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Number of consumers who prefer a mobile-friendly site is increasing everyday accounting to a 30% of website traffic coming from mobile devices. So, why not give the customers what they want? Responsive web design is the best option to deliver mobile friendly experiences. In fact, responsive web design has taken a whole new dimension over the last few years and 2014 is truly the year of responsive web design.

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  • 1. _, I T _sex strata Recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design,namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device.One Code Base www. examp| e.comon all devices '" ; ... .Iu. .i'. . . :: t+*d. ::: :~. *~ t-5 9' :2 ms13:: a04-4? :14#9~cI_w+4+- 1-40-9646.1 at 3+ oloowm22% l r++rH~4 are-Ivwzi ~4n9#South Africa -KWHY GO RESPONSIVE?eIT'S THE NEW AGE AMAZING UX HELP YOU LEAD MAKE SAVES MONEYWEB DESIGNING THE COMPETITION THINGS EASIER ti . REACH TO IMPROVED SAVES TIME ENHANCED WIDER MOBILE AUDIENCE SEO AND MARKETING PERFORMANCE BROWSER SUPPORT 91% 67% 21%PERCENTAGE OF US PERCENTAGE OF SHOPPERS PERCENTAGE OF TRAFFIC TO RESIDENTS THAT HAVE A MOBILE THAT ARE MORE LIKELY TO BUY MAJOR ECOMMERCE SITES DEVICE WITHIN REACH 24/7 FROM A MOBILE-FRIENDLY SITE COMING FROM MOBILE DEVICESTIPS TO DESIGN RESPONSIVELYMOBILE FIRST APPROACHI?Helps you focus and prioritize the mobile designing constraints I:Approach followed by Google while building new innovative experiences and capabilities. I Forces to concentrate on essential content to develop optimized and fast| oading mobile experiences. KEEP YOUR LAYOUT SIMPLEV Keep your HTML code clean and simple F" Remove absolute or oat positioning C Remove unnecessarily complicated divs and inline styles.I?Use a reset stylesheetDEFINE BREAKPOINTSIf A Breakpoint is a pixe| based width of a viewable area presented through the viewport of a browser.