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  • 1.k o u k o u vaya f i n e a r tabstracts and Mixed Media Works of 2010: Image Showreel.Part

2. Highly Evolved Amoeba 3. Illustrated Lymph Nodes 4. Stormcloud Cross Section 5. Quantum Foam Bubblebath 6. The Decent Of The Purple Cir- cles 7. Glassmakers Star 8. The Fall Of Planet Azure 9. Spirit Gate Vortex 10. Golden Spiral In A Toxin 11. Rainbow Bridge Wormhole 12. Nine Sages 13. Tribegrid 14. 15. 16. Bladerunner Blues 17. 18. k o u k o u vaya f i n e a r t abstracts AboutI am a mixed media artist and designer fromCroydon, UK. I also go by the alias of XijI work with light, words, sound, people andother things...I have won no awards or accolades, and dontexpect to recieve any, possibly ever. I do how-ever, intend to share my interpretation ofbeauty with the world. This is one way of do-ing it.For gallery inquiries, design inquiries, pur-chase inquries etc. please contact me throughyour preferred social media channelThank you!Images (C) Jack Oughton but nobody really cares about copyright on the