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After a terrific Gov Jam in early June ‘public service design’ was the topic of the summer Service Design Drinks in Berlin. A short input was followed by an interactive hands-on session as well as drinks and mingling afterwards. Olaf Lewitz, an independent organisational coach, was facilitating the interactive part of the evening.

Text of Public Service Design / Service Design Drinks Berlin

  • ServiceDesignDrinks

    T H E W Y E / J U N E 1 9 , 2 0 1 3

    Public ServiceDesign

  • Overview




    Gov Jam retrospective



  • MartinUser Experience,Nokia

    KatrinPhD Candidate,University ofPotsdam

    Who are we?



  • Gov Jam retrospective S TAT S & F A C T S

    35 LO C AT I O N S 121 P R O J E C T S

  • Gov Jam retrospective S TAT S & F A C T S

    1,975 T W E E T S 13 O F P E O P L EAV R . N O .P E R J A M

    576R E G I S T E R E DJ A M M E R S









    San Jos Bologna Perth Scicli LA / SF

    N O . J A M M E R S @ LO C AT I O N S

    365T W E E T E DP I C T U R E S

  • Gov Jam retrospective T O P I C


  • Elevator Pitches 4 C O N C E P T S

  • Concept 1 PA R E N T 4 PA R E N T S

    (Not only) for single parents, who need help every once in a while, Parents 4 Parents is a self-help network, which is created and improved by its members.Unlike the time-consuming contact withe the administration, P4P provides help quickly, unbureaucratically, free... and always smiles.

    More information about the project here:

  • Concept 2 C R E AT I V E F R I D AY

    For experienced staff in the public sector who miss appreciation and want to participate actively, Kreativer Freitag is a concept which offers a space for creativity and ideas.Unlike team circles or daily routine, it provides knowledge exchange, the concepting and implementation of new ideas and approaches and the staff will feel more appreciated.

    More information about the project here:

  • Concept 3 D A S E R F O LG S T E A M

    For confused and disoriented young adults who are looking for jobs, the Erfolgsteam is a consulting approach which makes use of group dynamics.Unlike anonymous one-to-one consulting, it enables young adults to start going their own way curageously and to be self-confident.

    More information about the project here:

  • For teenagers and young unemployed people who don't want to bother with the administration, world of workcraft is an application, which uses gamification as part the ALG-application (unemployment support) process. Unlike the conventional form of the Bundesagentur fr Arbeit (agency for employment), world of workcraft uses the language of its users.

    More information about the project here:

    Concept 4 W O R L D O F W O R KC R A F T

  • Photos: Linda Nyland, David Levene / The Journey to the Interface

    Public Services

  • What? D E F I N I T I O N

    W I K I P E D I A Public Service

    A public service is a service which is provided by government to people living within its jurisdiction, either directly (through the public sector) or by financing private provision of services.

  • What? E X A M P L E S E C T O R S

    Law enforcement Fire service Education

    Public libraries Public transit Waste managementPublic broadcasting

    Urban planning Water supply Gas & electricity Social services

    Health care

    Icons: Jan Windisch, Jamie Hamilton, Luis Prado, Jayson Lim, Benjamin Brandt, Ofer Lehr / The Noun Project

  • Design is integral to the DNA of each and every public service. How public services are designed is central to their purpose, their function, their character.

    D E S I G N C O M M I S S I O N Restarting Britain 2

  • Why? P U B L I C S E R V I C E D E S I G N

    engaging citizens

    saving money

    meeting needs

    humanising services

    Icons: Brock Kenzler / The Noun Project

  • 1 Start with needs*2 Do less3 Design with data4 Do the hard work to make it simple5 Iterate. Then iterate again.6 Build for inclusion7 Understand context8 Build digital services, not websites9 Be consistent, not uniform10 Make things open: it makes things better

    * user needs not government needs Source:

    How? D E S I G N P R I N C I P L E S O F G O V. U K

  • Where? A P P L I C AT I O N S

    redesigning policies

    redesigning individual services

    moving beyond the idea of discrete services and redesigning what organisations as a whole do, i.e. systems-level design

    In public sector work, design can be applied to

    different levels of transformational challenge:

    Icons: Jerry Wang / The Noun Project

  • Book tip

    Die wandlungsfhige Verwaltung by Sarah Kltzow, Jonas Kwaschik, Philip Palm

  • Exercise

  • Exercise

    Create a KrisMap, an organisational persona,for a public service of your choice.How does your organisation want to be perceived?What would the welcome experience look like?

    Olaf Lewitz,Independent coach

    Your guide:

  • Ask yourself

    1. Whats missing so that I would want to meet this person?would want to hire this person?would want to date that person?would want to be that person?

    2. Create a welcome experience pick the 3 most essential attributes!

  • Exercise

    You have got 20 minutes!

  • Take-away

  • Take-away

    service design for the public sector can be applied on individual service level, on policy level and with regards to organisational change

    following certain design principles helps to create better public services

    public services need to & can be designed

  • Reading recommendations

    John SeddonSystemsThinking inthe PublicSector

    Bryan Boyer,Justin W. Cook& MarcoSteinberg:Recipes for SystemicChange

    Recipes forSystemic Change

    In Studio:

    Bryan Boyer, Justin W. Cook & Marco Steinberg

    Sophia Parker& Joe Heapy:The Journeyto theInterface

    DesignCommission: RestartingBritian 2

  • Olaf invites

    Culture Fitness TrainingJuly, 15 & 16 in Berlinhttp://culturefitnesstraining.eventbrite.deYour code to save 33%: SDBERLINDRINKS

  • We invite

    Service Experience CampSeptember, 14 & 15

  • See you atthe nextservice design meet-up