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2. What we wanted frompersonasA way of describing a audiencethat could that support design &make the client happy 3. We got to a point where we had a fairly solidprocess.It would start with gathering data throughinterviews and observation.Out of this we would build a survey.We would then spend several days analysis thesurvey data, using filters, cross tabs, basicallyeyeballing the data.Finally we had make it presentable which also tooktime. We wanted to show the work that had goneinto personas.What we were doing 4. What we were doing 5. Persona creation was the short straw. No onewanted to do it.Trawling through survey data and trying to makemanual comparisons was boring and time hungryChoices were based on intuitionWe were loosing a lot of data as filters arereductiveAnd we still had to produce charts to populateour documents.The Issues 6. The idea 7. THE IDEALife would be better if we could automate theanalysis and generate all the assets we need tobuild a document.Any completed survey response creates a patternbased on the answers they provide to thequestions.We can then compare these responses statisticallyto see who is similar and who is different.And because this is data we can generate chartswe need automatically 8. PROFILESET OFPERSONASPERSONAVISUALISATIONRAW DATA: CSVRESEMBLANCEMATRIXPROFILEQUESTION SETPROFILECREATIONPERSONACLUSTERANALYSISREPORTGOOGLECHARTSTHE MODEL 9. Jeremy (the developer) got to work on it. But histime was split between client work.As he was making progress someone offered him amore interesting job. Jeremy left. He was really theonly one who knew his work.A short time later the company went under.However this turned out to be an opportunity.THE BUMP 10. Here is the one I built 11. PROFILES 12. CREATE PERSONAS 13. THE OUTPUT 14.