $,1000-1,500 $19.99 Opt. #2 Blogsite Free Basic** Free Basic* Free Basic** Facebook Pd Ads Not in use yet Not in plan yet Not in Plan yet The Budget *Vertical Response e-mail marketing program has a 500 email free trial should be enough to measure if the program will work before investing in buying one. **Printing fee for cards to register customer e-mail on ***Option 2 would be a WordPress blog site with price variations based upon options chosen
  • Implementation Timeline A timeline for implementing the plan will be drawn up showing how the plan will progress. The initial timeline will be drawn up for a 9 week period. Shown is an example of the first 3 weeks of the plan. Meet with management to review Facebook page and finalize template Begin promoting Facebook via menu, customer receipt, signage and weekly newspaper ad Register for Yelp! and FourSquare, enter information into each Register for LinkdIn ,enter information, make contacts with area businesses, promote Week 3 Format new Facebook page w/new tabs, features, etc. Begin entering new information/pics Begin gathering customer e- mail addresses via customer receipts (ongoing) Contact web designer/site host about website changes and send new info to them Existing Facebook pages reviewed & duplicate non- business page deleted Gather and organize new information and photos for new website and rough out site plan Team meeting to gather information and review plan Meet with team to assign team lead, finalize plan, determine duties & deadlines Changes made to plan per boards direction (if needed) Meeting with staff to present plan and determine social media team Present Social Media plan to board for approval Social Media Plan developed with management input Week 1 Week 2
  • Measuring Results Facebook Insights Will track new likes, what kind of activity viewers are engaging in on the site, measure how much feedback each post gets. Google Analytics Essential to tracking website traffic, what they are looking at and how long they are staying. Helpful to track coupons also. FourSquare Analytics Will track how many weekly check ins there have been, if they are new or repeats. Results e-mailed to you wkly. Yelp Analytics No analytics shown on site. Will view reviews left on the site to track progress. E-mail Will track how many coupons are redeemed by using restaurant management software Traditional Media Monitor traffic to social media sites to see if traffic increases when promotion of SM sites begins on print/air advertising.
  • Thank You! Questions and Comments Thanks Toby Keith!