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1. Indoor water features come in floor, wall and tabletopvarieties, in a multitude of styles, sizes, themes,materials and trims. They are the perfect way toprovide your home with beauty, moisture and asoothing environment with minimal effort. 2. You should always take the sizeof the wall into considerationwhen buying a fountain. A verywide, bare wall would beabsolutely perfect for ahorizontal wall waterfountain. These are generallylargest in width so theyll takeup more space. 3. Whether you arelooking for a pieceof art thats a realconversation starteror an easy way toadd a little morecomfort andtranquility to ahome, office orbusiness, indoor wallfountains are theperfect solution. 4. You will quicklyfind that thevariety of indoorwater walls tochoose from isbeyondoverwhelmingand alsoincrediblyexciting.