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  • 1. portfolio M A G O R Z AT A N E U M A N Noffice building magical theatre urban housing Qatar cafe

2. an office building I Gdynia I Poland individual work : Gdask university of technology : 2013 3. a normal office in Poland Gdynia is one of the few modernistic cities built after the Second World War in the communist Poland. In a short period of time, Gdynia changed from a village by the sea to a well developed city and is still a popular destination for new investment. A plot next to the main road in Gdynia seemed to be the evident location for a design of an office building with a good communication connections and a business-type context. but isnt it a trap? 4. IDEA server room - a heart of the buildingseperation of functionsrelation between the buildingsoffice building - semi-privateexposing the officecafe pavilion - publiccontextmasterplanDuring the process of design, the concept changed a lot due to reaching the optimal size and shape of the project to fit in the surrounding of single-family houses. the combination of two, informal backyard space and high-quality office, was my main concern. The final design includes a four-storey office and a small pavilion with a cafe bar that can be run independently by separating functions. The north part of the complex is more representative and looks appealing and professional. The highlighted sharp corner of the office is distinguished and easily discernible from the road. The composition of the buildings, the way they correspond to each other helps to create a welcoming square and a narrow pass between the buildings. The pass leads to the back of the complex which is aimed mainly at the office workers taking a break..the main roadhighlighting the corner by creating a squaremodern officessingle-family housesadjustment of scale and sizescaling down size of the buildings 5. elevationseastsouthwestnorthfirst floorsecond floorthird floorplans ground floorthe server room it = serversservers in the shaftshutters the service core 6. to the details office hallcafe 7. a magical theatre | Glasgow | Scotland individual work : university of strathclyde : 2013 8. THE mERCHANT CITY THESISMAGIC?. THREE FACTORSlayers- get prepared to see some magic!!the building scaleSpaces. Old, abandoned, forgotten, they all have a story to tell. you can read it from the smell of the air, the murmur of voices, the shapes of shadows. It is like energy passing through your body, which adds new value to your perception of the space.a performace with a close-magician aloys helped me to answer these questions::: How quickly we can get prepared to experience magic ? How quickly we can switch the mode from normal into unusual?During the research I met a lot of interesiting people related to magic. They talked about their personal ap-proach to needs magicians have today. John Archer - a stage magician, a comedian Aloys Vadon - a French close-up magician kind people from the magic shop Judith from Britannia Panopticon Jim - a magician into history of magic Chris Derosa - an illusionistthe city scalethe britannia panopticon The Britannia Panopticon) in Trongate, Glasgow, is the oldest surviving music hall in the world. Built in by Thomas Gildard and H. M. McFarlane,it has hosted some of the biggest names on the Music hall circuit. 9. magic moodboardsketches 10. contextplanstricksfront elevation 11. the 12. an urban housing | Glasgow | Scotland university of strathclyde : 2012 masterplan : group work a building project : individual work 13. masterplanbriefshadowsviewsaccessfunctionThe first step of the design was to create a masterplan for The first step in designing urban housing in Dennistown, an of Glasgow ina the urban housing in Dennistown, east parteast part of Glasgow, was to create a masterplan. As a group of 5 people, we decided to arrage the area in very traditiona group of five students. It wasthat would fit for the individual al scheme of quarters with courtyards the base in the character of dennistown districts. our base for development concept was the building next ot the square and the historical shedbuildof the concept. the individual development of particular that ings. I focused on the corner would be the fruit The design re-arraged into of thebymarket.and their relative effectof technol- of was followed building understanding on the design layout. the The design was followed by understanding technology, construction a strong accent was and environmental of flats and of the of the building. ogy, constructionput on the environmental strategystrategythe lightingbuildthe brozne shutters would protect the building from over-heating as well as create an unique pattern on the buildings elevations. ing and their relative effect on the design layout. 14. plansflat prototypes flat for a two-person family : 57m2ergonomymaisonette for a four-person family : 93m2 15. north elevationsectionsouth elevation 16. competition | cafe in Qatar a winning concept august 2013 an internship in LOFT Magdalena Adamus, Sopot working as a member of 7 people office 17. floorplancafegallery space5 2 364 71 81 - an entrance space 2 - cakes and teas display 3 - a counter 4 - a kitchen 5 - 7 a cafe space #1 8 - a shop 18. concept A small internal architecture office in sopot, loft Magdalena adamus, was invited to take part in the competition for a cafe next to the gallery space in katara village in doha, qatar. THE MAIN TARGET WAS TO CREATE AN EUROPEAN STYLE CAFE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FAR EAST ARCHITECTURE, avoiding STRONG ORIENTAL INFUANCES. THE PROPOSED CONCEPT SUGGESTED partitioning GIVEN SPACE INTO A CAKE DISPLAY ROOM, A CAFE AND A SHOP. THE CAFE SPACE WAS ADDITIONALY PARTED BY THE FRENCH WINDOWS MADE OF BLACK, HEAVY STEEL. THE WOODEN FLOOR AND DIVERSITY OF TABLES AND LAMPS GAVE A NICE, COSY EFFECT. THE DISPLAY ROOM, AS WELL AS A SHOP, WERE MORE MODERATE IN THEIR EXPRESSION AND REPRESENTED THE MINIMALISTIC APPROACH IN EUROPEAN INTERNAL DESIGN COMBINED WITH THE DELICATE ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE STYLE INFUENCEs. THE CONCEPT WON THE COMPETITION AND AFTER WORKSHOPS IN POLAND WITH THE REPRESENTATIVES FROM QATAR in january 2014 THE DESIGN IS DUE TO COME INTO BEING.my duties DURING THE PROCCES OF DESIGN I WAS FULLY ARRANGED IN EVERY PART OF IT. I MAINLY WORKed IN CO-OPERATION WITH HANNA BIALIC, AN INTERIOR ARCHITECT FROM LOFT, AND I WAS SUPERVISED BY MAGDALENA ADAMUS AND ANNA CYBULSKA, AN OFFICE MANAGER. MY DUTIES FOCUSED ON: - CREATING THE concept AND its PLAN layout - LOOKING FOR A RIGHT ATMOSPHERE AND STYLE - CREATING moodboards - choosing materials/ furniture - CREATING visualisations REFERENCE ON DEMAND. 19. portfolio M A G O R Z AT A N E U M A N Nemail: malgorzata.neumann@yahoo.pl telephone no: 0048 660 545 010 (Polish)


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