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-An Overview Presented by : Bharat Employment http:// www.bharatemployment.com/

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  1. 1. -An Overview Presented by : Bharat Employment http://www.bharatemployment.com/
  2. 2. The presentation gives a quick overview on graphic designing including its : Definition Significance Scope (areas of graphic designing) Software Used Graphic Designer Skills Highlights
  3. 3. Graphic Design is a visual problem solving using text & graphical elements to create something that gets the viewer attention and communicates in an easy effective manner. What is Graphic Design?
  4. 4. Graphic designing forms an integral part of any business and occasion. Well designed pieces of graphic design enable its creators (designer) to: Seek the attention of the target audience Increase its customer-base Boost up sales Establishing name in the market Earn Goodwill Maximizing the profitable base Increasing ROI ( Return on Investment) Significance
  5. 5. / Graphic designing can be found everywhere and in many formats such as: Corporate Identities Websites Advertisements Posters Brochures Book Design Magazine & Newspaper Layout Product Packaging & many more Scope of Graphic Designing Graphic Designs makes information less boring.
  6. 6. Graphic Designer Skills
  7. 7. / Following are the career options available to a qualified Graphic designer: Graphic Designer Layout Artist Image Editor Coloring Artist Photo Artist & Digital Painter Packaging Designer Newspaper, Magazine & Book Designer Stationery Designer Visualizer Art Director Career Options
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