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Pakistani Fashion Industry

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Text of Pakistani Fashion Industry

  1. 1. Pakistan Fashion Industry has a Potential to Export Presenters: Iram Javaria Ali Junaid Arif Kamran Aziz
  2. 2. Contents: Definition of Fashion Impact on our Economy Clothing Fashion Accessories International Achievements Fashion Shows Fashion Magazines Designers Demand Globally Celebrities Endorsement for Lawn Review Your Questions
  3. 3. A popular trend especially in dress and ornament or manner of Behavior.
  4. 4. Impact On Our Economy Seminars Arranged by TDAP International Exhibitions such as; Heimtextile Interjean-Cologn Pret-a-Porter (Paris)
  5. 5. Federation Of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) forecast for EU. CBI Developed Fashion Cycle. TDAP with collaboration of CBI organizing workshop The EU Fashion Cycle
  6. 6. Clothing: Our National Dress Salwar Kameez
  7. 7. FASHION ACCESSORIES Jewelry Gloves Handbags Hats Belts Scarves Watches Sunglasses
  8. 8. International Achievements DEEPAK PERWANI A huge name Deepak Perwani has been ranked # 1 in East Asia.
  9. 9. HSY HSY won International Acclaim.
  10. 10. SANA SAFINAZ She has been awarded as best international Designer of the year in Dubai 2012
  11. 11. ASIM JOFA He has got IA_FA international award
  12. 12. AMIR ADNAN Amir Adnan is credited for bringing Pakistanis first International Mens Wear.
  13. 13. Maria B She is one of the most talented and internationally recognized designers of Pakistan working globally.
  14. 14. Fashion Shows Huma Nasir She has participated in international Fashion Festival at Doha. Super Models Fozia Aman Cybil Chaudhry Rizwan Ali and many more
  15. 15. Fashion Magazines Page 3 Fashion Central MAG the weekly Magazine Spider Pakistan Today Instep Fashion Mag
  16. 16. Our Designers Demand Globally; Soniya Batla Honey Waqar
  17. 17. H.S.Y Nilofer Shahid
  18. 18. Celebrities Endorsement for Lawn In Pakistan Sonam Kapoor Jacqueline Fernandes
  19. 19. Priyanka Chopra Karishma Kapoor
  20. 20. Review
  21. 21. Your Questions??????