Mobile Website V.S Responsive Websites

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<p> 1. ll/ loblle WelositeA mobile website is designed especially for mobile screens only.Here the server does the work to deliver a page which is smaller andeasier to navigate on different mobile screen sizes.Responsive siteIn a responsive website your website is - viewable on all screen like mobile,tablet,laptop B and your personal computer.The devise will dothejob and adjust the design of the website as per the screen size of the devise. { PROS CONS }For mobile websites you will have to create a different domain name as you cannot use your existing website domain name.You can create something like m. yourdomainname. com.This means that your customer has to remember at least two URLs, (this may confuse your customers)Responsive web design allows you to have one domain name irrespective which devise you open it on.This makes sure your users will nd you on mobile devices without having to wait for redirects or remembering your mobile domain name. The mobile website will need additional SEO work as it's a different domain with different content and images. No need to do SEO separately as your website content and domain name remains same across all mobile devisesA mobile site is less expensive as compared to a responsive design.You wont save a lot but it still works out cheaper than responsive design cost. responsive design cost. In comparison to a mobile website,It is costlier to build a responsive website.But don't forget that your website is now viewable notjust on Mobile but Tablet,Laptop and PCHigh maintenance as you will have to maintain two websites.Changes made to your website will not reflect on mobile website as they both have different domain names.Changes will have to be made separately for mobile website. Reduces maintenance cost and effort as the domain name is the same.Provides control and flexibility to make changes in website,which are reected across all mobile devices. Mobile websites are much faster to load as the work is done on the server and not the deviseResponsive design requires the device to calculate layout for the screen and the resizing of graphics.This can be process heavy and slow down mobile devise,leading to increase in user bounce rate</p>