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UX Design and MRID HOW WE WORK A Method for Problem Solving

How We Work: UX Design at Navy Federal Credit Union

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This UX presentation illustrates How We Work at Navy Federal in the design process and was geared toward educating employees on how to best utilize UX and the role it plays.

Text of How We Work: UX Design at Navy Federal Credit Union

  • UX Design and MRID HOW WE WORK A Method for Problem Solving
  • ux design is Problem Solving is translating an Idea into something Useful begins with a Need Focuses on how the user Interacts
  • user research Identies possible stumbling points in a process aids in Focusing concepts with user Expectations is the Users Advocate
  • HOW we work in user research In-Depth Interviews Surveys Focus groups Usability Testing Ideation Sessions (Brainstorming, etc.)
  • ux design and user research increases the opportunity to produce engaging and easy to use products. Emphasizing
  • April 2011 ux design impact 300 thousand 12 million 21 million 0 Total Sessions 4,700% Increase since April 2011 April 2012 April 2013 April 2014 Native Apps 130% unique Users increase in iPhone/iPad Ratings: Okay, never thought I would get excited about a banking app.ever Android Ratings: Absolutely wonderful! Intuitive, clean and simple interface.
  • ux design approach delightfulsimple well-crafted
  • listen ux design method define iterate verify + Research decode + Research + Research + Research
  • what we work on in ux design Member Experience Touch Points Mobile Applications Web Sites and Online Banking Internal Applications
  • departments & number of projects eChannels Marketing Savings & Membership Corporate Comms Credit Card lending Social media HR PEX MRID Retirement Contact Center Branch GEM ISD BPA 20 40 60 80 47 24 4 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 3 2 1 1 28 9 6 5 5 4 2 2 4 1 1 Active Projects Complete Projects Jan - July 2014
  • UX Design and MRID HOW we do it
  • listen To the needs of the user and the business to identify and solve problems. search information time updated links hard help navigate pages tab location work nd like feature hard improve looking function needed pages procedures A-Z area feel better relevant HR always manuals jobhome extremely type words helpful improve number example sometimesseems A-Z branches specic organization easier available improvementquickly employees tool results option effective departments related members contact location system employee word found good different department training think better engine great something times phone one site needs access works everything improved products numbers searchable organization link BOTAD content friendly call right job know everything datesearching area never certain items less items
  • decode Using sketches and wire frames to dene the usability, interactions and elements of delight.
  • define Creating visual cues with Visual Design to guide a user toward the desired behaviors, while maintaining the brand personality.
  • iterate Focused on member experience, a cycle of iterations and nesse. Never One-and-Done. ! Incorporate feedback from user testing.
  • verify Collaboration with development and research on the targeted solution. ! Maintain the voice of the user, while supporting the project goals.
  • ux design & research matters By constructively challenging current practices, the UX Design team and MRID work with you to nd innovative solutions. We identify concepts, strategies and trends that will have a lasting impact; by seeing things from the users perspective.
  • engage us early Whether its a new idea or a problem you discovered; before embarking on a digital project, contact us. UX Design - Mitch Hazam User Research - Elaine Offley Account Access - John Robertson Mobile - Meghan Gound MRID - Marcia Sanford
  • Thank You!