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Fine Art Presentation by Gail C. Tracy


  • 1. Gail Camilla TracyArtist and Teacher

2. Fourth Anniversary of September ll mixed media 3. Alive In the Desert mixed media 4. Festival mixed media 5. Apollos Sun watercolor 6. Aqueous-city acrylic 7. Blooming Landscape acrylic 8. Blue Window watercolor and dry pigments 9. Breaking Through the Mantle mixed media 10. Breezy Garden acrylic 11. Cinco Balairinas mixed media 12. Colorado Sunrise mixed media 13. Dragons Pearl mixed media 14. Dream of Copernicus watercolor 15. Effervescence watercolor 16. Electric Ocean mixed media 17. Evening Shadows acrylic 18. Pirouetting Through Life mixed media 19. Fighting the Darkness Within mixed media 20. Garden of the Gods mixed media 21. Green Window watercolor and dry pigments 22. Happy Meadows mixed media 23. Heavens Angels mixed media 24. Hope in the Middle of Chaotic Transition acrylic 25. Inconsolable mixed media 26. Killing Grounds acrylic 27. Liquidation mixed media 28. Lyrical Landscape watercolor 29. Metaphorical Landscape watercolor 30. Nebula acrylic 31. Water Wears Away Stone watercolor 32. Ominous Messengers acrylic 33. Commuting mixed media 34. Red Window watercolor and dry pigments 35. Reflections in Mid-Coast Maine acrylic 36. Rye Beach, New Hampshire watercolor 37. Strength watercolor 38. Suspension mixed media 39. Tribute to Kay Sage watercolor 40. Tribute to Yves Tanguy, I watercolor 41. Tribute to Yves Tanguy, II watercolor 42. Immersion watercolor and dry pigments 43. White Trees with Full Moon watercolor 44. Full Moon Over Lake acrylic 45. Rocky Road mixed media