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If you’re in need of a website then this will be the most important information you read today. Before you spend a dime on any web design service you simply must read this entire ad! Hello, I know that this offer may sound too good to be true, but believe me it isn’t. Let’s face it. In this day and age you simply must have an internet presence if you’re serious about being successful. The thing is web design tends to be expensive, with even the cheapest of the cheap starting at $100 or more. However, you don’t need to pay through the nose in order to get your very own high quality website designed. This is a great opportunity if you need a website! This service is great for things like these: • Small Businesses • Churches • Upcoming Events • Non Profit Organizations • Bands • Rappers and Singers • Artists & Writers • And More! Right now for a limited time only, I’m offering you the opportunity to get your very own high quality 5 page website designed, installed, and up and running on the internet totally for FREE! Here are some samples of the quality of my sites: Your website can be on any subject matter you wish. By now you’re probably wondering why I’m giving away these sites for free when I could charge hundreds of dollars upfront. Well, I’m going to be quite honest. I want your business. I want to be the person you turn to for anything internet related. However, there is a small problem. You don’t know me from Tom, and we’ve never worked together before. So I figure that the best way for me to get long term customers for my own internet marketing services is to provide immense value upfront totally for free. If you’re blown away by what I give you for free, it only makes sense that you’d be thrilled at the results when I ask you to pay me a small fee. This is the best way I’ve come up with to start a business relationship, and I’ve noticed that nearly every other web designer wants your money first and cares little about establishing a truly profitable relationship. That’s why I’m offering this service for free. So if you’re ready to get started please click here: And download the free website setup guide which will walk you through step by step to getting me everything I need to get your website online. While the website design service is totally free, you will need $9.29 to register your own dot com for the first year and to secure website hosting. This fee is not paid to me, but to the companies who will provide you with the dot com and the website hosting. So don’t wait any longer! Due to time constraints I only have a limited amount of slots available and I will be working on a first come first serve basis. So please download the guide right now and get me all the information I need ASAP: I sincerely look forward to working with you, Adam

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    You are extremely close to getting your very own totally free website designed and setup online.

    Please follow the simple steps below and contact me at if you have any problems.


    In order to get your free website you must first register your

    domain name.

    Your domain name is going to be your .com presence online

    so make sure it is memorable and catchy.

    You can get your own dot com for just $9.28 per year from

    Namecheap. Let me walk you through getting set up with


  • Part 1) Click the link below to go to Namecheap:

    You will land on this screen:

  • Part 2) Enter the dot com name that you want into the

    search bar, make sure .com is checked and click search:

    Part 3) If your domain is available scroll down to the bottom

    and click on Add To Cart. If it isnt available keep coming

    up with other similar domains until one is available and then

    Add To Cart.

  • Part 4) On the next screen, enter the promotion code

    BACK2REALITY and click Apply Coupon in order to save

    money on the domain:

    Part 5) Click on Express Checkout:

  • Part 6) On The Next Screen Sign Up For A Free Namecheap


  • Part 7) Fill out the form and click on Create Account

    Please write down your user name and

    password for me because I will need it later to get your site


  • Part 8) Fill out all the required contact info marked by a * and

    click on Continue Checkout

  • Part 9) Choose your payment method and complete


    Now that youve completed checkout, please move on to

    Step 2.


    Now that you have a domain name, you need a place to host

    it on the internet.

    In order to get the free website design service you must use

    my preferred webhost!

    Part1) Please click the link below to go to my webhost:

    You will land on this screen:

  • Part 2) Please click on View Web Hosting Plans in the


  • Part 3) Please select the Hatchling plan and click on Order


  • Part 4) Please enter your domain name that you registered

    in Step 1, and also enter the coupon code WORDPRESS

    in all caps so your first month will only be $0.01!

    After that click on Continue to Step 2

  • Part 5) Please fill out all of the required Account & Billing

    Information then click Create Account

    Part 6) At this point, Hostgator will email you all of your

    account details. Please save this email for me because I will

    need it in order to get your website setup online.

    Now its time for the last part of getting your free website

  • Step 3:Creating Your Websites Content

    With this service, Im offering you the opportunity to have up

    to 5 webpages on your website.

    In order to do this, I will need the actual typed words you

    want to put on each of the 5 pages.

    The 5 pages can be on anything you want as long as you

    provide me with the words, but Id recommend the following


    Homepage: Purpose of page = Get user to take action.

    In today's short attention span world there's no time for fluff. Your Home Page is the gravity point of your site and your shot at convincing the end-user to stay on board for more than a few seconds. Keep it clean, clear and to the point.

    If your website is promoting a product/service, include info about (a) What you are selling, (b) Why its the best product/service for your them, (c) Answers to common questions + Credibility boosters, and (d) Call to action

  • About Us Page: Purpose of page = Build credibility.

    The "About us" page is the second most important page of your website. Our experience taught us first time users always click on the "About us" page, to learn more about the company, BEFORE they complete an order, BEFORE they signup and BEFORE they decide to trust your company.

    Don't even think about using a template for this page. Be honest, include personal information about the founders, how and why the website was launched and what is the vision behind the site.

    Include information about your company's geographic location, years in business, business model and best way to get in touch with you (Yes, you want all this information on the 'About us' page, even if you have a 'Contact us' page).

    Contact Us Page: Purpose of page = Reinforce Credibility.

    The "Contact us" page is only on this list because not having a "contact us" page is a major red flag.

    No need to go crazy with your contact page. Include more than one form of contact (i.e. Phone and Email, or Email and Snail mail) and make it very clear that your company is always available to answer any questions, comments or concerns.

  • Products/Services/Portfolio Page: Purpose of page = Give more information on what you offer

    If you are offering products or services please list them on this page. You should give your visitors information on what features and benefits your products and/or services will have if they purchase them.

    If youre a model, writer, artist, or in some type of creative industry you should make this page your portfolio. Show off your best work here so that you will make a good impression on your visitors..

    F.A.Qs Page: Purpose of page = Close the sale.

    The user checked out your "home page" and they read the "about us" page. They're still not sure this is the right product/service for them, so they turn to your FAQ page.

    Don't have an FAQ page? You just lost them.

    The single purpose of your FAQ page is to answer any questions your prospect might have, further re-iterating why your product/service is a great fit.

    Again this is just a recommended layout based on years of

    web design experience. Your website project may be

    different and not fit this cookie cutter template.

  • Whatever the case may be Ill need text you want me to put

    on each of the 5 pages. If you want images or videos, please

    send me the image files via email, and upload your videos to

    Youtube and send me the link to them if you want them on

    your site.


    In order for me to get started please send me the following

    three things to my email:

    1) Your Username And Password

    2) All Of The Text That Was In The Welcome eMail

    Hostgator Sent You

    3) The Text And Images You Want On Each Of Your 5


  • I will create your free website and get it online for you

    quickly. Please watch your email inbox for my completion


    Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you.