Sketching UX: Low-Fidelity Method; High-Fidelity Results

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Sketching UXLow-Fidelity Method; High-Fidelity Results

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015

Prt--porter (getting away from individual measurements) factory made clothing sold in standard sizes1

Sketching is Hot in the UX WorldUX people love to talk about sketchingWe probably talk about sketching more than we actually sketch, but thats another story

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015


Theres No Shortage of ResourcesThere are booksThere are articles

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015Theres even software

There are paper templates

Like gardening or yoga, UX Sketching is an ever-popular subject


When is Sketching UX Typically Done?Discovery PhaseCapture informationIdea generationGeneral non-directed explorationDesign PhaseAs first iterations of UI patternsExplore alternate scenarios

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015


A Few Secrets about UX SketchingThere is no right way to sketch UXTheres no wrong way eitherRelax. Ignore the experts. Do what feels comfortable to you.

Sketching UX = idea generating & problem solvingFocus on the thinking, not making a pretty pictureDont sweat the details

Sketching UX: Its not just UIIt more than the screen, its about the user

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015


Its More than the Screen; Its about the User

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015

Use sketching to imagine in what context your design will be used.

What will the user need to do?

This is from Samantha Warren6

Whats the personas behind the Personas?

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015

Use sketches as a jumping off point to define user types, tasks and goals

This is from Samantha Warren7

UX Sketching & Collaborative Design

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015Quick sketches can be especially useful during collaborative design sessionsParticipants use sticky notes to add definition to personas

This is from Samantha Warren8

More Examples

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015


The Benefits of Sketching UXEvery Picture Tells a Story, Dont It?Low costQuick to createIdeal for narrative, i.e. creating paper prototypesSuitable for testing, refining and discarding potential solutionsGreat for defining personas & user stories

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015


But to everything there is a seasonSketching has limitationsAbstractAn artifact, not a deliverableGood to convey intent, but not detailsLacks clarityContextual

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015


Thank you!

Rob Fitzgibbon 2015

Idea that top scorers will get put up on LM.com12


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