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Geodesic Domes: The Benifits




Geodesic Domes

What are domes ?A dome is typically an element of architecture that resembles the upper half of a sphere. Domes are curved structures -- they have no angles and no corners -- and they enclose an enormous amount of space with the minimum of materials as they dont require interior supports. Despite their thinness, domes are some of the strongest and stiffest structures in existence today.

Types of Domes There are various kind of Domes but I am focusing only on Geodesic DomeOther domes structure are:Corbel Dome Monolithic Dome Onion DomeDrum DomeOval DomeSail DomeSaucer DomeScalloped Dome

What are geodesic domes ?The geodesic dome was invented in the 1950s by American engineer and architect Buckminster Fuller. A geodesic dome is a sphere-like structure composed of a complex network of triangles. The triangles create a self-bracing framework that gives structural strength while using a minimum of material. The term geodesic is from Latin, meaning earth dividing.It being a collection of triangles which, by staying in state of tension, together forms in the space a hypothetical sphere.

The structure becomes more and more sphere like as the number of the diverse sizes of the struts increasesOne of the most fascinating facts in the geodesic dome is that in the first look it seems that all the triangles are equilateral and all the struts have the identical length. Looking better, we notice that actually the struts have lengths which are similar, but not identical, and here begin all the magic behind the complicity of realizing a geodesic dome.

What are geodesic domes ?

AdvantagesSustainability: The life expectancy of the home.Energy Efficiency: Utilities; Convenience Vs. Conservation.Eco-Friendly: Minimal carbon footprint.Stronger Structure: Integrity & Support are synonymous. Cost Effective: More space and less surface area equalsNatural Structure Design: The Standard of the Cosmos.

AdvantagesWeather Resistant: Aerodynamics reduce destruction.Aesthetically Pleasing: Invariably the most eye catching.Highly Acoustic: Sound flows naturally in a sphere.Higher R-Value : Thermal Resistance is a high gain.

DisadvantagesUnusable SpaceDoors and Windows-either make or special order has to be givenPermits-Building the home may also be a challenge as drainage and fire escapes that meet code are made more difficult by the design of the home.Financing and Resale

Use of geodesic dome ?Green HousessResidential HomesWarehousesWater ReservoirsEntertainment Spots

All Shapes and Sizes

Energy EfficiencyHeat is both lost and absorbed through surfaces that have direct contact with the outside. Being that domes have the smallest surface area for a given volume, this essentially provides better insulation. Smaller surface area equals higher R-value due to less surface area through which thermal energy can be transferred.A dome home uses roughly 50% to 75% less materials to construct than a normal home the same volume taking into account various internal walls and such to adequately brace a non-dome structure.

Energy EfficiencyThe primary factor affecting efficient use of materials and energy in a structure is its shape. A sphere represents the smallest amount of material surface area needed to enclose a given volume of space. A divided sphere becomes one of the most efficient shapes known to enclose a given floor area.Internally a dome has a much more open feeling than a box shape building because of the lack of corners, this also gives a dome better air circulation.

Energy EfficiencyA dome, having a smaller perimeter/square footage ratio than a box-style home, will lose less heat from the foundation. A dome has approximately one-third less surface area to the outside than a box-style structure. The amount surface area exposed to the elements has a much greater impact on energy efficiency than insulation values.


StructureDomes are the most efficient structures known to man, they use less material, are lighter and stronger than any other type of building bar none.They are much stronger than any conventional buildings.Domes can be built very quickly and economically.The nature of the spherical design provides strength because all the points of the

Structure structure share the stress evenly as opposed to the right angles of typical box structures.Domes become super strong when they are fixed to the ground by slab, crawl space, or even full basement.Geodesic domes are the only man-made structure that gets proportionally stronger as it increases in size.

Eco-FriendlyExtremely Green in terms of cost, building materials, and future maintenance.The sphere has the greatest volume given a certain surface area, it stands to reason that it also is the most economic to construct in terms of size and available budget.The environmental benefits of domes would also play a part, as its proven to have a lesser footprint and negative impact than that of a rectangular home.


Eco-FriendlyIn addition, domes are easier to retrofit for energy engineering such as: radiant heat, solar energy, water collection systems, compost toilets, and many other alternative utilities.

Weather ResistantDomes are naturally hurricane resistant. Tract style buildings generate huge amounts of turbulence when high winds pass over them, causing massive low-pressure which pulls the roof off. High winds can pass smoothly over a dome because it has no corners and flat surfaces to cause turbulence high pressure air presses the dome down towards the ground.Domes are aerodynamic, eliminate roof and truss structures and are made of

Weather Resistanthigh-performance green materials designed to withstand considerable wind loads from severe storms like tornados, hurricanes and typhoons.Due to their high structural integrity, they perform extremely well in such natural disasters as earthquakes, floods and severe wind storms. Ideal for disaster prone climates.Overall, an effective protection from the environment

Case studyDome GreenhousesGreenhouse geodesic dome. Frame construction fiberglass FIBER profiles and stainless steel STAR connectors 25-year warranty. Transparent coating a transparent, reinforced PVC tarpaulin. Sheet stitched soldered high-frequency equipment. Transparent PVC sheet the guarantees 2 years

Frame structureFiber glass pannel put on Frame structure

Joints from outer side Joints from inner side



Object:Dome greenhouseLocation: LithuaniaCover: Transparent

Frame: STAR connectors and Fibro frame

Type: Geodesic domeDiameter: 5 mHeight: 2,5 mFloor area: 20 m2


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