Lavacon: UX for Content Strategists and Technical Writers

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A presentation breaking down how Content Strategists and Technical Writers can get involved in the greater User Experience process.


  • 1. @Speaker #LavaCon UX for Content Strategists and Technical Writers Patrick Neeman Director of Product Design, Apptio @usabilitycounts Troy Parke Associate UX Director, Disney @uxhow
  • 2. @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon The Speakers Troy Parke Associate Director of UX, Disney Parks and Resorts Drinks Diet Coke Patrick Neeman Director of Product Design, Apptio Drinks Whiskey
  • 3. Why is your job going away? @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  • 4. The concept of good enough @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  • 5. @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon Smaller teams have to wear more hats
  • 6. Companies outsource technical documentation @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  • 7. @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon The new metric: as few words as possible
  • 8. Were getting better at software design @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  • 9. @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  • 10. @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon Technical writing wont be gone until the last writer dies, but it will be curious to see what happens with the field as we move into a world where intuitive design implies a manual-less existence. Jared Spool Where Did Technical Writing Go? (May 2007) where-did-technical-writing-go/
  • 11. Where can you make an impact? @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  • 12. The Competencies of User Experience User Research and Analytics Understanding the users through observations and data @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon Content Strategy Planning for the creation, delivery and governance of usable content Information Architecture Organizing information in a product or website in a usable way Interaction Design Designing interactive behaviors with a specific focus on their use Visual Design Designing the visual qualities in an aesthetically pleasing way Front End Development Building the interactive behaviors to be used by the end user
  • 13. What You Could Be Doing Now User Research and Analytics @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon Content Strategy Information Architecture Interaction Design Visual Design Front End Development
  • 14. Exercise @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  • 15. Questions What kind of work do you do? Who do you work with now? Do you produce content? @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon